Character Information
Portrayed by Herself
Name: Queen Mother Mary of Teck
Aliases: Mary
Birthday: May 26th, 1867
Position: Queen Mother of the United Kingdom
Lineage: Muggle


There is an intense focus in the gleam of this older woman's eyes and the knitting of her bushy, silvered brows, one which many people may find to be simply unsettling. The woman is more handsome than beautiful; the features on her regal face seem hewn as if from a rock face, from her roman nose, to her stiff upper lip, to the slight cleft in her chin. Even the ravages of age are confounded by the hardness in her face. She has crow's feet at the corners of her eyes and greyed hair, but otherwise shows little of her seventy-plus years for a muggle.

Amplifying her unapproachable handsomeness is the finery which the woman wears; ensconced upon her head is the Grand Duchess Vladimir tiara, an opulent crown made up of 15 interlocking silver circlets, thoroughly encrusted in small, finely cut diamonds and gold trim, with large teardrop pearl pendants occupying the center of each circle. But though that likely draws the most attention, it is not the whole of her jewelry or finery; multiple diamond necklaces, fine pearl earrings, bracelets… the effect of all the jewels is ultimately one that leaves the fine, sleeveless red velvet dress which the Queen Mother wears a mere afterthought.


Princess Victoria Mary of Teck was born on May 26, 1867 at Kensington Palace in London, the eldest of four children (all the rest boys). Due to the complicated peerage, succession, and marriage laws of the minor German princedom from which her father hailed, although Mary was technically a princess of the House of Teck, neither he nor herself had any succession rights in, or income from, Wrttemberg. The combination of high status and low income bred contradictions in the young princess; her mother had an insatiable need for finery and opulence beyond their means such that at one point the family had to flee the country to escape creditors. At the same time, her mother took an unusually hands-on level of education for her children, and impressed upon them the moral value and responsibility of charity towards the poor.

The latter ultimately served Mary well, because Queen Victoria — wanting to keep the royal line in the hands of a culturally native Londoner — found herself short of suitable candidates to marry her sons to. Impressed by Mary's conscientiousness and devotion to charity, Queen Victoria arranged for Mary to wed her eldest son, Albert Victor, and then his brother George after Albert passed away. In 1893, the two were married and remained deeply in love for the whole of the future King's life.

Her time as Queen Consort, and later as Queen Mother, have continued to be defined by the contradiction impressed upon her by her mother: opulence and devotion. As Queen Consort, she supported her husband through war, rebellious Republican sentiments, and independence movements, instituting austerity drives during World War I to support British forces in the war. In the years before the Great Depression swept the world, she strove to increase the depth of the crown's jewel and art collections. But when her husband fell gravely ill, his own doctors credited his continued life to her constant attentions. Nevertheless, time took its toll; in January of 1936, King George V passed away. As the Queen Mother of King George VI, she has taken a deep interest in the arts education of her granddaughters, but has placed this concern mostly on hold for the duration of the war. Currently living in the countryside far from London (at her son's insistence) she nevertheless has thoroughly engaged herself in attempting to raise soldier morale, from directing the gathering of scrap materials to even personally picking up soldiers walking along the roadside and taking them wherever they needed to go.

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  • Jewelry Lover: She almost always has multiple priceless items on her person.
  • Noble: Queen Mother
  • Wealth: Opulent As the mother of the King, Mary has access to all of the wealth the title holds.

RP Hooks

  • Art Lover: The Queen Mother is a connoisseur of fine arts, especially jewel work. From the rich, she may ask for a wartime donation, or for a return of a documented royal heirloom.
  • Benefactor: Though she rarely makes large charitable contributions of money, she is happy to direct time and public attention to good causes, especially for the Muggle war effort.


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Francis, Duke of Teck
Father: (August 28, 1837 - January 21, 1900 (aged 62)) Muggle.


Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge
Mother: (November 27, 1833 - October 27, 1897 (aged 63)) Muggle.


George V
Late Husband: (June 3rd, 1865 - January 20th, 1936 (aged 70)) Muggle. King George the Fifth's Wikipedia Page.


Youngest Son: (b. May 26th, 1867) Muggle. Her second son. King George VI's Wikipedia Page.


Daughter-In-Law: (b. May 26th, 1867) Muggle.Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon and then Prince Albert were married on 26 April 1923, at Westminster Abbey. Elizabeth laid her bouquet at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior on her way into the Abbey, in memory of her brother Fergus.


Granddaughter: (b. April 21, 1926) Muggle.


Granddaughter: (b. May 26th, 1867) Muggle.


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