This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Moved to India.

Down on Her Luck Healer
Portrayed by Priyanka Chopra
Name: Ranjit Kaur Jadu
Aliases: Ranji, Kaur
Birthday: 17 April
Position: Healer: Midwifery and Infant Care
Lineage: Pure-blood


The scent of gardenias perfumes her hair and clothes, filling the space around this short Indian witch and lingering just a little after she has gone. Hair a rich chestnut brown, almost black at times, is usually worn down though can at a moment's notice be swept out of the way. Her skin is the color of milky tea, flawless and smooth over gently rounded features. Slightly wide set almond-shaped eyes look out from beneath feathery dark brows. In different light her eyes can appear hazel or brown. Her nose is slightly rounded and her full-lipped mouth wide. She smiles with ease and friendliness.

Her St Mungo's robes are lime green, and surprisingly suit her exotic coloring. They bear the patch of the Midwifery and Infant Care department; a white stork on an orange background. From time to time a flash of writing can be seen running down the outside of her right hand and onto her wrist. On the occasion when her robes are opened she can be seen to be wearing an ever rotating variety of brightly coloured tunics and slim-fitting trousers beneath. Her small feet are encased in a pair of sparkly green flat shoes, a shade or two darker than her robes.


One of seven children born into the Indian pure-blood Jadu family, Ranjit, was the first of her parent's children to be born in Britain. Raised in a very traditional household it wasn't until she entered Hogwarts that Ranjit really came into her own, this in large due to her friendships with other Hufflepuffs and an unlikely friendship with the son of one of England's greatest quidditch players.

Despite her parent's often strangle-like hold over her social life Ranjit found herself becoming more and more independent so that by the time she had graduated she had pushed aside their demands for an arranged marriage and instead decided on becoming a healer like her grandmother had been. It was from her grandmother, who lived with them, that she inherited her sense of humanity but also her gift of second sight; although as a child this did not fully manifest, she had rare glimpses of something deeper often and rather comically while in divination lessons. Disowned by her family, Ranjit, fell into sharing a house with other recent graduates. The stresses of working life combined with the loss of her family's support made those first two years difficult for her; it was under this duress that her sight became full blown and her relationship with one of her housemates grew more intimate.

Thinking marriage would bring the family she had lost, Ranjit threw herself into her relationship with John Castle only to realise a too late that he was a charmer and a user; he ran off taking their money with him and leaving her with a pile of debts. Unable to understand why she couldn't foresee what would happen, Ranjit is now working to rebuild the pieces of her life following a divorce.


  • Bad Taste: Men Ranjit has had no luck with men, things never really went anywhere for her in school thanks to her parents' involvement and cultural worries so she wasn't ready for adult relationships and married the wrong kind of man as so many lonely women do. Even still she is drawn to the bad boys.
  • Pride: Hufflepuff The first place where she felt accepted and loved unconditionally was with her housemates. Ranjit is a fierce defender of all things badger and will still attend school quidditch matches if she can get the time off.
  • Disowned Her refusal to accept an arranged marriage right out of school meant that Ranjit's parents disowned her, it is possible you know her parents or older siblings and know about this or never even knew she existed.
  • Seer Ranjit has the gift of sight and is a registered seer with the Department of Mysteries but otherwise keeps quiet about it; few people know.
  • Wealth: Poor When her good for nothing ex-husband ran off he left her in debt.

RP Hooks

  • Midwife/Infant Care Specialist Are you pregnant, looking to get pregnant, have questions about pregnancy? Are you the parent of a small child? She can help with these matters.
  • Uniquely Foreign Ranjit looks like she shouldn't be British, but when she speaks she has a mixture of a Brummie and Punjabi accents.
  • Gambler Her ex-husband was known as a gambler and strung up debts across London, do you think she owes you money?
  • Foreign Totty While she isn't the only one around, it is still more rare to see non-Caucasian witches during this time period.
  • Class of 1932 Did you graduate with Ranjit or in the year above or below? She likely stuck out in the crowd.
  • Hufflepuffs United Like one of those people for whom school was the best part of their life, Ranjit is happy to still talk about her time at Hogwarts, especially with Hufflepuffs.
  • Blood-Traitor Ranjit's ex-husband was a muggle-born wizard; purists who discover this may well treat her with scorn and derision.


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One of Ranjit's closest school friends. They flirted and joked around but their relationship was one of close friendship rather than 'boyfriend' and 'girlfriend.' After school they drifted apart, nothing more than each of them just being busy. She has heard he has a daughter. Ranjit intends to look him up sometime when she gets the chance.


For several years Elly worked as a trainee and then ultimately fully fledged midwife in St Mungo's. The pair of them, with thier bubbly and welcoming personalities got on quite well. Now Elly has taken a leave of absence as she is expecting her own child and Ranjit has promised to be Elly's midwife.


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