Always Pure
Portrayed by Matt Bomer
Name: Regulus Sirius Black
Aliases: Reggie
Birthday: March 29, 1906
Position: Senior Reversal Wizard, M.A.C.
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Regulus Black is a man in his mid-thirties, of Pure-Blood and British heritage with a cool and red-tinged skin tone, who stands at 6'0" and around 180 pounds in an overall sculpted and trim body type. Short, almost black and chestnut highlighted hair is done in a swept-back style framing an oblong shaped face. With darkly shadowed, thinly angled, light green eyes that are set to either side of his narrow and long nose. Below that nose is a thin upper and full lower set of lips. The rest of his oblong shaped face is accented with thin, angled cheeks, an angular jaw and comes to a somewhat square chin. Regulus Black smells of coffee and parchment. He speaks with an upper-class, near aristocratic British accent.



Born into the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black as the second son and youngest child of Sirius Black II and Hesper Gamp, his elder siblings being Arcturus and Lycoris, Regulus Sirius Black has ever known what it meant to be a pure-blooded wizard. Blessed with good looks and an ease around people from an early age, in addition to his breeding and the wealth and connections of his family, meant that no door was ever truly closed to him. And while he has always of course viewed Muggles and those wizards born of them as less then his own family, whom he loves dearly, it has not made him hate them as some others in his family do. No, he pities them, and in his own way, he truly wishes to help them. After all, it is not their fault that they were born lesser, and it is the right of those with more to reach out their benevolent hand and seek to shelter those who have less. When it does not harm his family to do so, of course. The Statute of Secrecy, therefore, makes it harder to do these things, and already Regulus is a firm supporter of it's repeal — but in the meantime, these ideologies are what has led him to this point, and his occupation.


Twelve and 1/2 inches, elm, solid, with a dragon heartstring core.



Regulus possesses two owls, one an ancient thing that has survived since his boyhood at Hogwarts, that most tend to suspect is dead and stuffed until it sneezes and blinks it's blind eyes. The other, a more recent acquisition, is the one he uses for messages and packages. In addition, he also has a black crup that is somewhat large for it's breed, and is extremely loyal to him.


Afraid of Intimacy - Due to his immense popularity, the way people regarded him while at school, Regulus has never truly had a close and intimate relationship with anyone. The few times it has gotten close to that has been rather uncomfortable, and always ended badly. As such, Regulus remains a perpetual bachelor, and though he regularly dates and often spends the night with those he pursues, such relationships rarely last long, and he never truly lets any of them in. He has never taken a girl home to meet his family, and for all that he is lonely and wishes that this were not so, he has by this point given up on the hope he might eventually find someone that understands him.

Ancient Family - Regulus belongs to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. With this comes a need to live up to certain expectations, as well as instilling certain ideas in him, such as the need for blood purity and the lesser natures of Muggles. It also comes with substantial wealth and connections, opening a great many doors to him, both politically and socially.

Good Reputation - Much like his school days, Regulus has thus far rarely failed to impress. People in positions of power speak highly of his ability and his personality, and there few within the Ministry who have not at least heard in passing of this up and coming star within M.A.C., if not outright having heard tales of his exploits or genial nature.

Tireless Drive - Regulus has long has the ability to set goals for himself, and pursue them with a dogedness that while seemingly effortless on the outside, often expends a great deal of energy. This is a double-edged sword, for while it makes many things possible even beyond his normal ability, and allows him to pursue such goals with very little rest and not suffer for it, it also means that at times he can become entirely consumed by his goals, to the exclusion of much.

Wealth: Well-To-Do - Regulus, as a member of House Black, has quite prodigious wealth, and while it is true that his job pays a decent salary, the loss of it would not be enough to lower his means.

RP Hooks

  • Member of Ancient of Most Noble House of Black
  • Works in the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad. Has he cleaned up one of your messes?


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Father - Sirius Black II




Elder Brother - Regulus loves his elder brother, though there are plenty of times that they do not see eye to eye on issues of politics or when Arcturus seems to think that Regulus is still the child he used to push around. On occasion, they will still act like teenagers and send the occasional jinx at the other during impromptu duels.


Elder Sister







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