This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Rena leaves her job as an Auror to enjoy her new life as a mother of twins in the country.

Rena Faulkner
Portrayed by Madisen Beaty
Name: Irene Cassandra Faulkner
Aliases: Rena (Ra)
Birthday: Feb 9
Position: M.L.E - Auror
Lineage: Muggle-born


Charming and somewhat petite in her overall appearance, this young redheaded woman carries herself with a distinct air of confidence. Her dark brown eyes flash with spirit; her fair features are more than a little pixie-like, and soft gently curved lips give the impression that there is always a hint of a secretive smile hidden behind her expression. Being a redhead, her skin is an incredibly pale tone of creamy rose-petal complexion, but surprisingly, her skin is entirely free of freckles. Although she has curves - physically speaking - they seem to be demurely understated.

Her clothes are decidedly closer to muggle fashion than the wizarding world, but pretty none the less. A sporty moss green blazer with pointed lapels follows along the frame of her body, sweeping down from the single button closure and around her hips in a smooth curve. Under this, she wears a silk blouse of rich peacock blue. Going down the length of her legs to about mid-calf, her skirt is cut on the bias and hugs her figure quite snugly; however, for the sake of movement, cleverly hidden pleats begin at the knee and run down to the hem. A pair of sweetly simple white t-strap pumps adorns her feet, matching the white gloves she wears, and the little corner of a handkerchief sticking up from her breast pocket. Atop her finger-waved ginger tresses, a jaunty wide-brimmed fedora - made to match the suit - sits at a tilted angle. The ribbon encircling is a rich peacock blue; and the hat itself is neatly trimmed with the eyes of a couple glossy peacock feathers that follow the gentle curve of its form.


Irene (Rena) Lee was born into the school of hard knocks, and under a cloud. Her young mother carried her to term and gave birth only shortly before contracting the deadly 1918 flu. The small, already struggling family had no means to acquire medical help in the underbelly of London, and Reginald Lee soon found himself a widower with an infant daughter to care for, alone. It wasn’t easy, but he managed to feed and clothe his little girl through his magician act in various burlesque theatres. It wasn’t long before he began to include the adorable tyke in his act as his pint-sized assistant; and she learned to sing and do acrobatic tricks to appeal to the audience’s better nature. However, times change, and peoples’ tastes do as well; and Reginald found it increasingly difficult to garner work in any legitimate theatre. Eventually, the pair found themselves reduced to street performance, and Irene watched helplessly as alcoholism began to overtake her father’s life in the background.

A deep fog had settled on the borough of Wapping (London) the night that Irene and her father were visited by a member of the Muggle Liaison Office; but as unbelievable as the news might have been, it was like a ray of light piercing through the darkness. Parting from her father was a wrench at first; both knew that the opportunity was better than anything they could have hoped for. She was quickly sorted into Hufflepuff, and her feet were set upon the pathway to a better life.

School was no bed of roses for the extremely poor Muggle-born, but she was determined to prove herself to the Wizarding world, and her grades reflected her resolve. During holidays, she would return home to her father in Wapping, and continue on as part of his act for the first couple years. The added attraction ensured that he was taken care of monetarily when she was away. As she grew older, she began to get more grown-up jobs on stage that paid better than being the attractive assistant to a man who was essentially a hack. However, Reginald always took great pains with his daughter, never having much faith in Hogwarts as a school of higher learning. He always insisted that she read Muggle literature (all kinds) during her time with him; and he also went the extra mile to send her books and newspapers while she was in school. He would not stand for her being turned ignorant of the larger Muggle world. Members of the ministry - and adults in the school - were doubtless aware of her family situation; but, to avoid humiliation, the girl closely guarded any information about her father to her fellow students, even to the point of giving the impression that she had no direct family alive among Muggles.

As Rena grew, it became increasingly clear that she had inherited her mother’s looks as well as her vibrant personality, despite her hardships in life. She knew what it means to be poor, but also to survive and endure. Instead of learning to hate the world for the difficulties she has been through, she has always tried to see the good in people; and she believes that happiness isn’t a thing that one waits for, but rather, something that we must create for ourselves. Over time, Rena became increasingly interested in justice. With a keen mind and courageous spirit, she passed her N.E.W.T.s well and applied to the Auror program with the Ministry. Now, she continues to walk a tightrope between the Muggle and Wizard's world; but her main concern is to acquit herself well as an Auror; and to be a force for good with the powers she has been gifted (or cursed) to have by fate.

1938-1939: A Series of Fortunate… and Not So Fortunate Events

The time that passed between the winter of 1938 and 1939 was filled with adventures, turmoil and drastic changes in Rena's life. She met Takeshi Odori in the Autumn of '38, was engaged to him by January of '39; married in August, and subsequently divorced by January 1940. The reasons can be best found Here. Truly has it been said that the road to hell has been paved with good intentions. No one knows this better than Irene Lee. The year ran the gamut of political problems between the Unity Party and Brad Moody's "Army of Truth." Also, befriending several men in the RAF, she has grown deeper roots and ties into the Muggle world than may perhaps be wise, given the state of War that Britain finds herself in, currently. Other important events that occurred over the course of the year included the lengthy investigation into the wrongdoings of Professor Flint, deposing him from his position of authority in Hogwarts; recapturing the Heart of Gold from the despicable Vengal family, and preventing them from unleashing a Fiendfyre on London; having the misfortune of being caught in the midst of the Diagon Alley terrorist attacks, and subsequently, a terrorist attack in King's Cross railway station perpetrated by the IRA. It was a rough year for the soft-hearted girl, but it also saw her become a fully-fledged Auror.

