This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Pint-Sized Brawler
Portrayed by Ellen Page
Name: Marie Randolph Macmillan
Aliases: Randy
Birthday: Mar 30, 1921
Position: Gryffindor
Lineage: Pure-blood


Randy has a sinewy athleticism to her body that probably came across as lanky in former years. Without makeup and with little work, she could pass for the opposite sex, but there is nothing masculine about the woman that isn't feminine, and so her beauty is that of pleasantly androgynous. Her hair seems to be subject to perpetual waves, often the wild raven locks curling off in different directions at the tips. Gleeful eyes the color of muddied amber hide a secretive wistfulness, framed by equally dark lashes. These dark features are offset by incredibly pale skin.

Currently Randy is wearing her skirt just as short as can be without getting reprimanded, that is flirtatiously obscuring. She's already been forced to adjust it a few times courtesy of her House Prefects. Whenever possible her shirt is untucked and unbuttoned slightly at the top (for breathing!), her tie untied and draped over the back of her neck. Her sweater and robe are layered on top of her shirt, the Gryffindor crest placed appropriately on her robe. Around her neck hangs a silver chain which disappears underneath her shirt and a few silver rings hug her fingers. Her entire appearance exudes a lazy suavity that compliments her features which bear the minimum of makeup.


(This background is long! You can get a feel for who Randy is today from her RP Hooks and Quirks section!)

Marie Randolph Macmillan was born to Miranda and James Macmillan March 30th, 1921 at their ancestral home, the Carreg Cennen castle, near the village of Trapp in Carmarthenshire, Wales. The Macmillans are an ancient pure-blood family who laid their roots down at the castle long ago. The Macmillan line throughout history has produced a few notable witches and wizards over the years. They are a family of strong protectors, but ones that toe the edge of what the wide wide world considers traditional sanity and the occasional one that teeters their distinct cheery morality into darkness, sane or not. Time and bloodlines have only seen to reinforce it. As such, and with all Macmillans, Marie was born into the world with her own distinct sense of the world. On her mothers side, she comes from a line of witches and wizards historically known for their piracy in the days prior to the discovery of portkeys. Sailing is an art not lost on the family and has been passed down for many a generation, as have the strange ways of making their livings and fighting skills, the last of which comes from both sides. In the modern age, her father took up a career as an Auror, while her mother was a cursebreaker in her time before settling down to tend to house and home.


  • Rake
  • Audacious
  • Improvisationally Creative
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Well Known Pure-blood Family - The Macmillans, as is their most modern surname, are a super old and old money pure-blood family. When Randy's father, James Macmillan, died in the line of duty, leaving the family without their wealth, this would have made the rumor mill for sure, if not a news article. Did you help the Macmillans? They would likely have a family barrister.
  • Auror Father - Randy's father served in the MLE as an Auror and according to public record, he died in the line of duty. Did you know him?
  • Wild Child - Randy's a little bit of a wild child. She's in the business of corruption. Want to run the chances of getting caught skinny dipping somewhere you shouldn't? Need someone to peer pressure your char into smoking while she siphons off the smoke with her wand so you guys don't get caught? Want to make a bet on a quidditch game? Want to try to score /real/ booze while in Hogsmeade? She may or may not be successful, but Randy's bound to figure out how to make things interesting /somehow/. Her greatest enemy? Boredom.
  • School Reputation - In Randy's early years at Hogwarts, she possessed a legendary temper and was teased for looking like a boy and having a boy's name. She got into some fights and almost got expelled for it. She still has the temper and quite a reputation for her right hook, but she hasn't been in a fight since she was 13 that anyone knows. Maybe you were someone who bullied her? Once she hit puberty, and started garnering a reputation as a serial dating flirt who might be described as "loose" in the bittered rumor mill. Feel free to start rumors! Just hit me up over page or +mail if you want to.
  • Play a Macmillan or Join Family Forces - If you want to play a Macmillan, please take a look at the family tree up at the top of the Background section. There are plenty of characters that can be taken, or nooks to be filled with connections to brand new ones! Also, if you're looking to deepen your pure-blood connections on grid, feel free to discuss even just that. However, if you are interested in playing a Macmillan, I highly recommend contacting me, especially if you want inspiration! Please note that the greyed out ones are PCs and the green have been NPCed on the grid before. FYI, ones that are grayed out are either reserved PCs for players who have expressed a desire to play them, or they are already on-grid PCs. Green are characters that have made NPC appearances in RP.


Logs featuring Randy Logs that refer to Randy



Randy's father. An Auror who supposedly died while on a prolonged mission. He was the light of Randy's life, and his passing deeply affected her. Emulating him is probably the only reason she has the marks she does and isn't a total slacker on top of all the other problems she's faced at school.


Randy's mother. She's a cursebreaker from a long line of pirates. Miranda taught Randy how to throw a punch.


Randy's brother. He's a treasure hunter. Randy adores Hunter and fully expects an awesome weapon or doodad from Hunter whenever he returns back from travels. They have a tease-love-tease relationship from what appears on the surface. They share their emergency alcohol stash with each other. That's probably the clearest indication of just how much they mean to each other. Randy does sometimes wonder why Hunter hasn't found a wife for "guaranteed boffing" as she calls it, even though Hunter has explained to her many times how it stifles his staunch dedication to bachelorism.


Randy's second cousin.

Family Dossiers

(if you see someone in the family tree that you want details on, please hit me up!)

Randolph aka "Papa"
Grandfather (Father's side)
Status: Available for play - Monkey controlled NPC right now
Player Need Priority: Medium
Age: Late 70s
Concept: Storyteller, inclusive, poor with money, age-mellowed troller. Loves to drink ale and tell wild stories to all the Macmillans, old and especially the young. Very liberal for his generation on blood views, more for the way he treats others than his official political stance in society. He still believes pure blood is better for the wizarding world, but believes that those who are magical just are. Muggles are treated with kindness and sees no one as naturally inferior. This is a big deal in his original family, but he has never told a soul his views. He was matched with his wife for her to keep his friendliness in line and to keep the Sykes and Macmillan family closely tied. He is not an activist sort though.
(specified concept details may be flexible, pre-casting unchangeable)


Marie aka "Mama" (nee Sykes)
Grandmother (Father's side)
Status: Available for play - Monkey controlled NPC right now
Player Need Priority: Medium
Age: 70s
Concept: Ballbuster, High Functioning Alcoholic, Matchmaker, Crafty. Pureblood English family of excellent standing and wealth. Her relationship with her husband is an arranged/matched marriage, meant to temper his worldviews along with a great meeting of two houses. Ballbusting alcoholic society woman who is a snobby, yet comical, pro-pure-blood. She'll show up at the picket lines with a martini in hand in old furs. High expectations of her children (might have given up on some). If she were badgered on her deathbed, maybe she would finally admit that she loves her husband (and she does). On the surface, however, she always claims it's taken her one more year than the many they have been married to learn to tolerate him. The Slytherin in her won't let go her hope to make the family name more respectable again. Call it optimism. She is a society witch who still somehow touts good positioning through the use of her social skills.
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