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The Little Mouse
Portrayed by Astrid Berges-Frisbey
Name: Idelle Rhyeline Diderot
Aliases: Rhye
Birthday: Oct 05, 1918
Position: Personal Assistant
Lineage: Half-blood


Small and delicate, this young woman stands no taller than about five feet and likely weighs little more than 100 lbs. Her eyes, as warm and dark as espresso, draw the most attention, contrasting with her almost too-pale complexion. The softness of her cheeks suggests that it hasn't been too long since she left school. Her loose dark curls flows loose down her back past her hips until a cream ribbon gathers it at the small of her back.

A gown of soft sage and fawn hues drapes shawl-like over her shoulders. Flowers and festooning vines of cream embroidery flow down the silk. It gathers at her narrow, natural waist, with sleeves hanging to just above her elbow. The dress rests at her ankles, scalloped and embroidered with lace-like ornamentation. Small kitten heels add a scant half inch of height while protecting her feet in cream silk.

A ring of intricate silver filigree sits on her left ring-finger. It bears an impressive emerald with delicate diamonds glittering like stars all around it.


Idelle Rhyeline Diderot was born Oct 05, 1918 and grew up in a Cornwall countryside estate. She is the only daughter to Severine, a French pureblood witch, and Dillorous, a well-known half-blood author. While Dillorous was often absent, travelling or holed up writing, Severine was almost too present in her daughter’s life. Deemed to be of fragile health, Severine kept her daughter inside and under strict supervision. Before most children learn the answer to 2+2, Severine taught Rhyeline to read and write in both French and English.

Terrified of a howler from her mother, Rhyeline threw herself obsessively into her studies and remained at the top of her class until graduation. She never spoke more than a few quiet words to anyone unless answering a professor’s direct question. Few took much notice of the girl and fewer still considered her their friend, except for Annie Taylor, a muggleborn girl who simply decided that Rhyeline was her friend. It surprised no one that the sorting hat put her into Ravenclaw. She took Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and Muggle Studies as electives and for her N.E.W.T. classes, she chose Arithmancy, History of Magic, and Muggle Studies. During her final year at Hogwarts, Rhye grew preoccupied with international affairs in Europe. She studied German and taught herself a number of spells she hoped would help her in averting a second great war.

A shrewd Ambassador Magnus Troy took Rhyeline with him to Berlin as his personal assistant. Her keen mind and stealth made her invaluable to Magnus’ political machinations. However, not until she took a curse meant for Magnus that he realized how fearless and devoted to him and his work she truly was. It took months for the St. Mungo’s healers to bring her out of an enchanted sleep, and more than a year for them to consider her condition stable. The curse now dwells latent within her. Most healers doubt whether she will ever be free of it and expect the curse to claim her life.

Working from the shadows through secret diplomatic efforts as unsuccessful. So, Rhyeline began searching for a new way to avert the growing storm over Europe. Debate over repealing the Statute of Secrecy caught her attention. She became convinced that direct intervention in muggle affairs was the only way to avert the horrors of a second great war. When Cassius Malfoy, the leader of the Unity Party, asked her to serve as his assistant, she accepted.


Cursed Rhyeline took a curse meant for Ambassador Magnus Troy. It latched on like a parasite and tried to slow and stop her heart. Although it has gone into remission, it could still resurface.
Tongue-Tied Painfully shy, Rhyeline finds it difficult to speak at large gatherings. Even at the best of times, her words come quiet and halting.
Hidden Strength Despite what a timid creature she seems, some may sense that there is more to her than that. This is what led her to step out of the shadows to intercept the curse. It is what moves her pen and gives her the courage to speak up on behalf of Unity.
Occlumens As a keeper of secrets for powerful men, Rhyeline needed to learn to conceal her thoughts for when it would matter most.
Wealth: Rich After Magnus Troy was sent to Azkaban, it came to light that he had willed all of his wealth to his young assistant. The money was tied up in the courts for some time before finally going to Rhyeline. Rumors flew and continue to circulate on occasion.

RP Hooks

  • Do you know her mother, Severine Diderot (née Moreau)? She belongs to a large, pure-blood family in France, quite respectable. Her mother had a bit of a substance abuse problem which got worse after Rhyeline went to Hogwarts. After her divorce with Dillorous, she returned to France, but maintains a deep interest in her daughter's life and occasionally tries to meddle from afar.
  • Are you an associate or fan of her father, Dillorous Diderot? He is a well-known author of both scholarly texts and adventure stories. He also smuggles artifacts and serves as an international crime middleman. But, he works very hard to keep his daughter oblivious to that life and vice versa.
  • Have you heard she was the Ambassador's assistant? Magnus Troy was sentenced to life in Azkaban for using an unforgivable curse? Rhyeline had been his assistant in Berlin. She thwarted an assassination attempt on the Ambassador's life by taking a curse meant for him. Rumors flew even faster when he left all his wealth to her after he was sent to Azkaban for life.
  • Are you a healer hoping to cure her curse? Curing this curse would make any healer's career. Not only would helping Rhyeline result in the eternal gratitude of her powerful fiance, Cassius Malfoy, but it is a case that has thwarted healers for years. Rhyeline is terrified of most healers and at the moment, Healer Keenan is her primary care giver. He tends to her at home so she doesn't have to come to St. Mungo's.
  • Are you interested in politics? Rhyeline is a known and prominent supporter of the Unity Party. In the hopes of preventing the growing storm over Europe, she is a strong supporter of the unification of the magical and muggle worlds. Though she hasn't been seen at Cassius Malfoy's side for many months, it's well known that she is his personal assistant.
  • Do you have a taste for danger? It is obvious Rhyeline is wealthy by the way she dresses. The two guardwitches following her around also make it clear that she important to someone powerful. Pickpockets and villains beware.


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Severine Diderot (née Moreau)
The countless hours she spent teaching me as a child have helped me as she hoped they would. I am not ungrateful. Now that she is living in France, I hope that the coming storm does not touch her or my other relatives there.


If only he hadn't needed to spend so much time in his study, or so many weeks away from home each month. I cherished the rare hours he would spend reading to me in the evenings. But there always things more important taking him away. Things that mattered more to him than me.


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