Rothdoan is a game of centaur origin. The name roughly translates to "Wheel of Fire". It was originally developed as a method of divination to predict the outcome of battles and other great conflicts. But over time it became a source of competition and entertainment, and has been known to get quite rowdy. Despite this, it is still considered a sacred ritual that the centaurs treat with reverence.

Rothdoan is played around a circular "wheel", 40 feet in diameter. Typically the wheel is marked out by a circle drawn in the earth or a ring of stones, but originally it was a ring of fire, as the game was played at night.

At the center of the wheel, 20 feet equidistant from the edge, is a large woven basket with a four-foot wide opening.


There are two teams in Rothdoan. The teams can be nearly any size, though teams larger than ten players tend to make for a crowded wheel.

One team is called dashers. Dashers play inside the wheel, and may only move widdershins (counter-clockwise) around the basket. Dashers may stop, but may not move clockwise, lest they are removed from the game.

The other team is called lobbers. Lobbers stay outside the wheel, and are free to move any direction.


The game is played with leather balls, which are equal in number to the players. The object is for the lobbers to throw the balls into the basket. Lobbers may only hold one ball at a time.

Balls can be intercepted by the dashers, either by catching them from the air or collecting missed balls from the ground. These balls can be thrown back at the lobbers to try to knock them out of the game if a lobber is struck without catching the ball. Dashers who are struck by balls are not knocked out.

If a dasher moves the wrong direction (clockwise), that dasher is out of the game. If a player from either team crosses the rim of the wheel, they are out of the game.

Winning the Game

The parameters for winning at Rothdoan are simple:

  • If the lobbers get all of the balls into the basket, they win the game.
  • If all lobbers are knocked out, the dashers win the game.
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