Golden Rule

Follow the Golden Rule: Be Nice

That should be self-explanatory. But in case it isn't clear, here is a list of examples (which is far from comprehensive) of what this policy means:

  • Do not insult, berate, or otherwise mistreat others.
  • Passive-aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Keep your OOC language civil. The moment harsh words are introduced (especially when directed toward or spoken about another person), it changes the tone of conversation, regardless of intent.
  • Jokes and comments that poke fun at race, religion, sexual-orientation, lifestyle choices, etc. are not welcome here.
  • Do not discuss religion or politics on public channels. They always end with someone getting their feelings hurt.
  • Do not harass or bully staff to try to get your way. We don't get paid for this. There's very little incentive to put up with abusive players.
  • Never try to use "I'm just that kind of person" — nor any variation of that sentiment — as a defense for hostility or unkindness toward others. If you are incapable of controlling your impulses to mistreat others, then this isn't the place for you.

Again, let us stress that this list is not comprehensive, nor do we intend to create a comprehensive list of violations. All players are expected to conduct themselves with civility toward others. It isn't difficult to know what this means.

If you feel that you have been mistreated by another player or Staff, either handle it privately and maturely with them, or bring it to staff attention privately. Under no circumstances should any issue become a public condemnation of an individual, no matter what insult you believe they are guilty of. Period. There is no room for argument in this. Don't make yourself part of the problem; work with us to find a solution.

Disciplinary Action

We don't like putting on the admin hats and disciplining. But if it becomes clear that a player is incapable of maintaining a basic level of decency toward fellow human beings, that player will be removed for the health of the community. To reiterate for emphasis:

Breaking the Golden Rule can lead to being banned from Witchcraft and Wizardry.



This is a non-consent game. IC Actions = IC Consequences.

However, we encourage cooperation among both players and staff, as you would find on a consent game. So when conflict arises:

1. Work it out amongst yourselves so everyone has fun.
2. Use the +roll system to resolve disputes fairly.
3. Contact staff to mediate if you can't work it out.

Don't be afraid to "lose." A setback or defeat can be a wonderful opportunity for character development and a great story twist.

We don't take character death/loss lightly and will try to work with you rather than against you.



You must be at least 18 years old to play here. We do not wish to deal with the liability of having underage players around, due to the possibility of role-play that includes crude language, adult situations, or graphic violence.

Sexual RP

When it comes to RPing sexual themes, there are a few basic rules to follow:

  • No character below the age of 16 will be involved in sexual conduct.
  • No character below the age of 14 will be involved in snogging, heavy petting, etc.
  • Any request to stop sexually-charged RP or to "fade to black" must be immediately respected.

The rest is just common sense. This is not a sex game. Sex may happen, as part of mature role-play between responsible RL adults, but it is not a theme of the game. We do not want to become known as a place to come to get cybered.



Theme is very important on Witchcraft & Wizardry. It is two-fold, being both the wizarding themes of the Potterverse, and the mood and style of WWII-era England. We try very hard to maintain that theme, in everything from the in-game descriptions, to the organizations that exist, to the look of the wiki.

Staff reserves the right to alter character images, wiki pages, descriptions, etc. in order to maintain theme integrity. We will make the effort to inform players when this is done, and explain why.

Historical Plausibility

What we strive for here is not so much historical accuracy but rather historical plausibility.

We also deal with the differences between the Muggle world and the wizarding world. The wizarding world doesn't have the Muggle prejudices of homophobia, sexism, racism and the many other -isms that are rather rampant at this point in time (circa 1940s). The prejudices found in the wizarding world deal with blood purity, half-breeds (i.e. humans mixed with another species) and the subjugation of non-human sentients (e.g. goblins, centaurs, house-elves).

While character views are encouraged to be diverse and thematic for the time, keep the above in mind, and also keep it in character. These views and attitudes won't be viewed in a good light in Out of Character venues.


Every character must have a unique Actor/PB ("Played By…"). When choosing an Actor, try to select someone that resembles your description (or easier yet, model your description on your actor). It's also important to at least know the name of your chosen PB to avoid the issue of two people accidentally choosing the same unknown model .

This is especially important with student characters (we're much more lenient about adults). The reason being that when we don't have this policy in place, we end up with a Hogwarts full of kids being played by adults. This is not a minor issue. We're talking about people using pictures of 19- to 21-year-olds to portray 11- and 12-year-olds. This is not an exaggeration, and happened repeatedly, in addition to the less extreme (but still blatantly too old) cases. This is harmful to the immersion of others who are trying to picture an age-appropriate school environment.

Student Actor Age Range
School Year 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
First - Second
Third - Fifth
Sixth - Seventh

This is especially important with student characters, for whom images must depict the Actor at a real-life age close to the character's IC age, removing doubt about the issue. Refer to the Student Actor Age Range table to determine if a given image is appropriate.

Don't let the term "actor" mislead you. While we prefer thespians, it is not a requirement. All that we require is that the PB have a name that can be listed on our +actors list in game (to avoid doubling up on the same PB), and in the case of students, a verifiable age of the PB at the time the picture was taken.

