This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Grayson and Roe marry and head off to France and from there who knows, chasing after dragons and other creatures.

Roe Scamander
Portrayed by Emilia Clarke
Name: Rowena 'Roe' Scamander
Aliases: Just Roe
Birthday: Feb 20th, 1918
Position: Magizoologist, R.C.M.C
Lineage: Half-Blood


Petite at a hair over 5ft, Roe's form - rather than quite the dainty elegance one might initially expect - alas clings to the more clumsy aspects of adolescence; a distinct lack of grace to her movement, as if her mind were incessantly distracted by more important things than being 'ladylike' or avoiding tripping over one's own feet. Though she may lack the willowy, long-limbed build of many of her peers, she carries off a more shapely silhouette with aplomb. And she's not without her own sort of appeal.. her hair is a thick mane of rich mahogany, strands here and there honeyed by sunkiss, tumbling to the small of her back when loosed and a striking contrast to wide, dark-lashed eyes of sparkling, blue-green. Her complexion is fair, very much the quintessential 'English rose'. Aside from her fingertips, which more often than not bear the smudges of ink. Those nails could do to be better kept, too. Her nose is impishly upturned, which only further lends to the impression of youth, adorned with a faint dusting of freckles in certain light. Perhaps most memorable of the young woman's mischievous features, however, is her smile; wide, generous and utterly uninhibited, revealing straight white teeth and naive dimples beneath those high cheekbones.


Rowena - or 'Roe' as she'd come to be dubbed by her brothers - was born in London, in February 1918. Had she been born into the Muggle world it would have been exceptionally poor timing, what with all the bombs and hoohah about women and voting. As it was, she was the third child and first daughter of Auberon Scamander and his wife, Bethina, of Bones stock. Half-Bloods, but well respected Half-Bloods, thank you very much; already establishing themselves as experts in the field of magizoology. Most folks in the Wizarding world have, by now, heard of one famous cousin in particular, who had a book on Fantastic Beasts in the year of her birth.. though it wasn't published until 1926. These things take time, after all. A cheerful and kind child, doted upon by her elder brother, Adolphus and, to a lesser extent, Merle, who came along a few years after her, the little girl was raised within a family that placed much stock in nurture, but which also expected ambition and achievement from the next generation.


11 inches, Pear, Quite Rigid, with a Unicorn Hair core.



Tinker, a baby Jarvey. Suffers from very cute tourettes.



Dibble, Roe's owl



Roe's Loft in the Mysticked District


A lonely few years passed for Roe as her brothers, one after the other, departed for Hogwarts and the greater learning provided there. Rather than let her envy get the better of her, she lost herself in books; devouring tome after tome on those topics that intrigued - namely magical creatures. And dragons. Who doesn't love dragons? In theory, anyway. According to tales from her kin they weren't all that pleasant in close proximity. In 1929, finally of age, she followed her siblings to the great school, sorted into Hufflepuff alongside Adolphus. Merle, being the more solemn and scholarly of the pair, had been placed within Ravenclaw. Truth be told, Roe might have been too, were it not for her soft-hearted nature. Plenty of wit, lack of ruthless ambition. Taking Electives in Care of Magical Creatures (of course) and Muggle Studies (a fascination she had kept previously quiet), the young student made her way passably through her O.W.L.s.. a flair for Magical Creatures and Charms was balanced out by her being rather hapless in Astronomy and Transfiguration. She would subsequently stay on after Fifth Year, newly chosen as a Prefect, and take N.E.W.T. classes in CoMC, DADA, Potions and Charms - her strongest subjects and the ones most likely to qualify her for a future career in the R.C.M.C, the goal she had long since decided upon.

In addition to her classes, Roe took an amusing amount of pleasure in Domestics Club. To this day, she doggedly attempts Baking and Knitting without the use of magic, with varying success. She also successfully applied to become Student Aide to the Professor of CoMC, Silvanus Kettleburn; a man she greatly admired and apparently had no fear of, despite his formidable and rebellious nature. A popular and friendly sort, she was elected as Head Girl in her Seventh Year and performed well in the role, before graduating in 1936.

Classes Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Astronomy P P P A A
Charms O O O O O O O
Defence Against the Dark Arts E E E E E E E
Herbology E E E A A
History of Magic A A E E E
Potions E E E O O O O
Transfiguration P P A A A
Flying A
Care of Magical Creatures O O O O O
Muggle Studies E O O

Now 23, Roe does indeed work in the R.C.M.C. Department… though ask for any specifics and you might end up a little confused. An apprenticeship in the Pest Advisory Office became a more ongoing profession, as most who pass through are aiming higher. Chizpurfle issues? If she can't delegate it, she'll just as likely handle it herself. Nogtails being a nuisance? Well, she does have a soft spot for the bloodhounds. It's not that she's not good at her job. On the contrary, it's perhaps her ceaseless curiosity that has her drifting between offices. It's been known for her to advise the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures on more oscure animal behaviours, but she hasn't the stomach to see 'offenders' executed. Dragons intrigue her but she has no desire to work directly with them. Werewolves she believes should be left well enough alone.

No, rather awkwardly considering she's the niece of the Department Chief, it's centaurs that have held Roe's interest, of late. If one wanted to find her, they might try the echoing, dusty desk in the Centaur Liason Office. If nothing else, it's a quiet place to read.

Aside from her 'career', which keeps her in a comfortable, if not lavish, lifestyle, the young woman's interests vary depending on the latest books in her possession. There are a few steadfasts, though. She's still fascinated by muggles, especially their fairytales, legends and music. She still enjoys knitting (badly) and baking 'the Muggle way'. She makes particularly good mini lemon curd sponge cakes. For want of a better turn of phrase, Roe is an open book. She wears her heart on her sleeve and would go out of her way to help anyone that asks for it. Just so long as her attention doesn't wander onto the next big thing.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Animal Lover
  • Friendly Face
  • Neighbourhood Knowitall
  • Klutz

RP Hooks

  • R.C.M.C.: Roe works in this department at the Ministry.. and her uncle is the chief. Maybe you've crossed paths?
  • Magizoology: The Scamanders have something of a reputation when it comes to knowledge of magical creatures.
  • Hufflepuff Alumni: She was and is very proud to have been a Hufflepuff and Head Girl in her time at Hogwarts.
  • Puddlemere United: One of Roe's elder brothers plays for Puddlemere. Want an autograph?


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Colleague: I adore Gray. He's a bit bossy. And presumptuous. And brash. But something about that Cockney accent doesn't half do something to a girl's knees..


Ranger: I don't know her awfully well yet.. but so far she seems brilliant.


Student: Smart girl. No wonder Camilla's proud of her!


Colleague: Gosh, he's handsome. But he's also a Black. And I very nearly spilled his drink all over him.


Mentor: One of my favourite people.

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