Rowle Family

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The Rowle Family
Family Head: Philip Rowle
Home: Northamptonshire & Hampshire, England
Wealth: Well-To-Do
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Sacred Twenty-Eight
This represents what is typical for the Rowle family. It does not necessarily apply to every branch.

Family History

Sir Godfrey de Rowle, who had studied ancient Roman and Etruscan magics in the South of France, and Tuscany crossed the channel with William of Normandy in 1066, and led William's Sorcerers against the Runesmiths of the Saxon King, being rewarded with lands in Hampshire.

In 1718 to 1726 Damocles Rowle became the second Minister for Magic. He established Azkaban Prison in 1718. Strict Purism lead him to being forced to step down after his actions as Minister towards Muggles led to him being censured by the International Confederation of Wizards.

John Rowle (1599-1645) was a staunch Royalist, who after taking a degree (unusually for a wizard, even then) had been searching for lost magical manuscripts at Oxford University's libraries, prior to the outbreak of the 1st English Civil War. His wife, Circe Malfoy, is thought to have influenced his support of the King in the subsequent struggles, in which he became a close friend of the dashing Royalist commander Prince Rupert of the Rhine. It is thought his scouting by broom may have influenced some of Rupert's miraculous (and demonically attributed) military decisions. His wand was unfortunately broken by a stray pistol ball at the Battle of Naseby (1645), resulting in his death when his position was overrun by Parliamentary cavalrymen.

Antonine Rowle (1810-1895), one of the great amateur Cryptopaleontologists of the era after the Napoleonic Wars, and Ministry Oblivators, is widely known as a scholar of the first order. His life is in itself a demonstration of the multiple roles of the family. Something of a prodigy at Hogwarts (Gryffindor, prefect, graduated 1828) with interests across the normally more physical and cerebral arts, he showed particular interest in Magical History, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, and Defence against the Dark Arts, as well as being a gifted amateur artist. After his graduation, he was recruited by the ministry, with a role as an Oblivator, specialising in encounters of muggles with magical creatures. He was therefore viewed as a natural choice as Ministry observer on the voyage of exploration of HMS Beagle (1831-1836) officially as an additional gentleman artist. He was largely credited then (and since) with keeping the eyes of the young Charles Darwin off (or removing recollection of) some of the more exotic creatures encountered during the voyage of exploration. Returning in 1836, with wealth (which has never been entirely satisfactorily explained), he rapidly converted most of it into land, buying back some traditionally family lands which had been either sold or mortgaged, and providing well for several less well off lines of Rowles, with hard work. This lavishness permitted him to marry well Desdemona Tripe, cementing the families position with carefully negotiated alliances, and he started a family to seal this work.

Family Identity

The Rowle Family are a Sacred Twenty-Eight Pure-Blood family. They don't have a typical House at Hogwarts, in fact they are known to have members of the family from each of the Houses. Their family crest is a representation of this. It's all a part of the Rowle way of doing things. Fingers in every pot as they say. The one thing most Rowle's have in common is an appreciation for Knowledge. The Gryffindor's in their family boldly go seeking the truth. The Ravenclaws research the stacks of ancient tomes for forgotten answers to important questions. The Hufflepuffs work hard so that they might discover who they and the people around them truly are. The Slytherins watch and learn and use the information gleaned to their families benefit.

Motto: "Omne studium scientiae."
Everything in the pursuit of Knowledge.


Sacred Twenty-Eight pure-blooded family who are alumni and students in any of the Hogwarts Houses. The Rowle family are specifically known for just how unspecific they are. From the most laborious menial job to being the second ever Minister for Magic as Damocles Rowle was, the Rowles do it all, so they are quite the 'seen everywhere' family. Jacks-of-all-trades, masters of none.

Family Members

Family members bearing the Rowle name:

Alicia Amber Andromena Anthony Carolus Felicity Phil

Blood relatives without the Rowle name:


Connections and Relationships

  • DuBois Family: A very reputable French Pure-Blood family. Lilith DuBois married into the Rowle family and brought some French Panache with her.
  • Avery Family: Rupert Rowle married Clementine Avery solidifying some assets through the Avery Shipping Company.

Family Statistics

Influence: 32 - 2 = 30 | Some standing within the P-B community. Like the Lestranges.
Lands: 31 + 11 = 42 | Spread out in 1 Area - SE England - Northamptonshire & Hampshire, England.
Law: 19 - 8 = 11 | Law abiding.
Population: 33 - 3 = 30 living members.
Power: 10 + 8 = 18 | Small force of people. Average Skill levels.
Wealth: 32 + 3 = 35 | Comfortable Well-To-Do
Founding: Very Old | Hogwarts Founding, Pre-Statute.
Historical Events = 4

| Roll#| Event     | Influ. | Lands  |  Law   |  Pop.  | Power  | Wealth |
|  12  | Ascent    | +1d6   | +1d6   |  ---   |  ---   | +1d6   | +1d6   |
|  09  | Treachery | -1d6   |  ---   | -1d6   |  ---   | +1d6   |  ---   |
|  07  | Revolt    |  ---   |  ---   | -2d6   | -1d6   | -1d6   | -1d6   |
|  11  | Footing   |  ---   | +1d6   | +1d6   |  ---   |  ---   |  ---   |
| Total Results:   |  -2    |  +11   |  -8    |  -3    |  +8    |   +3   |
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