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Character Information
Portrayed by Freya Tingley
Name: Polly Parkinson
Aliases: -
Birthday: September 4th, 1921
Position: The Daily Owl
Gossip Columnist
Lineage: Pure-blood


A slight wisp of a girl, with pale skin and dark brown hair that reaches down her back in mild waves. Brown eyes sit above high cheekbones and an elfin nose. Her thin lips easily turn into a smile.


Polly's Grandfather, Dean Parkinson Sr., started a long tradition of potion making. This passed down the tradition of potion making to the rest of the family. Polly is the daughter of the second son of Dean Sr. Her father, Pollus, followed in the shadows of his older brother, Dean Jr. There was the usual sibling rivalry. The eldest cementing his place in the family hierarchy; the younger being a fifth wheel, but still part of the business.

Polly's father met her mother once while in Diagon Alley. He was making a delivery to a shop. Nothing as auspicious as making deliveries to St. Mungo's, but the world still needs its potions. He met the woman who was working the counter. He kept talking to her till closing time then took her to a pub. One raucous whirl wind romance was enough for the family so the had to wait and have a regular drawn out courtship.

Like most married couples, a year or so they were blessed with their only child, Polly. Polly's life has been a life of competition. Competition for attention from her parents who were wrapped up in their jobs. Competition for the attention of her grandparents who had other grandchildren to draw their attention. So with the competition, Polly did what most children do. She found something to cope and try and give her an edge from everyone else. Polly was always very astute to what ever people were saying, her only problem, she blabbed everything to anyone. Another thing Polly did to give her an edge in the competition was work on things that would get her noticed by anyone. Her hair was always curled perfectly. Her smocks were styled, pressed and never out of place. She tried to be the peach of perfection.

Entering Hogwarts was a change for Polly. Again another round of different competitions went around with others. She was expected by the family to excel at Potion making. While she wasn't bad at Potions, Polly excelled at charms and transfiguration. Combine that with potions and Polly likes making image improvement potions. Have acne? Change those spots. Want freckles? There's a potion for that. Potions combining charms and some transfiguration has been her goal.

One thing Polly has learned through her studies is that knowledge is power. She knows mostly what goes on with who. If there's a budding relationship she knows who is involved. Is there a breakup on the horizon? She knows who is going to break up. Is there a scandal going on in the school? Polly knows it.

RP Hooks

  • Need to know some juicy gossip on someone? Polly knows.
  • Need to have something to change a minor physical malady? Frizzy hair? Find Polly's hair potion.


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Chatterbox Polly can talk for hours, and has a habit of rambling on and not letting others get a word in edgewise.
Wealth: Comfortable Polly's family lives comfortably.
Hoity-Toity Polly likes to look good. Extremely good. She keeps up with the latest fashions and styles.
Nosy Polly is nosy. She uses this natural inquisitiveness to learn about people, places and things that can help her.
Loyal Polly is loyal to her friends, often to a fault.



My cousin, though we're not terribly close.


I had a terrible crush on him in school. We kissed once, but it obviously meant nothing to him. One can only hope he's grown up since then…though I doubt it.


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