This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

The Howler
Portrayed by Nathan Fillion
Name: Raff Mingan
Aliases: Jackson Price (Changed his name when he was bitten)
Birthday: Jun 05, 1910
Position: R.C.M.C.
Lineage: Half-blood


A man such as this with tall rugged good looks can seem to stand out in a crowd. Dark brown hair that is swept in a wave off this man's face and hanging just slightly into stormy blue eyes. Just around one side of his neck and almost hidden by any shirt he wears is a rather ugly looking scar that goes from the right side of his neck down into the buttons of any shirt he may wear. His usual clothes consist of an open collared button up shirt covered with a dark red vest and a pair of loose black pants. His shoes are simple leather loafers. There is never a tie or any sort of dress up on this man. He's always casual no matter where he is.


Lived a normal life with his parents, loving and caring until he was admitted into Hogwarts and joined Gryffindor. He excelled at potions and worked hard to make a decent slash at other things and was awarded with good grades Became fascinated with werewolves and spent many hours in the library researching them. He talked about them all the time to anyone who would listen.

Left Hogwarts and was thrilled to become a part of the Werewolf Registry and some work with the Capture unit. He was good at it, working hard with seeing the humanity of them and always believing that they could be helped.

Stayed at the Ministry and worked hard, looked to be pushing towards management positions and moving up in the world. Met someone in a bar, began rooming with them and eventually got involved with them. A perfect life, that was, until he didn't come home from work one day.

That was the day he was sent out on a job to investigate a pack of werewolves that trying to leave the Forbidden Forest. He and a group of others went out and began to track and search for the wolves and stop them from doing such a thing. They were waiting for the wolves to come by on their way out when Raff decided to run back and get some equipment that they were missing. He was met by a wolf on his way back. Facination took over and the wolf charged him, he stood stock still and was attacked. The noise roused the others from their posts and they ran back, shooting the wolf before Raff was totally killed. They rushed Raff back to the ministry where he was nursed back to health and then kept in a cell for a while as he came to terms with being on the other side of his obsession.

Dealing with being a werewolf and kept at the ministry for a long time by his own wants so that he can study more and try and do when he can to control. Working to make the rules and all for those that are affected by the bite which is where his works stays. Finally, after many years he feels he is in control enough to come out and rejoin society. He's been in the werewolf support services with making potions and the like to help werewolves deal with their affliction.


  • He's a werewolf with an infamous reputation for it.
  • His senses are acute with his affliction.
  • He does his best to be cheerful even with his affliction.

RP Hooks

  • Works for the ministry.
  • Studies at the libraries and anything related to werewolves is of interest.
  • Expert in werewolf lore as well as animal lore.
  • The general populous of Wizards looks down on Raff for what he is and will avoid him.


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The potions woman offered Raff help with his problems and promised him much more. She's become a very dear friend and confidant. How he knows this woman makes him the most afraid in the world.


She doesn't see the wolf at all, but sees the man. Her words have him more scared than anything the wolf could do. She disappeared off in the night and was not seen from again.


The woman who has become his best friend. She helps with his research and was the first to make him feel human. He hurt her and doesn't like the fact that he did. But one must be honest with the world around them.


And old friend with an old past. Seeing each other again is a piece in Raff's work to find the links to be more in control.


One of the first people at the Ministry to see him as a man and not the terror. She likes him because he gets her an empty elevator.


She looks after Raff and treats him like normal and is the one who watches over him at the full moon.


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