Rat Spleen Mixture
hp.png Rat Spleen Mixture

A potion ingredient containing rat spleens. This mixture is used in the preparation of various other potions. There are both a liquid and powdered forms of this ingredient, and both have different uses.

• Pour water into cauldron with raw Rat Spleens and slowly bring to a simmer
• Peel fresh Avocados to acquire skins and place them into the cauldron to simmer for 5 minutes
• Pour Shake Spikes and Gurdyroot mixture into cauldron and bring to a boil
• While maintaining a rolling boil, add Knotgrass to mixture
• Remove from heat and allow boil to cease before adding Kneazle Hair
• Allow cauldron to cool to room temperature

For liquid: Decant in large jars without straining. Material will sink to the bottom and be of no issue.
For powder: Using strainer, discard liquid. Remove Rat Spleens and place into clean, empty cauldron. Heat carefully until all has become crispy and dry. Scrape into mortar and pestle to grind into fine powder. Pour powder into glass bottle for long term storage.

Skill/Roll: +roll Potions Brewing.Time: 2 Hours
Training: 3rd Year Potions Class Duration/Shelf Life: Dependent on Success / 1 Year
Ingredients: Water (10 fl. oz.) • Rat Spleen (15 fl. oz.) • Kneazle Hair (09 fl. oz) • Avocado Skin (14 fl. oz.) • Shrake Spikes (28 fl. oz.) • Knotgrass (34 fl.oz.) • Gurdyroot (39 fl. oz.)
  • Embarrassing Failure: Potion is destroyed, all ingredients and container are useless. +roll Body to judge any damage to brewer.
  • Failure: The proportions are off and the potion is of poor quality. +roll Body to judge any damage to drinker.
  • Any Success: 1 Potion is created.
  • Success: The duration lasts for 30 minutes.
  • Good Success: The duration lasts for 1 hour.
  • Great Success: The duration lasts for 3 hours.
  • Amazing Success: The duration lasts for 6 hours.
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