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Let me fill that up for you…
Portrayed by Chiwetel Ejiofor
Name: Reece Jones
Aliases: -
Birthday: May 3, 1902
Position: Barman at the Leaky Cauldron
Lineage: Muggle-born


A man of average height and build, with chestnut skin and large, expressive, coffee-brown eyes. Reece keeps his tightly curled hair trimmed short, and regularly lets his facial hair grow to a light beard before shaving it off and letting it start again.


Darius Jones dreamed big. He had visions of opening his own bar, where he would sell the brews his family had developed for the last two generations, and maybe someday market them and make his fortune. Unfortunately, like his family for many generations before, Darius had barely a coin to his name, and the means to open his own business were ever beyond his reach. He had to be content working in other men's restaurants and pubs, developing his brews in his off-hours (sometimes in secret).

It was working in one such pub that he met Mae, the owner's daughter. He was smitten with her immediately, and she with him. The two began a clandestine affair. But when her father discovered it, Darius was sacked. But Mae had fallen in love, and she fled in the night to elope with her man.

Homeless and penniless, the newlyweds struggled to make ends meet, getting work where they could, and living out of hostels and cheap inn rooms. When Mae got pregnant, it was a mixed blessing. Their joy was coloured with worry that they wouldn't be able to take care of the child. As such, their next bit of news was bittersweet as well. Mae's father had passed away, and she was his only heir. The pub was hers.


10 inches, acacia, springy, with a unicorn tail hair core.

The pub was reopened under the new ownership, with Mae running the business end of things, and Darius operating the bar itself, selling the house brews he developed specifically for them. The pub began to thrive, and by the time their baby boy was born, they had the means to care for him properly.

Reece practically grew up in the pub. The hours he didn't spend in school were largely spent busing tables, running errands for supplies, and learning the trade from his parents. He proved to be an able mixologist (long before he should be handling alcohol at all), and many of the regulars had high praise for the drinks he would prepare. Even his father couldn't figure out what made Reece's drinks so especially delicious, or what gave them that extra kick. That is, of course, until the Muggle Liaison came with the letter from Hogwarts.

Reece's early aptitude with mixology gave him a leg up in Potions classes. Sure, potions ingredients were very different from beverages, but many of the principles were the same — and he'd already been unconsciously enchanting drinks for years.

Ironically, he learned more about the Muggle world at Hogwarts than he ever did actually living it in. Muggle Studies made him very curious about the world, and after graduation, he left for a world tour, spending several years roaming from one country to the next. During this time, he developed an interest in photography, and still has several albums full of photos taken from his travels.

Ostensibly, he was researching the potions and beverages of various cultures, to bring them home to England and be an even better brewer. But he drank in every aspect of the lands he visited. He learned, he loved, and he lived a dozen lifetimes in those few short years. But it gave him a certain calm appreciation for every aspect of life. He had come to know so many different kinds of people that he gained a deep insight into the workings of the mind and heart. So by the time he returned to England, he was fluent in several languages, extremely learned in the brewing of many concoctions, and as cool and wise a counselor as any man could ask of a barman.


Calming Presence Reece's casual and relaxed demeanor can be contagious.
Worldly He has been many places and seen many wondrous things.
Keen Nose Reece has a powerful olfactory sense, and is an expert at distinguishing different scents, even when blended together.
Wealth: Comfortable Reece makes enough money to get by, and he's fine with that.

RP Hooks

  • Barman at the Leaky Cauldron.
  • Need someone to talk to? Let Reece pour you a drink and hear your tale of woe.
  • Reece has been all over the world. Perhaps you met him in some exotic locale?

Reece is a community NPC, which means please feel free to use him as a bartender in the Leaky Cauldron.

When using Reece as a Community NPC, consider the following:

  • He never loses his cool. He has a monk-like serenity about him, and even when upset, he is calm and rational.
  • Reece is very perceptive and insightful; the consummate bartending counselor.
  • He usually works late shifts at the Cauldron, but there can be exceptions.
  • His special potions are unique, but have very minor effects. Don't overplay them. Frankly, they're very nearly placebos.

Emotion Elixirs

Reece has deeply studied the art of infusing emotional influences into potions, which can be used to induce a certain state of mind. All of these potions are simply mild adjustments, and cannot be used to control a person's behaviour (though often all it takes is a nudge for someone's behaviour to change on its own). He offers them as additives to the drinks he serves as a barman, where they tend to assist in his counseling of troubled minds and hearts. Below are some samples of his elixirs.

Name Colour Effect
Alertness Tonic Bright red Perks up the imbiber, stimulating mental activity. Useful as a stimulant.
Distilled Sweet Dreams Springtime green Ensures good dreams when sleeping.
Euphoria Elixir Violet Stimulates happiness (small doses are recommended, as too much can lead to excessive silliness).
Introspection Infusion Crystal clear Helps the mind seek out what it needs, as opposed to what it wants.
Liquid Mellow Pale yellow Helps troubles seem less daunting.
Relaxation Draught Deep blue Induces a state of calm. Useful as a sleep aid.
Satisfaction Extract Smoky white Enhances a sense of accomplishment. Useful for relieving stress related to success.
Vitality Philter Golden yellow Induces a general sense of health and well-being. Has no actual healing effects.


Logs featuring Reece Logs that refer to Reece



This poor man is so lost in his own idealism that he cannot see out of the garden he has grown around his heart.


It took some time, and some distance, but I found my center again. Dear Elly…have you lost yours?


A beautiful woman with a vivacious soul. Like many, I am drawn like a moth to the flame.


He makes Elly happy, and that's good enough for me.


He wears his thick skin like a suit of armour. But beneath it beats a heart as big as the Empire.


I should have patronized her shop years ago. Her integrity and dedication to the art are wonderful. What an intuitive understanding of potions she has.


A startlingly passionate woman. It burns her inside, as is so often the case with those that feel things so strongly. But there is a raw honesty about her that is very attractive. She looked after my home when I left the country for a time, and became my flatmate upon my return. I admit, I wondered if something might develop between us, beyond the few nights we enjoyed in the past. But one day she simply spread her wings and flew back to America. I suppose it was never in her nature to stay in one place for so long. Good journey, Nova. I hope that one day you will find peace.


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