This character is a Community NPC, and can be used as appropriate (see RP Hooks, below). If you would like a staff-run scene with this character, please put in a +request.

Uncaring Caretaker
Portrayed by Robert Carlyle
Name: Apollyon Pringle
Aliases: Prickle, "He's coming, HIDE!"
Birthday: 14 April, 1886
Position: Caretaker
Lineage: Half-blood


Though not particularly tall, Apollyon Pringle has an undeniably predatory presence. Lean and corded, he is always just slightly hunched, as if ready to pounce at any moment. He prowls with catlike quiet, his small, hawkish eyes always darting about for his prey. Dark, stringy hair hangs to his neck, and he typically wears a bit of graying scruff around his jaw. His clothing is suited to an occupation involving a lot of activity, with dark, no nonsense colours and fabrics cut in sensible.. even severe style. There is no luxury about him. His clothes only highlight the razor-edged malice inherant in his person. He is menace given form.


If you ask a student at Hogwarts, Apollyon was born in some black dark corner of Knockturn Alley, then crawled away from the mother he killed in birth to sneak into the Pringle family crib at St. Mungo's after he threw out the original Pringle baby. Then when he was old enough, he put a curse on the Sorting Hat so it sorted him into Gryffindor and not Slytherin, because everyone knows Slytherin is really where Apollyon belonged. After using the Imperius Curse on the entire faculty to give him passing grades, he graduated. After killing a hundred people in only a few years after graduation he was sent to Azkaban. It is unknown how long he was in the prison, but after he got out, the only place he could get a job was as a Caretaker, after Imperius Cursing the Headmaster once again.

In reality, Apollyon was the bastard son of his father and a Squib maid of the house. It was all covered up of course. The boy was taken from his mother and raised like he was birthed from Mrs. Pringle. But she of course loathed the little baby and would make his life a living hell. He was made to fill his birth mother's role and was treated more like a servant than a child in private. In public he was rather ignored as well as he was the youngest son and had four older siblings, who received all the lauds and affection from his parents. Even Mr. Pringle ignored Apollyon for fear of piquing his wife's wrath once again over his indiscretion. However, despite the horridness of his upbringing, it turned Apollyon into a very disciplined, quiet man with a quick wit. Though he also developed the strange desire for mistreatment; masochism they call it. After all, it was the only time in which he got any attention — when he was being beaten for making a scene or "missing a spot" when cleaning.

When he learned that the sensation of enjoyment from pain was strange and wrong at Hogwarts, it made him angry, but he found through that anger that when he did the hurting it relieved the anxiety he was feeling. One of his favourite past times became killing puffskeins in creative ways. After graduation he returned to work at the Pringle household as a servant. One summer, many years after he left Hogwarts, the Hogwarts Headmaster came to the house for a dinner with the Pringle Family. When the Headmaster saw what had become of a student he had high hopes for, he offered Pringle a position at Hogwarts. Pringle accepted and is now very fiercely loyal to the school as it's own entity. He believes that misbehaving students are an insult to the establishment, where he was once a Prefect he was only able to dock points from those misfits who abused the gifts they were given. Now he has the authority to give the little miscreants the corporal punishment they so rightly deserve!


  • Sadistic
  • Masochistic
  • Strange Sense of Honor
  • Strict
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

He is a community NPC, which means please feel free to use him if you are doing naughty things, such as breaking any rules or out past curfew. He is a brutal disciplinarian, but it all for the good of the school and the students.

When using Pringle as a Community NPC, consider the following:

  • Apollyon Pringle has an undeniable cruel streak. He justifies it to himself, though, believing that it hardens the students and prepares them for the cruelty of the real world.
  • He was intensely loyal to Dippet, but considers Dumbledore to be a bleeding heart. He's still forming an opinion about Flint's leadership.
  • He thrills at catching students misbehaving, and will absolutely carry a grudge. Unlike most Hogwarts faculty, he will use minor infractions of the rules (such as a Wand-Lighting Charm in the halls) in order to punish a student he believes is guilty of other rule-breaking.
  • He has no patience for students trying to stall or distract him, and isn't likely to believe any excuses offered, no matter how true they are, unless backed up by a Prefect or faculty member.
  • Pringle technically cannot enforce detention or loss of house points on his own. He can only act on the orders of a professor. But he has no qualms about dragging a student before a professor (often choosing the professor he believes will be least sympathetic, if he can) and making a case for such discipline.


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Pringle loved working for a Headmaster that understands the need for strict discipline.


The Caretaker sees the Headmaster as a bleeding heart that is turning the students soft.


Pringle never gave Flint much thought as a professor, save that he knew he could count on him for strict disciplinary measures when called for. As a Headmaster, he continued to demonstrate this, but when it became clear that there was more to his agenda, Pringle recoiled at Flint's true self, and actively took a hand in ending his tenure as Headmaster.


While Mr. Pringle treats all of the Hogwarts faculty with respect, he shows something akin to outright friendship toward Professor Whittle.

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