Harry Potter Film Actors

We do draw heavily on the look of the Harry Potter films, including the actors. As such, many actors that appear in the films are unavailable for use. Above all, the "trio" (Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint) are off-limits. Other film actors may be permitted with staff approval.

Changing Actor

We generally prefer that a character keep the same Actor, but if you feel a need to change your Actor, put in a +request so staff can make necessary adjustments to wiki icons (and ensure new images conform to policy).



Player-Run Plots

You are free — and very much encouraged — to run your own plots. Staff is here to help if needed, but you don't need to ask permission for every little thing.

There are only two rules:

  • Keep it within our theme/plausibility. Plots that make you say, "Inconceivable!" are really not what we're looking for here. If in doubt, just ask.
  • Don't make drastic changes to the world or to other players' stuff without asking first. For example: Having a plot involving a fire is fine. Burning down another player's home or the whole block? Ask first.

For more detailed guidelines, see Player-Run Plots.

If you have an idea for a personal plot or something you want to run and aren't sure how to go about it, staff is glad to help. Just +request.

Staff-Run Plots

Giant pre-scheduled plots are few and far between. What you'll find more of are plot hooks dropped throughout RP and bbposts, or staff NPCs/PCs going around stirring up trouble. If you see a hook and want to get involved, but aren't sure how, just ask!

When things do happen, it's more likely to be spontaneous. So folks who are often about and RPing are more likely to stumble into plot than someone sitting idle in the OOC rooms waiting for an +event.



All characters, whether created from scratch or claimed from the roster, are subject to approval by staff. Please review game policies and the Character Generation guide on this wiki to make your approval process as smooth and fast as possible.


Alts are "alternate characters." All alts are public and must be registered (see +help alts). Though there is no limit on the number of alts a player may have, a player may only submit one alt for approval at a time.

Alts may not be characters that are directly linked to another character of the same player. For instance, immediate family members, business associates, friends, etc. Obviously, there may be cases in which alts might be brought together by IC events during role-play. In such cases, the player is obligated to ensure that the characters do not directly interact.

Beyond those restrictions you may play as many alts as you feel you can keep active. Please see the Idling policy below.

Submissions for Approval

While there may not be a limit on the total number of alts a player may have, there are rules governing the submission of alts for approval.

  1. A player may only have one unapproved character at a time. Focus on one character and get them completed and approved before moving on to the next.
  2. A player may not submit a new alt for approval or claim an alt from the roster until…
    • …all of the player's characters have at least six logged scenes on the wiki (in which the character is active, not merely present with a few minor poses).
    • …it has been at least two weeks (14 days) since their last approval or roster claim.

Exception: There is one major exception to the rules above. If a player is creating or claiming their first student or adult, the player may submit or claim before the requirements are fulfilled. This is to allow players to have at least one character each at Hogwarts and in the adult world.



We regularly sweep for idle players to free up roles, names, and Actors for new characters. A character is considered idle if they have not logged in for three months or more. In some cases, a character that is logged in by not RPing may be considered idle, especially if that lack of RP is impacting other players (but this situation will always be discussed with the player, if possible). Canon characters are considered idle after one month.

Characters who are approaching idle-out are warned via the Arrivals and Idle Notices bulletin board. This gives a few days for friends to poke someone elseMU or otherwise invite them back. Characters may receive more than one warning if the player has given advance notice of their absence or if they have contributed actively to the game.

The fate of idled-out characters is also at staff's discretion. You may be turned into an NPC, placed on the roster, killed off, or otherwise written out of the story. However, we do take into account the wishes of the player and any other players impacted by the character's departure. If you would like to register a preference on what happens if you ever idle out, use the "LASTWILL" field to indicate if you want your character to be retired, made an NPC for other players' use, or placed on the roster (as seen below). This is a mandatory part of creation do not skip it. There are a few options:

Full Retirement, this means the character fades into the background:
&lastwill me=NPC/Fades into the background. <Any special note here.>

Community NPC, this means that there is some leeway with a character to be RP'd around and used for RP. This is good if you have a business you own:
&lastwill me=NPC/Community NPC. <Any special note here.>

Roster, if you idle out you will be put on the +roster.
&lastwill me=Roster_<Category>/<ContactName>
The Category field should be filled in with: Canon, Student, Ministry, Mungos, Media, Entertainment, Workforce, Underworld, Other, Muggles, or Unsorted. The ContactName field is for any player that deserves consultation about the fate of the character. Examples of this are any of the character's significant other or immediate family member(s).

Characters that idle when still in character generation will be nuked. Similarly, if we discover than any character has been in character gen for longer than two weeks, it may be nuked. At the very least, such a character will have its Actor cleared and made available for others' use.



A game without NPCs is like a movie without extras. Players are encouraged to remember that there are other people in the public areas, and that just because a PC doesn't do something, that doesn't mean a NPC won't.

Community NPCs are fair game for anyone to emit as needed. Please consult the NPC's wiki page for guidance on appropriate usage in RP.

Sometimes players will create personal NPCs — their character's family, employees, etc. Exercise discretion when using these personal NPCs, and don't do anything drastic to them without consulting their "owner".



