Quinn Family

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The Quinn Family
Family Head: Naill Quinn
Home: Ireland
Wealth: Comfortable
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
This represents what is typical for the Quinn family. It does not necessarily apply to every branch.

Family History

Back in ancient times on the Irish coast a Pure-Blooded Wizard Lord (as this was long before the Statute of Secrecy), Lord Quinn wanted his son, Aron, to marry, he gathered all of the most eligible pure-blooded ladies to their small castle for a ball and he hired a motley band of gypsies on as entertainment. Lord Quinn was extremely displeased when his son chose one of the gypsy girls, Mirela, over all of the pure-blood girls gathered. This love eventually entitled the gypsies a large plot of the young lord’s land. It is called Quinnland now and that band of Gypsies the Quinnland Clan and they use that land as a home base to this day.

Family Identity

Since the ancient times when the gypsy put a spell on the young Quinn Prince the other Quinns that looked down their noses at the couple found themselves prone to wandering and never really settling down some place. ((Typical Quirk: Wanderlust)) It's why the Quinns are all over Ireland. The family as a whole is extremely Irish and proud. It is not entirely unheard of to have Quinn cousins marrying each other. It is a very rare thing indeed for a Quinn to marry outside of one of the Irish Pure-blood Families. Auburn, red and strawberry blonde hair and Irish features are strong in this family. Green and Hazel eyes are also a dominant trait. As students the Quinns more often than not are sorted Gryffindor with Hufflepuff a close second and Ravenclaw coming in at a rarer third.


One of the few Irish Pure-Blood families still holding on. The Quinn Family were Irish Nobility in the ancient times. A generation or two before the Statute of Secrecy was passed the main branch of the family dissolved it's purity when the heir took up with a gypsy woman. The ancient lands dubbed, "Quinnlands" is now occupied by the descendants of this pairing and their Shelta relatives. The off shoots of the main line, cousins and the like are rather scattered throughout Ireland. There is no longer what can be considered a main branch.

Family Members

Family members bearing the Quinn name:

Conall Fiona Kaylee Naill

Blood relatives without the Quinn name:

Adelphus Brad Conleth Euphemia Hitch Oscar

Connections and Relationships

  • Quinnland Clan: A clan of Shelta and Romanian Blooded Gypsies that have threads of the Quinn blood in them.
    • Higgins
    • Hitchcock
  • Merrythought: Another one of the few Irish Pure-Blood families left.
  • Moody: An Irish family that moved to Britain a generation or so ago, some Moody's still live in Ireland though. As far as the Quinn's are concerned the British Moody families will still be Irish and Pure-Blooded and good for marrying Quinns.

Family Statistics

Influence: #
Lands: #
Law: #
Population: #
Power: #
Wealth: #
Founding: ####
Historical Events = #

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