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Portrayed by Niclas Gillis
Name: Rookanthus Albion Lovegood
Aliases: Rook
Birthday: May 28th, 1923
Position: Hufflepuff Student (Sixth Year)
Lineage: Pure-blood


Twelve inches, aspen, supple, with a unicorn hair core.


An oriental fire-bellied toad gifted to Rook upon his acceptance letter into Hogwarts, the two inch toad has since been dubbed Archimedes with no irony intended whatsoever. Archimedes has a penchant for being discovered strange places, or floating through the air at random when his master summons him.



Lean of limb and lithe, this young man is athletically built, but slender. Five feet and nine inches tall, his slight figure is somewhat more compact, narrower in shoulder and hip. His fair complexion, honey brown hair, and well composed features suggests British blood, though his flesh is very lightly tanned from long hours spent out of doors. Rook's eyes are a vivid, mixed hue of blue-green, expressive and animated as to his mood. Much of his skin appears unblemished save for a few scattered freckles and beauty marks.



Born Rookanthus Albion Lovegood during a late blooming spring in Ottery St. Catchpole (respectively of Devonshire, England) to Alcibiades Lovegood and his wife Reginia (or, as she prefers it, Reggie), Rook was a very strange child from the start. Quiet as a mouse for the first month of his existence, there was some concerns over whether or not the infant could cry. Leery as his parents were of testing this theory, his siblings would do it for him, having several elder brothers and sisters (two of each) which were all too gleefully happy to pinch, poke, and otherwise terrorize their new brother. As it turns out, Rook could wail as well as any child, and perhaps better than most.

Growing up, Rook was primarily raised by his mother, who maintained a very neat and orderly herb garden on their property (which contained no less than five children, two adults, one exceptionally wizened grandparent, several cats, and a pen of stoats all clustered around a spindly, multi-storeyed house). Rook, continuing the eccentricity of his birth family, did not speak his first words until he was five years of age, but not for lack of intelligence; once Rook began speaking, he had already hammered out pronunciation and proper syntax, uttering fully formed sentences.

Each family member had their own quirks, the group maintaining a healthy dose of both introverted and extroverted personalities with everything in between. Between family heirlooms, stipends, and inheritance, he and his siblings were comfortable and well cared for, never bored and never hungry. They were neither distant, nor too close, though Rook was (as the family's youngest) his mother's pet. Except when he began a colony of spark snails in her carefully tended garden that turned much of her asphodel into ash.

Hogwarts, A Hufflepuff

By the time Rook received his acceptance letter from Hogwarts, he was already an avid reader, exuberant in his curiosity, but aimless, frighteningly clumsy, and easily distracted. Nearly to a one, his family members had been sorted into Ravenclaw, though there was one brother who found himself in the red and gold of Gryffindor. As Reggie was fond of saying, her eldest son Tristan had more balls than brains, in any case. Given his bright intellect and curiosity, it was felt he was a shoe-in. Yet in spite of that and thanks to other traits, Rook was pronounced a Hufflepuff forever after from his First Year onward.

Rook proved both a troublesome and apt student depending on what class he found himself in for any given year. Those courses which drew his attention and curiosity, he flourished, and a natural aptitude formed for subjects such as Charms and Transfiguration. He routinely withered and destroyed plants accidentally in Herbology through a mixture of disinterest, forgetfulness, and a penchant for becoming distracted by daydreaming. Potions fared little better, and his first two years as a Hogwarts student found he and his unfortunate Potions partner in the hospital wing more often than not.

As any young Hogwarts student might, Rook also tried his hand at Quidditch. At least, he tried out to become a member of his House team, albeit with little practice under his belt. After nearly squashing several other team hopefuls by accident and then careening into one of the oldest trees still existent on the grounds, Rook has been followed for years with jokes regarding his flight record; surviving the most broken bones in a crash landing. After languishing in the hospital wing for a time in recovery, Rook has since shied away from broomflying and other flight based forms of travel.