Rena's Theme: "Brave" by Sara Bareilles.

RP Hooks

Father: Rena keeps her father's career a closely guarded secret, though some older members of the wizarding world would be in-the-know. As a street-performing "magician," and an alcoholic, she fears he would become a point of ridicule if largely known. For a time, half of her Auror paycheck went to the support of her father. However, a violent falling out with the man caused her to all but break ties with him in mid-1939. Although she worries about him, she can't bring herself to support his addictions and fall prey to his abuse any longer.

Stage Struck Having grown up doing Vaudeville-type performance and moving on to "Burlesque" variety theatre briefly, Rena still clings very fondly to some of her better memories of better days on stage. While she seems to have not made many close friends during her time at Hogwarts, she's managed to hold onto a number of Muggle friends from childhood. Whenever she can, she takes time out to visit and pretend that she's a Muggle with them. Of course, she has to lie about her job and where she's living, these days…

Music Rena is a sucker for a piano - or a band, for that matter. She adores music. She loves to sing and dance (with or without a partner) and it's very difficult for her to resist any opportunity to cut loose and have fun with a song.

The Unity Movement For a short time after joining the Unity Party, Rena was being groomed by Cassius Malfoy to be something of an unofficial spokesperson. However, she overstepped herself, was publicly denounced and given the sack. Despite this rocky spell, she and Mister Malfoy have since made amends, and she remains a member of the Unity Party.

M.L.E. Rookie Rena is probably the least experienced Auror on staff; but she is a full-fledged Auror none the less. Because of her whirlwind way of handling things and her charismatic personality, some might consider her a detriment to society, rather than a potential defender. She's appeared in the news several times, and not always under the most the best circumstances for career advancement.

Badly Adapted As time goes on, Rena finds herself less at peace with the Statute of Secrecy, and more determined that Cassius Malfoy's dream of Unity comes true. She would give anything to live openly.


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  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Moxie
  • Soft-Hearted



I can't remember when I had such a good time! I met Mister Martin at Biggin Airfield when I went to see Guy at the canteen, and he accompanied me on the piano while I sang. We did marvelously well together. I hope we get to do it again some time soon.


Brandy was the best thing that came out of Hogwarts for me. It was hard for me to get along with other children, and I was horribly shy and withdrawn. However, she always stood up for me and looked out for me. I'm awfully glad that we're still friends, now that we're both grown up and work in the Ministry.


Probably the most beautiful woman in the world. I first encountered Corina in the Three Broomsticks the day I met Takeshi. We had another close encounter in Blackfriars Pub where we distracted a lot of angry men from fighting by jumping up on the bar and singing "Let's Misbehave." But it wasn't until I dropped in at House Lorelei to meet a friend of mine that I /really/ met her. She's so very nice and kind and understanding about everything, I'm so glad that we're friends now.


Guy is unlike anyone else I've ever met before. We've come to be such great friends, and he's even taught me to drive a Muggle car. I'm quite capable now, because of him! Once, he even saved my life. But… War is going to take him away - maybe forever. I don't like to think about losing him. It breaks my heart. Maybe the powers that be will be kind and spare him. He's got work to do for King and Country, now.


She saw me graduate from school and set out on the path to becoming an Auror. I suppose it's not often that one stays in touch with the people who educated them, but she's been a good friend and ally to me when I've needed her. I hope I can return the favor in time.


Kaleb and his pet goose surprised me while I was feeding ducks in the park one evening. After some cautious talk, we discovered that we were both of the Wizarding world and it broke the ice. Speaking of ice, despite his insistence to the contrary, I still think Canada is a place covered in snow and ice all year around. However, I think he's a lovely man, even if his goose makes me a little nervous.


Laurence has such a way with words. I never know if he means half of what he says when he flatters me, but he's a lot of fun to be around. Also, I never dreamed he would create a masterpiece for me when I asked him for a broom with bicycle handles. The Cycloom is almost too beautiful to ride.


Graham's adopted sister and a new friend to me. Although I don't know her well, I can say with assurance that she seems to be a sweet and genuine person. Really, it was she who brought me into the Unity Party, and it's a shame that it didn't work out. However, at least I'm on friendly terms with her and Cassius again.


Kahren is a coworker of Takeshi's, and an awfully sweet lady. She's fascinated by Muggle technology, and I'm determined to teach her some of the basics someday. We've already attempted the telephone with varying degrees of success.


I may not have had the best of times in Hogwarts, but I will forever be grateful to this man. He was my Muggle Liason all those years ago when I was just a scared little girl. If anybody wants to point fingers and lay blame for what I am today, they might start with Michael. I wonder if he remembers me very much, though.

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