Character Information
Portrayed by Maude Apatow
Name: Rhona Eleanor Macdonald
Aliases: -
Birthday: September 9th, 1924
Position: Gryffindor
Lineage: Half-blood


Rhona is a woman of average height and lanky build, standing with a stiff posture and moving without grace. Her straight, brown hair flows down to her lower neck in uneven waves, parted to the right and pinned behind her ears. Her light skin tone is offset by warm-colored makeup and hazel eyes. She speaks with a distinct Northern Scots accent.


Niall Macdonald's decision to marry a Muggle-born was controversial within the wizarding community of Inveraray. Despite that the Macdonald family had been half-blooded for decades, wizards in the clan that considered themselves a cut above pushed back against further pollution of their bloodline. Despite protests from Niall's father, Barclay Macdonald, he married Kenna Glen in the summer of 1921. Three years later, in the autumn of 1924, they conceived a child, Rhona Eleanor Macdonald. The Macdonald clan's first reaction to Rhona was timid, the two parents silently awaiting approval from the family's patriarch, Barclay. Though he eventually accepted her as a granddaughter, Rhona's childhood was fraught with worry about Barclay, who closely watched the family in stern, judgmental silence.

Frequent magical outbursts throughout her childhood alleviated the fears of her grandfather, who suspected that his Muggle-born daughter-in-law might tamper with his granddaughter's chances of becoming a wizard. Rhona's trip to Hogwarts was rather dramatic, with much fanfare from her relatives and a rivalry within her family. While her father and grandfather were placed in Gryffindor, her mother was placed in Ravenclaw, and they each had high hopes for their daughter to represent their chosen house. In the end, Rhona was promptly sorted into Gryffindor House, and she fell in almost immediately. It seemed as if thought Gryffindor was a natural fit for her, and she quickly became enamored with the House's culture and rivalries. That interest became a deciding factor in her choice of clubs, as she decided to join the Duelling Club in her second year. Rhona took to her practical education quite well, excelling in Charms and Transfiguration, but faltering in more academic subjects, such as Herbology and History of Magic. Additionally, she faltered in Divination and Ancient Runes, her chosen electives.

Following her consultation by the Head of Gryffindor House in her fifth year, she became infatuated with the prospect of joining the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and becoming an Auror. It was this career choice that led her to take on four N.E.W.T.s, a prospect that she hadn't considered before. While she felt naturally confident her ability to score well in her practical O.W.L.s, it took much more work for her to exceed expectations in Potions. In the end, she was successful, attaining a high enough grade on her exams in these subjects to take on N.E.W.T.-level courses. However, the stress that would follow in her sixth year went on to skew her personality slightly. Now, under the immense pressure to succeed in these courses, her social life has faltered considerably. Furthermore, the amount of academic work that she was loaded with lead to a faltering in her abilities as a duellist, which negatively affected her performance in Duelling Club.

RP Hooks

  • Duellist: Though her skill in duelling has faltered recently, Rhona has been a part of the Duelling Club since 1936, her second year. She was quite active in the past, though she's recently shirked her club duties in order to focus on her N.E.W.T.s.
  • Practical Wizard: Despite her lacking proficiency in academic subjects, Rhona excels in more practical wizardry subjects, such as Charms and Transfiguration. She has a particular fondness for Defence Against the Dark Arts, and actively seeks out practice.
  • Potions Tutoring: Despite her interest in becoming an Auror, Rhona lacks skill in Potions. As a result, she seeks out tutoring as an aide to her N.E.W.T.-level studies.
  • Deeply Political: Rhona strongly rails against Purist sentiments within her family and house, primarily due to her relation to Muggle-borns. Though she isn't quite as politically involved as some of her peers, her sentiments are publicly known.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Moxie
  • Tactless
  • Self-Righteous

Grades and Classes

Year Year Year Year Year Year Year
Classes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Astronomy P A A A A
Charms E E E O O
Defense Against the Dark Arts E O O O O
Herbology A A A A A
History of Magic P P A A E
Potions A A A E E
Transfiguration E E E O O
Divination P P A
Study of Ancient Runes A A A
Broomflying A


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Niall Macdonald
Father: (b. 1899) Half-blood. Office of Misinformation official. Niall has a deep love for his daughter and the two are quite close, bonding frequently over domestic activities. Niall is strongly supportive of Rhona's independence.


Kenna Macdonald nee Glen
Mother: (b. 1901) Muggle-born. Housewife. From a young age, Rhona took strongly to her mother, who was a rather controversial figure in their family. Recently, relations between Rhona and Kenna have soured over Rhona's encroaching independence.


Barclay Macdonald
Grandfather: (b. 1873) Half-blood. Retired. A venerable wizard of puritan sensibilities. His desperation to hold onto his wizard lineage and prejudice against Muggles created tension between him and Rhona.


Rosie Bobbin nee Glen
Aunt: (b. 1898) Muggle-born. x


First Cousin: (b. 1924) Half-blood. x


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