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Character Information
Portrayed by Matthew Modine
Name: Roderick Plumpton
Aliases: Rod
Birthday: March 22nd 1889
Position: Department of Magical Games and Sports - Rules-monger And Regulator
Lineage: Half-Blood


The tall slender cut of a man's facial hair is kept somewhat busy beyond a skin tight trim, giving him just the air of unkempt-ness that is acceptable. Golden blonde hair has begun to grey, mostly about his side burns and beard, a dusting extending through the long swept back portion of his hair. His long face is set with grey blue eyes and a slightly pointed nose. There is a reserved calm about him, an easiness that gives him a sense of zen.

He wears a high necked deep blue shirt matched with a charcoal blazer. Fitted and cut to his form, it shows off the length of his torso. The pair of trousers to match the blazer are sewn with blue side stripes. A pair of black dress shoes are glossed to a high shine and on his feet.


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RP Hooks

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  • Wealth: Well-To-Do


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