Patriarch of the Brown Family
Portrayed by Ian Abercrombie
Name: Radley Brown
Aliases: R.B.
Birthday: 1857
Position: Astronomer
Lineage: Pure-Blood


To say that Radley were eccentric in appearance might be something of an understatement, depending on one's perspective. It's just that the man does stand out in a crowd. While not particularly intimidating in height or build, the wiry fellow has a certain intensity about him that demands at least a second or third glance. A flowing mane and matching beard of pure white contrast starkly against his bronzed skin tone, mercifully distracting the eye from an overlarge nose and wearily bagging eyes of pale blue-gray.

Unlike his physical features, however, his attire seems deliberately selected to set him apart. Robes of luxurious crushed velvet, a lush purple in hue and edged with detailed brocade somehow manages to work with the little fez hat atop his head; a masterwork in blue and gold, depicting various celestial bodies. A colourful shirt is often to be observed, too, along with loose-fitting blue slacks.



  • Quirk 1
  • Quirk 2
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Patriarch - Radley is the head of the Brown Family.
  • Astronomer - While not the most noted of his profession, Radley is an extremely competent astronomer.


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Lacey Brown nee Thurkell
Wife -


Berny Brown
Father - <describe relationship>


Harmonie Brown nee Rashley
Mother - <describe relationship>


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