Character Information
Portrayed by Renee Sen
Name: Priya Kaur Virdee
Aliases: -
Birthday: September 5th, 1928
Position: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Muggle-born


Priya is a dark-skinned Indian girl, roughly 13 years old. A little tall, a little gangly, she stands 5'3" and is around 109 pounds in an overall robust body type. Curly sable hair falls loose down her back, held off her face with an Alice band. She has alert brown eyes that set on either side of a long nose. The rest of her diamond shaped face is accented with a triangular jaw that comes to an angular chin.


Priya Kaur Virdee was born in London in early August 1929. Her father, Ghar, fought in the Great War with the British Indian Army, and after his service immigrated to England on a scholarship to Oxford to study engineering. Deepa was born in England. Both have roots in the Punjab region of India. Deepa performed mostly domestic work prior to the war. Once war broke out, she was able to secure work as a telegraphist and gained a reputation as a detail-oriented, efficient worker. On the basis of this reputation she was able to maintain employment even after the war, despite competition by returning veterans. She kept working even when her daughter was born, relying on her extended family for childcare.

Priya grew up surrounded by family and a sense of pride in sacrifice for public service. Although she is an only child, there was always a cousin or dozen to play with. In primary school, she achieved good marks but is an active, hands on learner. She learns best by doing. Outside of school she was an active Girl Guide. Her dream is to study Chemistry at Oxford.

Between the chemistry and the girl guide badge of the week, all the adults managed to miss Priyas budding magical potential. They really ought have been suspicious that a childrens chemistry set was quite so potent, and its a miracle that poorly regulated chemicals and accidental potions didnt cause any more damage than all of Uncle Vishals hair falling out and growing back alarmingly curly two weeks later.

RP Hooks

  • For Science!: Priya's first thought when she encounters a problem is "what happens if…?" A good hand at potions, she's even better at turning things spectacular colors and well controlled explosions.
  • Domestics Club: As a member of the Domestics club, Priya's specialty is improvisation with the materials at hand.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • For Science!
  • Stubborn
  • Ambitious


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Father: (BirthYEAR - ?) Priya's father is a quiet, introverted man.


<Mother's Name and Surname> nee <MaidenName>
Mother: (BirthYEAR - ?) Deepa has always worked, and Priya is very proud of that fact.


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