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Quidditch Legend
Portrayed by Tom Cruise
Name: Quentin Palancher
Aliases: Quick
Birthday: <Character's Birthday>
Position: Chief of M.G.S.
Lineage: Pure-blood


Undeniably handsome, in perhaps a rather over-enthused way, Quentin Palancher is of average height and athletic build - unsurprising given his lifestyle. Hazel eyes and an easy, dazzling smile are accompanied by mahogany hair kept boyishly long, falling to his nape; though the rakish scruff of his beard matures his features somewhat. Beneath the good looks, there's a palpable air of energy and wicked mischief - which may be an altogether different sort of appeal.

Quick keeps his attire casual but stylish, to reflect his carefully self-created impression of charming indifference to the world about him. A well-tailored shirt of pale, silvery gray emphasises his light tan, the top few buttons left undone and his breeches are fitted just so, the better to show off muscular thighs and a narrow waist beneath the dragon-hide belt.


Quentin Palancher comes from a long line of well established pureblood wizarding marriages. His parents' marriage was arranged through a professional wizarding matchmaking company as were their parents. These things were not left to chance. Ignacia Tyrone, of the great Irish wizarding family, and her husband Charles Palancher produced several offspring - five to be exact - and in the midst of them was Quenten.

All of Quentin's siblings are sisters, a fact which he says taught him to appreciate women and the force of nature they are. Aside from learning a lot about the fairer sex Quentin also learned about his first love - quidditch. Family legend has it that one of Quentin's Palancher ancestors was there when the game was invented and ever since the family has had close ties to it. His father made a fortune producing games equipment (bludgers and beaters to be precise) having inherited the business from Quent's grandfather. Aside from the love of the game there are two other grand Palancher family traditions: all female children must have in their name some type of flower and you only marry magic users.

Quentin has managed to keep to one of those. Earning his nickname 'Quick' first because of his amazing speed, even at an early age, on a broom it soon took on another meaning altogether when Quentin ventured into Hogsmeade for the weekends out at school. During the school week he strove hard to take his beloved Ravenclaw to win the House Cup not once, not twice, but four times (not all on his own of course!) but at the weekends he became rather friendly with the ladies of the village. Quick Quentin didn't waste his time on school girls but was educated by a more discerning and mature woman (women, in his case).

After leaving school he took a position playing for Puddlemere United and soon was included in the English national team. He earned himself a reputation for being an excellent chaser of quaffles and women. One day he was invited to attend a fashion show with a team mate. While there Quick met his match in a muggle model named Holly Hobbs. After working his magic on her the pair soon discovered there were unexpected consequences. Quentin did the honourable thing and married Holly causing huge uproar in his family and leading to his being disowned by the Palanchers.

Over twenty years later Quick and Holly after a few rough patches - including one where he publicly was outed by gossip columnists as having a mistress similar in age to two of his oldest children - the pair have had their fourth and youngest child. No longer a young man, despite his still good looks, Quick has taken retirement from Quidditch and accepted a position at the ministry. While some see it as a step down for one of England's greatest ever players, Quick likes the challenge of trying to organise international competitions and his body relishes the opportunity to rest from the brutality of Quidditch.

His public life has caused a split within his own branch of the family; Quick's son Linc rarely speaks to him these days though his daughter's have been more forgiving perhaps because he really can charm any lady whatever her age.


  • Ladies Man
  • Wealth: Rich
  • Famous

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Quick's eldest son, Linc and he were close once years ago when Linc was a boy. He loves his son and is very proud of Linc's professional achievements.


Paeonia is Quick's eldest daughter, the reason he got married in the first place. For a while they were estranged but these days they are on fairly good terms again.


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