It's just as well, because he's more at home sprawling in the Hufflepuff basement common room, nose in a book. Upon entering his Fifth Year, and with some goading from his parents to select some sort of path in life, Rook selected Arithmancy and Ancient Runes as his electives, excelling in both thanks to their logical and book-based methods of learning. He devoured the subjects easily without investing too much energy, energy better spent on idle but bright prattle, reading non-textbook works weaseled out of the library, gossiping, and catnapping.

Growth and Outcome

While he lacks the competitive streak and the driven qualities of other students, especially those of other houses, Rook is devoted to those subjects he finds genuinely interesting. He's thoughtful, excitable when he can be roused from his rich inner fantasy life, and perpetually a daydreamer. Despite being bright and quick witted, he's damnably ill suited to his surroundings and is clumsy; tripping, stumbling, and knocking things over are a constant in his life. If he hasn't nearly sprained his ankle once per day, spilled ink, lost a book, or otherwise knocked something heavy over onto himself or someone else, he likely isn't out of bed yet.

Under all of that is someone who is, to a fault, loyal and honest, hardworking even if that work has no definitive end or goal to reach. His lack of competition and lackadaisical existence convince many that he doesn't care about much, but that couldn't be further from the truth; he harbors a deeply passionate nature that is considerate of those around them. So long as he's aware of them, of course.

Educational Performance

Year Year Year Year Year Year Year
Classes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Astronomy P P A P A
Charms E E O O O
Defense Against the Dark Arts A A E A A
Herbology D D P P P
History of Magic A A A A P
Potions D P D A A
Transfiguration A A E E A
Ancient Runes O O O
Arithmancy E E E
Broomflying T


  • Head in the Clouds:
  • Klutz:
  • Honest:
  • Wealth: Comfortable:

RP Hooks

  • House Hufflepuff Sorted into Hufflepuff in his first year, Rook has been a moderately proud (when he can rouse himself to pride) member ever since. Having completed his fifth year, he'll be moving onto his sixth once summer break is over. Are you new to the House? Or maybe you've seen him around in your years sharing a dormitory? He's been known to sleep in the common room, accidentally.
  • Have You Seen This Toad? Rook's pet, an Oriental fire-bellied toad, is often found in places he has no business being. The resilient, albeit rather small, amphibian is named Archimedes and is completely placid. Have you seen him? It's common knowledge that the weird Lovegood's toad likes to hide from his master. To escape being dressed in tiny robes, rabbit ears, and other such nonsense.
  • Why We Don't Let Lovegood Fly… He's a sort of natural bad luck charm when it comes to Quidditch. A number of his House members who fly for the team routinely ward him away from the Quidditch field for fear it could cost them a game. Rook hasn't a whit of talent for flight and the only thing he's known for involving a broom is surviving an unusually high number of broken bones as a second year trying out for the Quidditch team.
  • Pure-blood Strange as any other member of his family, Rook is still a Pure-blood, and his name is worth at least that much in common knowledge amongst Wizarding families.
    • Too Bright a Bulb Despite being slothful, Rook is highly intelligent. He might not be driven, but when he's genuinely interested, his curiosity knows no bounds and he fixates. This has led to many a tragedy and discovery during his time as a student. Studying with him is hit or miss. Do you want to, anyway?


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Reginia Marguerite Lovegood
An apothecary who grows her own herbs and plants when she's able, she and Rook share a close bond. During his childhood, Rook was his mother's pet, being the youngest of her five children.


Acibiades Algernon Lovegood
A paranoid sort, Rook's father works for the ministry in some capacity. What that is, even Rook himself doesn't know. Whether Alcibiades hides his position out of shame or danger to his family isn't entirely clear.


Rook's adored cousin Honeybee, Nora is shy and withdrawn. The perfect contrast to her Lovegood cousin.


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