Character Information
Portrayed by Herself
Name: Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary
Aliases: Elizabeth the Second (II)
Birthday: April 21, 1926
Position: Princess and Heir Presumptive of the United Kingdom
Lineage: Muggle


Placid, milky blue eyes gaze forward from this young woman's face, framed by carefully styled tresses the color of a chocolate candy bar. With her flawlessly smooth oval face (with an equally flawless aquiline nose) and the single pearl necklace that hangs 'round her neck, it is clear to any student of peerage that she is of noble birth, and obvious to all the rest that she is at the least a girl who comes from wealth. But Princess? Well, you'd have to be a person of some means and time, likely, to realize that without a moment's thought. The blue and white gingham dress she wears is bespoke, to be sure, perfectly fitting a slim young woman of average height — but its lines are simple and the fabric quality but not ostentatious.

Her voice may be more familiar, however. The soft and delicate nasal tones of a girl entering puberty are magnified by the expectations of formal etiquette and the received pronunciation, and it is a voice familiar to many who have listened to the muggle radio in the last year.


As the first child of the youngest generation of British royalty, and as daughter to a beloved couple, Princess Elizabeth's birth on the 21st of April, 1926, generated significant news throughout the Empire — but few expected she would ever be in the position of heir presumptive, and easily within the living memory of subjects of the last Queen Regnant, Victoria. As with many aristocratic children before her, her parents often left the day-to-day upbringing of Elizabeth and her sister to nannies and relatives, but the family was close nevertheless.

From the start, the young princesses received a rigorous and privileged education; their grandmother introduced them to fine culture and museums early on, they received private tutelage from heads of great educational institutions and were instructed in language by well-trained native speakers, and special chapters of the muggle 'Girl Guides' were created to ensure they were socialized appropriately among children of mixed birth; when her father ascended to the throne, no changes in discipline had to be made to start preparing Elizabeth for the role of the heir presumptive.

Elizabeth's teen years have unfortunately coincided with the return of a world war among the muggles, but in the British public's estimation, she has risen to the challenge. As with the rest of the royal family, she chose not to evacuate Britain despite the ever-intensifying bombing of London, and followed the example of her mother as a young woman. Elizabeth has turned her attention to raising the morale of the people. In 1940, she delivered a speech to all the muggle children of England, imploring them not to be frightened, and began fundraising at Windsor Castle for military fabrics.

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  • Animal Lover: The princess is particularly fond of domesticated animals known for their loyalty and reliability, such as horses and dogs. She adores the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and would like very much to have one.
  • Heir Presumptive: Elizabeth has had responsibility and order drilled into her head from a very young age; she has a natural air of authority but never presumes to step outside her bounds.
  • Noble: Royal Princess
  • Wealth: Opulent

RP Hooks

  • Fundraiser: Coming into her teenage years, Elizabeth is used to try to keep up the spirits of other young people, and can be found at various countryside functions.
  • BBC Radio: She makes regular appearances on the Children's Hour program, giving overviews of the latest efforts of young people in the war.


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Claude Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne
Maternal Grandfather: (b. March 14 1855) Muggle. Earl Claude Bowes-Lyon's Wikipedia Page.


Cecilia Bowes-Lyon nee Cavendish-Bentinck, Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne
Maternal Grandmother: (September 11th, 1862 - June 23rd, 1938 (aged 75)) Muggle. Countess Cecilia Bowes-Lyon's Wikipedia Page.


Maternal Aunts & Uncles
Violet Bowes-Lyon
Mary Elphinstone, Lady Elphinstone
Patrick Bowes-Lyon, 15th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne
John Bowes-Lyon
Alexander Bowes-Lyon
Fergus Bowes-Lyon
Rose Leveson-Gower, Countess Granville
Michael Bowes-Lyon
Sir David Bowes-Lyon


George V
Paternal Grandfather: (June 3rd, 1865 - January 20th, 1936 (aged 70)) Muggle. King George the Fifth's Wikipedia Page.


Paternal Grandmother: (b. May 26th, 1867) Muggle. Queen Mother Mary of Teck. The Queen Mother's Wikipedia Page.


Father: (b. May 26th, 1867) Muggle.


Mother: (b. August 4th, 1900) Muggle.


Sister: (b. May 26th, 1867) Muggle.


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