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The Heir of Slytherin
Portrayed by David Mazouz
Name: Tom Marvolo Riddle
Aliases: None…yet
Birthday: December 31, 1925
Position: Slytherin Student
Lineage: Half-blood (thought to be pure-blood)


Tom Riddle is a boy, roughly 12 years old, of Half-blood, British heritage with pallid skin tone, who stands at 5'1" and is around 100 pounds with an overall aristocratic and stately body type. Short dark chestnut hair is done in a slick and parted style framing an oblong shaped face. With darkly shadowed, sharp steel blue eyes that are set to either side of his wide nose. Below that nose is a wide flared set of lips. The rest of his an oblong shaped face is accented in thin cheeks and a sharp jaw and comes to a blunt chin. Tom Riddle smells of an odd mixture of damp stone and soap. When he speaks the tones and accent of York England can be detected.

At the moment, Tom Riddle is going for a simple and organized style. He wears a ruddy second-hand shirt made of stained grey cotton above dark grey canvas trousers with scraped-coffee coloured, old cowhide boots completing the look.


Little is known about the young Slytherin. He was seen on Platform 9 3/4 being personally put on the Hogwarts Express by Albus Dumbledore. Later that day, during the Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony, the entire school witnessed the Sorting Hat reacting in what could only be described as terror when placed upon his head before it stammered out the word: "S-S-S-Slytherin!"


  • Intolerant of Muggles
  • Orphan
  • Driven
  • Parselmouth
  • Wealth: Destitute

RP Hooks

  • Founder of the The Knights of Walpurgis - A secret society of young men with interest in the Darker side of Magic.
  • Heir of Slytherin - Apparently both Dumbledore, Slughorn and the Sorting Hat seem to think this kid is special. What's with him, anyhow?
  • Diary Keeper - Riddle is not ashamed of his diary keeping and can often be found writing in his diary before curfew in the Slytherin Common Room.
  • Prefect in the Making - Always very courteous and helpful. Riddle manages to keep some of the beasts of Slytherin tamed.


Logs featuring Riddle Logs that refer to Riddle



Headmaster - Tom seems to hold Professor Dumbledore in high esteem. The man took the boy under his wing, so there is something akin to a father-son relationship between the two.


Head of House - For some reason (only a handful of people are aware) or another Slughorn treats Riddle like he was the Prince of Wales come to visit. Riddle himself learned the reason recently and the lad is positively brimming with pride. The doting of his Head of House is taken quite humbly. Slughorn is far too kind. Riddle can get used to this.


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