This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

The Athlete
Portrayed by Orlando Bloom
Name: Ripley Fox
Aliases: Rip
Birthday: Mar 13, 1921
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-blood


This adolescent is tall and dark, with long, curly black hair that flips about on his forehead as well as sporting a bit of a moustache and thin soul patch. Dark brown eyes make him a little foreboding at times, but his lips are easily given to smiles that can often take away those fears. He has a fit build and stands on the tall side; at just under six feet tall, he's corded with muscle, and it shows in the way he stands. His clothes are the usual Hogwarts uniform: a green and silver badge on his breast shows him to be a proud member of House Slytherin.


Twin boys. Two that look so much alike but couldn't be more different. Ripley and Leander were born to affluent parents with a long line of Slytherin in their past. Their father, a part owner of Tinsley and Fox, a well respected lawyer firm in Liverpool, raised them for their future in Slytherin. Their whole lives went to this purpose.

Still, boys can grow up differently. Ripley grew stronger and was the type of child that did little to study but did well with his classes. His brother, however, studied all the time and got top marks. Ripley became an athlete and his body showed all of his work. He was fit and trim and glowed with muscle and health. On their estate tucked away in the trees, Ripley often practiced his broom riding through the trees, using them to guide his way and also by placing objects on the branches grew in his awareness and abilities to snatch something off while speeding past. Even in other sports, being aware and perceptive of his surroundings always paid off and with classes and lots of ourside activities, his abilities of landing on his feet came naturally. With climbing anything he saw and lots of gymnastic training… He was a star athlete.

With the kind of familiarity that a boy can get through sports, and a famous father… When a murder comes into question a family can shine or become dull in the spotlight. Tinsley of the law firm was murdered and evidence was found at the scene that implicated Ripley's father in the murder. There was even talk that the twins had a hand in it. Eventually, the case died down and the charges were dropped against the father but people still whisper of the possibility of the father and his children taking the man down.

The twins are very intuned with each other. They know what the other is thinking and often can share a thought with just a word or a look. It even gives that little feeling in the back of your head when you know the other is in danger. Once, Ripley was acting a little strong and decided to vault off the roof of the house with his broom. Leander was inside the house and couldn't hear a bit of it but suddenly knew he needed to be outside. He rushed outside just in time to catch his brother in the air as he fell off his broom.

They have been at Hogwarts for a few years now, sitting in the background as Ripley began to rise the Quidditch ranks and Leander the academic.


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  • Acute Senses
  • Honeyed Tongue
  • Wealth: Rich

Most asshole person I have ever met. The man refuses to listen to any reason when his hatred is on the line.


A chance was missed but the second opportunity came along. She and Ripley are now finding each other as support.


Shitstorm there. End of story.


Quidditch buddy who said that those that play together are brothers… Until one gets his feelings hurt and quits on their brother.


The surprise boyfriend and the kiss seen round the world. Gareth has disappeared out of Ripley's life due to his studies.


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