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Character Information
Portrayed by Dick van Dyke
Name: Robert Hitchens
Aliases: Bob
Birthday: December 13th, 1852
Position: Export Mogul
Lineage: Muggle


Robert Hitchens is a man getting along in his years, the lines on his hands and face showing evidence of his hard work. His weathered skin bares the mark mark of his time as dockworker. He walks slightly hunched over bearing weight onto his cane. He has thin, white hair that comes down into a full beard and long mustache. His lips are thin, hidden behind his whiskers, and his nose is long below dark blue eyes and wild eyebrows.

Robert's jacket and pants are both paisley patterned in maroon, with a tall collar and shoulder pads. Underneath are a white shirt and black tie and matching vest. He wears black pants that are slightly wrinkled and worn with age. Round silver glasses sit on the bridge of his nose and he has a golden wedding band on his hand. In his right hand he carries an elaborately carved wooden cane, designed with whirls and mad specifically to fit him.


  • Worked the docks in his youth.
  • Saved Isla from Rally Riot Mob.
  • Worked his way up to own his own Export Company on the very same Docks.
  • Has retired and given the company over to his son.


  • Hardworking
  • Chivalrous
  • Good natured
  • Weath: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Hook 1
  • Hook 2, etc.


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Wife - Best 70 years a man could have. He doesn't know why her family disowned her because of their relationship. But he always has done his best to make up for that loss. She seems to have been happy all these years and says as much within her wonderful snark and sarcasm. She makes him giggle, even after all these years.


Robert & Isla's Children
Half-Bloods & Muggles - Interested in playing Isla and Bob's Children? Please +request!


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