Roster Characters

The roster is a collection of ready-made characters (and a few still in need of completion) available to be claimed and played. Some of these have been played by other players, others were made specifically for the roster.

How to Claim a Roster Character

  • Check +roster to see what characters are available.
  • See +roster <name>, +finger <Name>, +sheet <name>, +sheet2 <name>, +sheet3 <name> and +bg <name>/1 for details about a particular roster character.
  • If a character has contacts listed, be sure to get in touch with the player(s) named and get their permission before claiming. If there are no contacts, you can claim the character freely. But be sure to review our policies before doing so.
  • If a character has a staff member (e.g. Boo) as a contact please put in a +request Claim: <Name>=Here answer the simple questions of: Why do you want this character? What is your impression of the character? What are your plans for this character?
  • Keep in mind when claiming a roster character that somebody put work into that character. This is especially true of previously played characters. Don't claim a character and then reinvent it. Some growth and change is fine. But if there is a significant aspect of the character that you want to change, then it probably isn't the character for you.
  • When all of the above is addressed, you can claim the character using: +roster/claim <name>
  • Go to your new character's wiki page (easily accessible via the link in +finger). Edit the page to remove or hide the RosterNote at the top of the page. Also be sure to remove the "roster" tag.

Total Rostered Characters: 151

Rostered Characters


The following characters (also shown in the main list to the left) have never been played, and still have room to be fleshed out by a claimant:

Adolphus Alistair Arkie Barnaby Basil Bathilda Benjy Bill Blodwyn Bob Bogrod Caspar Coakley Dauphne Derwent Diadema Elphias Euphemia Fandral Fleamont Galatea Glynnis Hamish Harrel Harvey Helbert Idris Isla Joscelind Karl Kevin Magenta Marian Matilda Muriel Myrtle Olive Paul Pollux Randolph Rocky Roderick Roland Romilda Septimus Slater Tangwystle Tilly Trinity Winky


The following characters (also shown in the main list to the left) are characters from Harry Potter canon:

Adalbert Alphard Antonin Arcturus Arkie Augusta Barnaby Basil Bathilda Bill Blenheim Blodwyn Bob Bogrod Calig Callidora Carlotta Caspar Cassiopeia Cedrella Celestina Charis Charlus Coakley Cy Dauphne Derwent Druella Eileen Elphias Euphemia Fifi Fleamont Galatea Glynnis Gwendolyn Hamish Harfang Harvey Helbert Herbert Hesper Idris Irma Isla Jocunda Joscelind Karl Kevin Kreacher Landon Lucretia Lyall Lycoris Magenta Marius Melania Miranda Muriel Myrtle Nigellus Niles Olive Orion Pedwara Perpetua Phineas Pollux Randolph Robert Roderick Roland Septimus Sioned Tangwystle Tilly Trinity Wilhelmina William Winky

Pre-Hogwarts Children



Brand Hamish Harrel Karl Kevin Lyall Maeve Olive Slater Xylina


Aislin Alicia Erica Helbert Oscar Wilhelmina


Ameinocles Arkie Carolus Eutheria Glynnis Gwendolyn Jaclyn Jolie Matilda Myrtle Rocky William


Antonin Beauregard Calig Claudia Druella Eileen Hellebore Lucinda Lucretia Niles Orion Winky


Ministry of Magic

Adolphus Alphard Balthazar Beckett Blenheim Elphias Galahad Harvey Herbert Leonardo Levi Murray Roderick Roland Sioned Tilly

St. Mungo's

Dominic Len


Charlus Phineas Polly


Adalbert Antimony Bathilda Benjy Blodwyn Bobbie Celestina Coakley Derwent Duncan Fifi Jocunda Joscelind Lillian Phineas


Augusta Barnaby Basil Bill Bob Bogrod Boudica Caspar Cy Dandy Demetrius Eamon Ivy Kreacher Landon Lea Magenta Melania Nigellus Nora Pedwara Perpetua Persephone Randolph Tangwystle Unetta Victoria



Other Wizards

Alistair Angus Arcturus Balaurius Brock Callidora Carlotta Cassiopeia Cedrella Cedric Charis Dauphne Dean Diadema Euphemia Fleamont Galatea Harfang Hesper Ian Idris Irma Isla Lara Lycoris Marian Marius Merle Miranda Muriel Nymera Pollux Romilda Septimus Terrance Trinity

Half-Breeds and Nonhumans

Achaeron Achirus Aurelea Blodwyn Bogrod Dandy Eutheria Fandral Kreacher


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