hp.png Amortentia Mind

The strongest love potion in existence, Amortentia is considered to be both powerful and dangerous. While it is impossible to manufacture actual love, one must not underestimate the deep infatuation created by this potion. Its effect is almost instantaneous; and those under its spell will harbor an obsession for the administering party. The unfortunate drinker will also exhibit symptoms which include the following: A sickly pallor, an overly excitable nature, and dangerous emotional instability toward others. The illusion of love will last as long as the potion is administered at regular intervals. Once the effects wear off, the drinker regains free will.
When brewed correctly, Amortentia has a distinct mother-of-pearl sheen, and steam rises from it in characteristic spirals.

Another singular characteristic of this potion is its adaptive scent, which will alter to appeal to the preferences of whomever inhales the aroma.

Part I
• Pour Standard Potioning Water into a gold cauldron and place over a very low flame
• Bruise the Peppermint Flower heads with a mortar and pestle and sprinkle into the lukewarm water
• Take whole Peppermint Leaves and drop into the water
• Add Powdered Moonstone, one tbs at a time, stirring anti-clockwise three times between each spoonful
• While the potion is still moving, sprinkle Rose Thorns into the water and leave to rest for an hour
• Remove from heat and cover with a silk cloth in a dark place to steep

Part II
• Over the course of the next seven days, uncover the potion once a day to stir seven times anti-clockwise and re-cover
• On the ninth day of brewing, place cauldron over a low flame
• Carefully place Ashwinder Eggs into the potion one at a time, gently stirring without direction
• When steam begins to rise, add the victim's lock of hair or drop of blood to the potion
• The potion will become pearlescent in colour and must be removed from the heat
• Strain the liquid into a vial for storage

Skill/Roll: Potions -4 Brewing.Time: 9 Days
Training: 6th Year Potions Class Duration/Shelf Life: Dependent on Success. See Below. / 1 Week
Ingredients: Standard Potioning Water (24 fl. oz.) • Ashwinder Eggs (3, frozen) • Rose Thorns (roughly a handful) • Peppermint (6 flower heads; 12 leaves) • Powdered Moonstone (3 Tbs.) • Brewer or Target of Quaffer's Love's lock of hair or drop of blood.
  • Embarrassing Failure: The quaffer suffers the opposite effect of the potion and becomes loathed of the brewer. The makings of a violent stalker.
  • Failure: The quaffer feels no differently towards the brewer but they do know that the attempt was made for their love by the brewer.
  • Any Success: The Quaffer becomes obsessed and overtly in love with the brewer/target.
  • Success: Effects last a day.
  • Good Success: Effects last a week.
  • Great Success: Effects last a month.
  • Amazing Success: Effects last a year.
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