Role-Play Etiquette

This page is under construction, and should not be taken as official material.

The RP Etiquette Policy touches upon this briefly, but role-play etiquette deserves a more involved examination. This is both for new players who aren't quite sure what is accepted and what is taboo, and for experienced players as a reminder, and possibly to introduce some new ideas.

Joining A Scene

When joining a scene, ask for a current "set." If you have questions about something not stated (e.g. weather), inquire about it before assuming anything.

Ask before joining

This is just polite. Yes, many scenes take place in public places, but it is simply polite to ask if one might join a scene in progress. This is especially true if you intend to be interacting with those already scening. A new pair coming into the Leaky Cauldron and role-playing concurrently alongside others that were already there is just a reality that may happen. But whenever possible, try to respect the established scene.

Welcome others into the scene

This is the other side of asking to join a scene. If someone asks to join your scene, unless the scene is truly private, please try to incorporate new players. It means more RP is happening, more connections are being made, more Cookies are being earned, and so on. If the scene is really meant to be private…well, see below.

TP Rooms are for private scenes

If you really want a private scene, use a TP or more private room.

Don't Steal the Show

We all love our characters and we're all just dying to show off how cool they are and to see how other characters mesh with and react to them. In light of that, it's important to remember that the stories we're telling here aren't just the stories of any one person and to be considerate of the others you're playing with. We're all working together to tell a story, and so try to make sure that your character isn't the only one doing all the big, important things in a scene. If your character just dealt with the guard dog, let someone else deal with the Devil's Snare in the pit (or the magical chess set, etc). That way, everyone gets to feel like they've contributed and everyone has a good time!

Don't Lurk Without Permission

Avoid 'lurking' to watch a scene that you are not a part of unless you know the people pretty well. It sometimes creeps folks out.

Passing Through

If you are speedwalking through a room with other players, a simple OOC "Just passing through!" is polite.

Transparency and OOC Knowledge

We aim for OOC transparency here, but that does not given anyone the right to give their characters information obtained via posted logs, character backgrounds, or any other OOC means. Keep a clear distinction between what you know OOC, and what your character knows IC.
Ask before posting logs containing sensitive/private IC information.

Note: Staff-run TP logs will automatically be posted so everyone knows what's going on. If you do not want something posted, we can discuss it.

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