Love Potion Number 12
hp.png Love Potion Number 12 Mind • Harmful
A potion that induces feelings of passion and infatuation in the drinker.
Note: "Love" potions do not create actual love. Rather, they create deep infatuation that can border on obsession. The effects can be unpredictable and problematic.
• Bring Water to a boil
• Add Rose Petals to water
• Add Essence of Violet and stir anti-clockwise 12 times
• Add Cloves and reduce heat to a simmer for 12 minutes, stirring clockwise 3 times every 3 minutes
• Bring mixture back to a boil for 7 minutes, without stirring
• Add Canary flight feathers, followed by the downy feathers
• Reduce heat to a simmer once more, for 10 min without stirring
• Ddd Newt Eyes, remove from heat, and stir counterclockwise until cooled. The result should be a light pink potion
Skill/Roll: +roll Potions Brewing.Time: 1 Hour
Training: Private Study Duration/Shelf Life: Dependent on Success / 1 Week
Ingredients: Water (2 cups) • Red Rose Petals (7, fresh) • Essence of Violet (5 drops) • Cloves (4, whole) • Canary Feathers (2 wing, and 4 downy) • Newt Eyes (3, whole)
  • Embarrassing Failure: Potion is destroyed, all ingredients and container are useless. +roll Body to judge any damage to brewer.
  • Failure: The proportions are off and the potion is of poor quality. +roll Body to judge any damage to drinker.
  • Any Success: 1 Potion is created.
  • Success: The duration lasts for 30 minutes.
  • Good Success: The duration lasts for 1 hour.
  • Great Success: The duration lasts for 3 hours.
  • Amazing Success: The duration lasts for 6 hours.
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