This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Moved to Continental Europe to get more heavily involved in the Army of Truth.

The Overachiever
Portrayed by Felicity Jones
Name: Aria Calliope Sykes
Aliases: Ria
Birthday: Nov 30, 1920
Position: Unknown
Lineage: Pure-blood

"There's not much I can do to keep my sister from eviscerating you should she so choose. My father's orders, actually. Allow Ria to eviscerate children at her discretion.
— Kaiden Sykes


Everything about this petite (5'3") teenager is clean-cut. Her dark brown hair is neatly tied into a chignon with bangs pushed aside if its not smoothly combed and worn down. The skin on her face is smooth and even, never featuring a blemish or a trace of dirt. Even the freckles that dot her nose seem to fall into a neat pattern. Perhaps her most striking features are pouty and full pink lips matched with a pair of hazel-green doe eyes. Both give her an overall innocent and angelic sort of bearing.

It's no surprise that her Hogwarts uniform is perfectly pressed and sparkling clean, from the crisp collared shirt, to the tucked in sweater vest and all the way down to the polished black oxford shoes. Even the knot on her laces form perfect bows. A green silk tie and a shiny prefect badge signify her house and status.


The Sykes family is a family so old and so proud they still tout their coat of arms as if they were about to step onto a medieval battlefield. And they rightly should be since they've churned out a number of accomplished witches and wizards over the years — researchers, healers, high-ranking ministry officials, business owners and the like. So when Arlo Sykes and his wife Perdita pumped out five children, they expected each and every one of them to be nothing less than excellent. "The purest wizarding blood courses through your veins. Mediocrity simply doesn't exist in our family." That statement was dogma in the Sykes household and old Arlo made sure to enforce this philosophy with a militaristic upbringing. From the time they could walk and talk, the Sykes children were subjected to a life of intense study and discipline, and their education began long before they even reached the doors at Hogwarts. In the morning, the children had lessons with their governess followed by sports and other productive recreational activities in the afternoon. After dinner, they read aloud to practice their oration or played games to keep their minds sharp. For a Sykes child, every minute of every day was never wasted that way they would never stop improving themselves.


10 inches, elm, unyielding, with a dragon hearstring core.

Aria Calliope Sykes was one of the first children born into this lifestyle at exactly 7 a.m. on a cold November morning in London. And something about her punctuality seemed to convince her parents that she was born to be a part of such a family. Not to mention she had a particular quirk about being neat and clean. Her toys and clothes were always perfectly arranged and put away. According to her father's rules, she always washed up before dinner and her hair was always combed. As a young child she displayed a rather fiery and rebellious temperament, which her father made sure to ease over the years through harsh corporal punishment. But it occasionally pops up in very rare moments when she really is against something. It's not like she gets her way though. One thing they never discouraged was her natural ambition and the spirit of competition that burned within her. Thus, Ria grew up constantly hungry, constantly wanting to be the best and unforgiving to herself if she was anything less. And she applied it to all areas of her life like her French lessons or her piano and singing lessons, which her parents signed her up for to entertain guests. She did it begrudgingly of course, but like hell was she going to suck at it.

That mindset made things quite difficult as she got older. Ria just turned 10 and was nearing the age where she'd be sent to Hogwarts, yet she showed no trace of magical abilities within her. This worried both Arlo and Perdita who thought that their daughter was perhaps a squib and they simply could not have one in their family. So they secretly arranged plans for her to be shipped off to a muggle "boarding school" and from then after, Merlin knows what. After catching word of this Ria fell into a silent depression and was constantly rattled with anxiety. During those days, she was more temperamental than usual and often fought with her siblings.

Until one day, an argument with her brother turned physical and she wrestled him to the ground in a corridor of their ritzy London home. Before they could pull her off of him it happened. Her brother's hair turned a bright hot pink and curled into perfect ringlets. No matter what anyone did, they couldn't change it back and it only resumed its normal color after two weeks. But in that time, her parents certainly made a spectacle of it, purposely toting Ria and her poor brother around in public everyday telling their friends, "Yes, our Aria did that. There's not a damn thing we can do about it, it won't budge. She must have such natural force behind her." Brag upon brag was hidden under the terrible guise of modesty for days and days. And Ria's strong ambition was back with a vengeance.

Ria took Hogwarts by storm in her first year. It came to no surprise she was sorted into Slytherin like most of her family. The hat was barely on her head when it sorted her. Feeling that she had to prove herself worthy as a late-bloomer she was always on top of her studies. She knew the answer for almost every question in class and fervently volunteered to answer everyone of them, much to the annoyance of her classmates and professors. Ria also found it hard to live and share facilities with other girls, not realizing how filthy some of them could be. So not many took to her in the beginning. But by her third year she calmed down, showed off her expertise less and kept her mouth shut when it needed to be shut. Still she occasionally can't help but make a scathing comment here or there when someone really gets to her. Ria also became heavily involved with the dueling club, proving to be a valuable team member for her effective dueling. She figured it was a good way to join an extracurricular and not have to soil herself like quidditch players did.

Her fifth year she was offered a prefect position, something she felt was part of the natural order of her life, and it certainly made her parents smugly proud. There are mixed reviews about her leadership. Most say she's rather biased in favor of Pure-blooded students, but some muggle-born and half-blooded ones claim she was very fair in her dealings with them. Even doing favors for some. Whatever her preferences may be, it remains fairly unclear. But her grades are kept perfect without a question, scoring an Outstanding in all her O.W.L.s with the exception of Herbology and Potions where she only "Exceeded Expectations." She was distracted by her anxiety over getting dirty during her exam, but she kicks herself to this day about it.

Now that she's getting older, her parents are in the talks of setting her up with another pure-blooded boy from a good family. Eventually for marriage of course. While no formal arrangements have been made, Ria finds the idea simply archaic, and there's no way in hell she'd simply agree to give herself away. Not after all the hard work she's done.

RP Hooks

  • Pureblood Society: The Sykes family is well known and very affluent in wizarding society. Respected by some and hated by others.
  • Slug Club: It took a lot of brown nosing to get there but now she has the inside scoop.


Logs featuring Ria Logs that refer to Ria


  • Wealth: Rich Old wizarding money.
  • Family Name The Sykes are known for their general excellence, militaristic way of life, and support for Gellert Grindelwald.
  • Perfectionist She will not rest until things are as she wants them to be.
  • Hygiene Obsessive You stain her. You die.



Her twin brother has been stepping up lately ever since he's dumped that repulsive mudblood American. She always knew he had it in him if he applied himself. And even if she doesn't agree with his philandering, he will always have her love.


Adorable little brother


Ria will admit she's rather jealous of the attention her older sister gets from her parents. But when you already have your own chocolate frog card and a bust in Entrance Hall by your early twenties, who can compete with that?


He spoils and protects her and she lets him. He's the best older brother ever, and it's always exciting when he comes home from whatever adventure.


She knows what everyone says about her father. And they're all correct. But he taught her discipline and ambition, which has done nothing but gotten her farther along in life. Let everyone who disagrees with his ways be damned.


A distant cousin whose skills are extremely useful although she's a little weird. All the Mulcibers are rather odd though. But she like this one a lot. She has a wonderful way of revering Ria.



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