Ageing Potion
hp.png Ageing Potion Transformation

Depending on the amount quaffed this potion will age the drinker to various degrees. It is green in color and is usually bottled in a squat little clear glass bottle that resembles a pear somewhat. Prepare all ingredients as listed in the ingredients list, weighing and measuring each carefully.

• Slowly heat the red wine and prune juice and begin stirring clockwise until you can just see bubbles starting to form. (The mixture will be dark purple/brown)
• Immediately add the Hairy Fungus and continue to stir clockwise for ten minutes. (The mixture will slowly fade to a lighter purple/brown)
• Continuing to stir clockwise, add the tortoise shell. (The mixture will be a creamy color)
• After eight minutes, remove the cauldron from the heat and add the caterpillar and bat tongue, making sure to continue to stir the solution in a clockwise motion.
• As the potion cools, it will turn milky white. Once it is completely cooled (about fifteen to twenty minutes), you may cease your clockwise stirring and dispense the potion into appropriate vials for storage.

Skill/Roll: +roll Potions-4 Brewing.Time: 2 Days. (48 Hours)
Training: 6th Year Potions Class Duration/Shelf Life: Depends on Success / 1 month
Ingredients: Red Wine (3.4 fl. oz.) • Prune Juice (0.3 fl. oz.) • Hairy Fungus (0.7 oz. mashed) • Tortoise Shell (0.7 oz. powdered) • Caterpillar (0.18 oz. sliced) • Bat Tongue (1, diced)
  • Embarrassing Failure: All ingredients and equipment are rendered unusable. Must start again from complete scratch.
  • Failure: The potion is created but it lacks any positive effects.
  • Success: Quaffer is only a month or so off of the desired age.
  • Good Success: Quaffer is only a week or so off of the desired age.
  • Great Success: Quaffer is only a day or so off of the desired age.
  • Amazing Success: Quaffer becomes exactly the desired age.
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