You may use a TP room for places not represented on grid, or submit a +request to have them built. Players may not build rooms themselves, but are more than welcome to submit descriptions for new locales.

Staff's philosophy is "If you come, we will build it." Homes, businesses, etc. will get 1 room by default, and can add more if staff sees a lot of RP going on there. This philosophy however ends outside of the boundaries of our two Grids, which are Central London and Hogsmeade Village.

There are many areas throughout both grids that have required Wealth levels attached. You must be of that level or of course above that level to be approved to live there. If you have a special reason for living somewhere that's beyond your means on your sheet, please contact staff via a +request to get permission and aid in acquiring the property. Also please specify the Room Name, Area, and Coordinate of the space you want to build onto.



We understand that some people don't care for PennMU. It frustrates us sometimes, too. But adding code to characters, objects, and rooms causes database bloat and creates potential confusion down the road. In light of this, do not add personal code to the game.

Some leeway may be given with staff permission. If you're wondering if doing something with code would be alright, contact staff. But for the most part, if examples of the above are found, the objects will be destroyed and the code wiped.


RP Etiquette

There is no universal code of conduct for MUSHes. Everyone has their own expectations for what is considered polite/rude based on their own values and experiences. Here are some things we encourage from our players. They are not hard and fast rules.

  • Ask before joining a scene in progress.
  • When joining a scene, ask for a current "set". If you have questions about something not stated (e.g. weather), inquire about it before assuming anything.
  • If someone asks to join a scene, try to find a way to work them in if you can.
  • When joining a scene, try to integrate into it. Don't shift the focus and make it all about you.
  • If you really want a private scene, use a TP Room or a private location like a personal residence.
  • Don't lurk (see below).
  • We aim for OOC transparency here, but that does not grant anyone the right to give their characters information obtained via posted logs, character backgrounds, or any other OOC means. Keep a clear distinction between what you know OOC, and what your character knows IC.
  • Ask before posting logs containing sensitive/private IC information.
    • Note: Staff-run logs will automatically be posted so everyone knows what's going on. If you do not want something posted, we can discuss it.


Do not leave character bits "lurking" in scenes that you are not active in. Do not enter a scene that you are not planning on being active in. Please leave a scene if you find that you are unable to join or continue to play in it.

This is in accordance with RP Etiquette. It is also because many people use +cookie/here to award cookies to everyone participating in a scene. But inactive bits are not participating or contributing to the scene, and shouldn't be receiving cookies just for being in the room.

We understand that it occasionally happens by accident, often when a player goes AFK. If you believe you've encountered an accidental lurker, let staff know and if we're available, we'll move the character bit.

One common exception to this is a logging bit. Often, a player must leave a scene, but it is agreed by all that they may stay to continue logging the scene. This is fine, as is leaving a bit around when the player is expected to return. We're more concerned about those that aren't actually contributing, and getting cookies they haven't earned.


Channel Etiquette

Do not discuss religion or politics on public channels. Aside from that, it's generally best to refrain from anything that you wouldn't want a kid or a boss to be reading if they pass by. We try to maintain the channels as a positive place where everyone can feel safe. "Safe" means feeling that one can interact, or even just hang out, and not feel demeaned, attacked, or marginalized.

For example, if someone is sharing something they like, "I hate/can't stand/am disgusted by that thing" isn't an appropriate response. This is one of quickest ways to tear someone down and make them feel as if sharing what they enjoyed wasn't welcome. It does nothing to promote good, positive discourse and makes the hater look extremely negative to others.

Sometimes a topic might come up that you are uncomfortable with. Perhaps there is discussion about spiders and you have a RL phobia. Maybe you're a modest person and the channel is getting too risque for you. Then there's Boo's own personal example: talking about car accidents. Please feel free to politely ask for a subject change. If such a request is made, those in the discussion should do their best to change the subject or take it to private pages.

Another option is to simply leave the channel or gag it. This is anyone's right to do, and no one should make that person feel bad for leaving, nor should they feel bad for "running someone off". This is a big community of diverse people. It's bound to happen sooner or later that someone will rub someone else the wrong way. But we're all adults, and we can handle our friction maturely.

Questions Channel

Questions channel has two primary purposes: asking and answering game-related questions, and Guest orientation. To keep the Questions channel clean and easy to read, please refrain from comments on the Questions channel that are not (A) game-related questions, (B) answers that you are reasonably sure of, (C) further informative discussion of a question, (D) welcoming and entertaining Guests, or (E) reminding people about this policy.



The rules for what you may and may not do on the wiki are simple.

Players may create and/or edit…

  • …their own character pages.
  • …logs that their characters are involved in (maintaining respect for the input of other involved players).
  • …Directory pages for their own characters' residences and business. Please keep in mind that the Directory is still a work in progress, so any changes should be cleared with Boo first.
  • …any page for the purposes of fixing typos and minor mistakes. If in doubt, just notify the Wiki Guru of the issue with a post on BB15.
  • …any page with the permission of the Admin or Wiki Guru.

Actual vandalism of the wiki will result in the termination of wiki privileges (and possibly repercussions in the MUSH, as well).

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License