Character Information
Portrayed by Bella Heathcote
Name: Pomona Opal Travers
Aliases: Po, Pom, Mona
Birthday: January 19, 1914
Position: Personal Assistant
Lineage: Pure-Blood (Sacred 28)


The young woman is an unusual and rather exotic looking, with slightly protruding large eyes of pale blue. The round face is gentle and holds only the faint definition of cheekbones and jaw. A dash of brown hued rouge gives pronounces those curves just enough. It is her long neck and narrow shoulders that give her a rather lithe appearance. Lips are painted a natural mauve, her make up an understatement save for the emphasis around the corners of her eyes making them appear even larger. She stands just at average height, her form showing the light curves of her gender.

The muted tones of her clothes make her unassuming, oven in plain cuts or minimalistic fashion. She favors a chiffon wrap shawl with hood in a charcoal, done with beaded embroidery. A blouse of deep green is worn, sleeves carefully rolled back into place and matched with a pair of elegant black slacks that meet fitted boots that continue the trend of fluid understatement.


Pomona Opal Travers was born in London in the cold of January in 1914 to Sondess Travers nee Selwyn and Derrick Travers. The birth was oddly difficult and the child came out into the world early and with some difficulties. This cost Sondess the ability for further children - or rather the risk was too high. Pomona was therefore her jewel and Opal was bestowed upon her by her artistic mother. Derrick Travers however was not exactly thrilled with only a daughter alone and one that seemed sickly at that in her early years. Derrick was an outspoken man and it landed him in a great deal of trouble and one of those times it caused his death by magic. Perhaps it was for the best for he was likely to be rid of his wife and daughter soon enough in favor of another in hopes to continue his family name.

Pomona was removed to Wales with her mother after several years. Distant relatives of the Selwyn name took up residence in the small countryside and they joined them in the beautiful landscape and in the warmer more fair weather Pomona's health redoubled and she was as a child should be, normal and healthy. Her mother however never seemed to regain all of her strength. But in the countryside Pomona was introduced to painting, to nature and to the gorgeous ordered landscaping of her Great Aunt's gardens. She only left to attend Hogwarts, joining Ravenclaw with much ease. She excelled in Arithmancy, charms and dabbled in Divinations. Her mother passed away during her fifth year in attendance and very nearly ended her summers in Wales save for the fact her Great Aunt insisted she return. Due to her family's connections upon graduation she accepted a position as a file clerk with a politician.

In several years she took on more duties and when his career went into full steam she took on the position of personal assistant. Pomona was excellent and balancing duties and appointments, being the information gopher he needed. She was also great at weaving half-truths and covering up the misdeeds and mistakes of her employer. One of these mistakes is what caused her to eventually leave his employ and seek out father's inheritance - what little he left her that did not move onto one of her male cousins.


Mona's wand is a 15inch long supple pine wood with a Unicorn hair core.




  • Dreamer
  • Multitasker
  • Insomniac
  • Closet Artist
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Ravenclaw - Despite her mother retiring to France, she was pushed to return to Hogwarts instead of attending Beauxbatons. She was sorted into Ravenclaw.
  • Wales - A small summer cottage owned by a Great Aunt, her mother retired here to try to recover her health and never did. Pomona summered here when not at school and still visits on occasions though not so frequently with the passing of her mother.
  • Selwyn - Her mother was Sondess Selwyn - are you related?
  • Claiming Inheritance - Having given up her position as an assistant to a politician she finally has come to claim her meager inheritance from her father who was none too pleased about only having a daughter.
  • Travers - She's a Travers, but being gone so long who knows if she adheres to their usual tendencies.
  • Preservation Society - Separation of Muggles and Wizards must remain. She may be quiet but she's an avid supporter.


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Derrick Travers
Father: Someone that should have been important and pivotal in my life - he was not. He died too young and I have learned he never appreciated my gender which of course I could never control.


Sondess Travers nee Selwyn
Mother: Mother. So much of me has come from you and I am glad of it. Your love of life is what saved me from myself.



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