Magical Sport - Quodpot

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Magical Hot Potato on Brooms! It is a chaser's game. A team is trying to score with said hot potato. Teams are divided equally in two teams of eleven. The players attempt to get the Quod into the pot at the end of the pitch before it explodes. When the Quod is safely in the pot - which contains a solution to stop the Quod from exploding - the scorer's team gets a point and a new Quod is brought into play. Any player in possession of the Quod when it explodes must leave the field of play.

Stage 1 - Flying and Placement

After dividing up teams equally into 11 players per team everyone figures out where they want to be in the pitch.

There are 5 zones in Quodpot:

  • There is the Starting Area. Which in game using the 'pitch' command is considered to be zone A.
  • On 'Pitch' zone 'B' is considered "Near Start".
  • On 'Pitch' zone 'C' is considered "Middle Line".
  • On 'Pitch' zone 'D' is considered "Near Pot".
  • On 'Pitch' zone 'E' is considered "Scoring Circle".

To begin play everyone makes 1 Broomflying Roll.

  • Success: Enter the pitch in your Teams Row at B. Example 'penter B1' for Team 1 or 'penter B2' for Team 2.
  • Good Success: Enter the pitch in your Teams Row at C. Example 'penter C1' for Team 1 or 'penter C2' for Team 2.
  • Great Success: Enter the pitch in your Teams Row at D. Example 'penter D1' for Team 1 or 'penter D2' for Team 2.
  • Amazing Success: Enter the pitch in your Teams Row at E! Example 'penter E1' for Team 1 or 'penter E2' for Team 2.

Stage 2 - Initiative

If this is a Student Aged Game use: HogQuidditch to fill in the empty spots, if any. If it is an Adult Aged Game use: ProQuidditch to fill the gaps for a full team of 11 players per. If the game is mixed ages, use HogQuidditch.

To keep things manageable everyone's initiative is rolled by zones.

@wait 1=ooc [ansi(hc,Team 1:)]
@wait 2=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait 3=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait 4=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait #=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait #=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait #=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait #=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait #=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait #=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait #=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait #=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait #=ooc [ansi(hy,Team 2:)]
@wait #=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait #=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait #=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait #=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait #=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait #=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait #=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait #=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait #=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait #=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction
@wait #=+roll/force <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction

Roll opposed rolls to determine Tie-Breakers.

+roll <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction vs <NAME>=Broomflying + Reaction

Stage 3 - The Quod

Now that everyone is on the Pitch where they should be and know when they get to act, the Quod comes into Action.

The Person in Zone A who won initiative gets possession of the Quod. They then must pass the quod to another team member. Each Zone being passed to has its own penalties and modifiers. Simply put it's a -1 per Zone. If Zone A passes to Zone E they must roll with a -4 modifier.

+roll <NAME>=Chaser + Body vs <TARGET>=Chaser + Reaction

This is where strategy comes into play. Maybe the person with the Quod doesn't have the Chaser of another member of their team in their zone so they should throw to that teammate because there is no penalty to pass within zone. But there is always the ever present looming danger of the Quod exploding at any time.

This is represented by failures in any way during this stage. If the thrower fails, BOOM if the Target fails, BOOM

Stage 4 - Scoring

Once/if the Quod has successfully reached the 'Scoring Circle' those within the Zone can attempt to score.

+roll Chaser

Stage 5 - Rinse & Repeat

On an explosion or goal a new Quod enters play in Zone A. Repeat instructions.

Example of Play - Outdated

R-Player 1: Who acts a Keeper passes to R-Player 2. They are on the Red Team Goal Zone.
R-Player 3+: All +fly to get to the Red Team's Side Zone.
G-Player 1: Stays where they are. While the rest of the Gold Team +fly to get to the Gold Team Side Zone.

R-Player 2: +passes to any R-Player 3+…for instance and simplicity R-Player 3.
R-Player 4+ all +fly. Putting them in the Middle Zone.
G-Player 2: Stays in the Gold Team Zone. Everyone else on the Gold Team Flies, putting them into the Middle Zone.

Round 1 and 2 are a bit on the boring set up the strategy side but now is when it gets interesting!
G-Player 3+ Can either try to +steal the quaffle. Or if the Captain is smart on both sides they'll move two of their best chasers forward into the opposing teams Side. While those still in the middle try to +steal the Quod from each other. See, because of the Hot Potato aspect of the game, letting the other team steal the Quod is a good way of passing the Hot Potato, long as it gets stolen back. You can +steal and +pass one after the other.

From there it's hard to describe what could/should happen.

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