Baruffio's Brain Elixir
hp.png Baruffio's Brain Elixir Mind • Healing

Despite the somewhat dubious name, this potion delivers on its promise and increases both brain power and concentration. Allows a bonus modifier dependent on Success to any skill linked with the Mind attribute. This potion also 'cures' a speech impediment for the duration. Note: Taking this potion before class or an exam is considered cheating.

• Heat Water in a small cauldron and bring to a boil
• Once a boil has been reached, stir Syrup of Hellebore into the mixture to dissolve
• Gently place Runespoor Egg into the liquid and leave to boil for five minutes
• Remove from heat immediately and set aside
• Grind Billywig Stings with mortar and pestle and tap into the mixture
• Stir potion in a clockwise spiraling motion from the center to the edge and leave to rest for approximately 12 hours
• Strain the potion and pour into a flask for storage

Skill/Roll: +roll Potions Brewing.Time: 12 Hours
Training: Private Study (10 cookies) Duration/Shelf Life: Dependent on Success / 13 weeks
Ingredients: Water (12 fl. oz.) • Billywig Stings (12, ground) • Runespoor Egg • Syrup of Hellebore (3 fl. oz.)
  • Embarrassing Failure: Potion is destroyed, all ingredients and container are useless. +roll Body to judge any damage to brewer.
  • Failure: The proportions are off and the potion is of poor quality. +roll Body to judge any damage to drinker.
  • Any Success: 1 Potion is created.
  • Success: +1 to Mind. The duration lasts for 30 minutes.
  • Good Success: +2 to Mind. The duration lasts for 1 hour.
  • Great Success: +3 to Mind. The duration lasts for 3 hours.
  • Amazing Success: +4 to mind. The duration lasts for 6 hours.
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