Character Information
Portrayed by Herself
Name: Queen Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon
Aliases: Elizabeth
Birthday: August 4th, 1900
Position: Queen of the United Kingdom
Lineage: Muggle


A round face, ample nose, and a prominent chin, coupled with incredibly warm eyes and an ever-present, ever-graceful smile — she is neither ugly nor unattractive, but in many respects the woman resembles an unimaginably cheerful bsker or cookie from a children's tale moreso than she does a queen.

To be clear, it is not that her clothing is lacking in finery; though she wears no crown, the white cartwheel hat upon her head and adorned with a mountain of flowers is both the height of Muggle fashion and complements her well, tastefully matching a pastel blue-and-white, floral print dress. The three pearl necklaces hung about the royal neck are striking, but neither humble nor ostentatious.

No, what makes the woman seem to defy the label of queen is the way in which she carries herself; it is an air that is accommodating of anything that someone may need, but not of anyone's petty desires, be they her own or another's. She is there to be seen because something must be done, not to be gawked at.

The paradox of queenliness, perhaps, is why she is so beloved by Muggles that otherwise feel they have grown past an age of Kings and Queens.


Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon was born on August the 4th, 1900; the ninth child of ten, and the daughter of a Scottish Earl, she was almost certainly destined for a life of privilege even before the strange turns that fate revealed for her. Fortunately for the muggle world, the young lady of Glamis was determined to meet that privilege with dutiful study and recognition of all the responsibilities that precipitated privilege.

What the muggle world calls 'the Great War' commenced on her fourteenth birthday; without hesitation, the young girl threw herself into the conversion of Castle Glamis into a hospital for the wounded, doing her part to assist while four of her brothers went to arms. As a sixteen-year-old, when a fire threatened the castle, she fearlessly led the evacuation of the castle's occupants and important furnishings. Some have claimed that she received magical help in violation of the secrecy statute at that time, but while a popular claim among wizards, there has never been anything to substantiate it. Her efforts stand on their own merits, as far as the official record goes.

She eventually attracted the ardent admiration of second prince of the royal family, Prince Albert, only to turn him down, uninterested in the complications of life as a Duchess. But their mutual fondness for one another eventually won over any doubts of political misgivings, and Elizabeth was elevated to the position of Duchess of York for the next thirteen years. Things only grew more complicated from there; her husband's older brother, the crown prince, enjoyed only the power of his office and not the demands which it made upon him. Increasingly erratic and irresponsible in the eye of much of the public, crown prince Edward VII's actions became a constitutional danger to the United Kingdom after the passing of King George V, Edward and Albert's father, and his elevation as King Edward. In mere months, Edward was presented with an ultimatum: stop destabilizing the foundations of government, or leave it. Not quite a year after his coronation as the King of England, Edward stepped down, elevating Albert to the role of King and Elizabeth to that of Queen Consort. While both are viewed as sources of comfort and stability to English-speaking muggles, Queen Elizabeth has special admiration from much of the public for her quiet grace under pressure.


  • Dignity: Elizabeth draws a sharp line between personal and private affairs, particularly for the sake of her two daughters.
  • Noble: Queen: Elizabeth is keenly aware of the costs of war and the symbolic might of the crown; she does her part to keep up morale among the muggles.
  • Wealth: Opulent: In addition to the vast holdings both symbolic and effective that the Queen possesses under the right of the crown, the royal family is incredibly wealthy as private citizens.

RP Hooks

  • The Great War: Between running the family castle as a hospital and the military service of four of her brothers, Elizabeth was deeply involved in the first 'world's war'.
  • Queen of England: Even though the Royal family has taken on a more 'for the people, with the people' mentality, during this war, there is no doubt that they are still treated like royals by everyone else.


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Claude Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne
Father: (b. March 14 1855) Muggle. Earl Claude Bowes-Lyon's Wikipedia Page.


Cecilia Bowes-Lyon nee Cavendish-Bentinck, Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne
Mother: (September 11th, 1862 - June 23rd, 1938 (aged 75)) Muggle. Countess Cecilia Bowes-Lyon's Wikipedia Page.


Bowes-Lyon Siblings
Violet Bowes-Lyon
Mary Elphinstone, Lady Elphinstone
Patrick Bowes-Lyon, 15th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne
John Bowes-Lyon
Alexander Bowes-Lyon
Fergus Bowes-Lyon
Rose Leveson-Gower, Countess Granville
Michael Bowes-Lyon
Sir David Bowes-Lyon


George V
Father-In-Law: (June 3rd, 1865 - January 20th, 1936 (aged 70)) Muggle. King George the Fifth's Wikipedia Page.


Mother-In-Law: (b. May 26th, 1867) Muggle. Queen Mother Mary of Teck. The Queen Mother's Wikipedia Page.


Husband: (b. May 26th, 1867) Muggle. King George the Sixth (VI). Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon and then Prince Albert were married on 26 April 1923, at Westminster Abbey. Elizabeth laid her bouquet at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior on her way into the Abbey, in memory of her brother Fergus.


Daughter: (b. April 21, 1926) Muggle.


Daughter: (b. May 26th, 1867) Muggle.


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