Character Information
Portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer
Name: Sacharissa Tugwood
Aliases: Sassy
Birthday: April 29th, 1874
Position: Love & Beauty Potion Expert
Lineage: Half-Blood


With dainty, elfin features and angelic blonde curls to frame them, Sacharissa Tugwood is an undeniably pretty and youthful woman for her years. A charming first impression is emphasised by high cheekbones and a nigh-incessant, enigmatic smile that sparkles, reflected in her crystalline blue eyes. She is plainly one who takes meticulous care and pride in her appearance; her expressions remain remarkably free of lines and her complexion is flawless, enviable for a woman a third of her age. Slender, neatly-arched brows and an aquiline nose delicately sharpen her visage.

She usually wears a short, lace-embroidered coat the color of autumn, over a beige dress that loosely hugs her form. For this outfit she has matching high heels — four inches high! — and she offsets the heavy brown shades with breathtaking shades of green here and there — leafstone earrings, sparkling bracelets, a deep viridian sash about her waist, each drawing attention away from what would otherwise be the most striking contrast color: the handful of miscellaneous potion stains about her otherwise carefully manicured fingers.


Sacharissa was born in the late, warm Spring of 1874, the only child of Aloysius and Arminta Tugwood (née Summerbee); an artist and model, respectively. Full of fun and whimsy, they were devoted parents, if a little eccentric. They encouraged their daughter's taste in the eclectic and beautiful from an early age, cultivating what they believed to be an artistic nature and perhaps less interested in such tiresome trifles as scholarly pursuits. That would be a trying change for her, when she was enrolled in Hogwarts.

Being sorted into Hufflepuff was ideal for the sweet-natured girl. In her Third Year she chose Electives in Care of Magical Creatures and Divination, though mostly just for curiosity's sake. Her O.W.L.s were generally good enough, though she excelled, oddly enough, in Potions. So, upon returning to 6th year, 'Sassy' began N.E.W.T. classes of Potions, Charms and Herbology, achieving Outstandings in all much to the surprised pride of her parents. She graduated with the class of 1892. While at Hogwarts, she was popular with her fellow students due to her undeniable charisma and good looks, as well as a naturally kind, generous nature. Notably, she also took a keen interest in certain aspects of Domestics Club - namely anything to do with beauty and grooming.

After graduating, Sassy found an apprenticeship in an apothecary for a time. But it lacked the glamour she craved. In due course, the young witch developed a line of cosmetic potions, becoming steadily famous for being the first to use such things. She also discovered the pimple-curing properties of Bubotuber pus. Renowned as an expert potioneer, she's currently focused on the study of Love Potions… maybe something to do with the fact that she's still single?

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RP Hooks

  • Potioneer: Sacharissa is becoming quite well-known for her development of cosmetic potions. Perhaps you're a client or prospective apprentice?
  • Hufflepuff Alumni: She's proud to have been a Hufflepuff, in her day.
  • Half-blood and Proud: Sacharissa doesn't have much interest in (or understanding of) politics. But she's proud of both her family and her heritage.


  • Cuts Corners: Following proper protocol all the time just doesn't make any sense if no one's going to be hurt when she doesn't.
  • Forever Young: The idea of aging is simply unthinkable; she has no time to waste on it.
  • Honorable Hedonist: Her priorities are kindness first, pleasure second, laws a distant third.
  • Ignorance is Bliss: She doesn't care to know much about anything outside her immediate life.
  • Wealth: Comfortable: Sales are picking up, but not enough to change her life yet.


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Aloysius Tugwood
Father: (1829 - 1918) Half-Blood. Born relatively late in her father's life, Aloysius has done everything he can to encourage the pursuit of beauty — in all its forms — in his daughter, and is immensely proud of her work though he does not partake in it himself. He is starting to despair a little of ever having grandchildren, though.


Arminta Tugwood née Summerbee
Mother: (1850 - 1939) Pure-Blood. She was in her late teens when she met Aloysius, sitting for a family portrait. She was smitten with him immediately, and — over the course of several years — wore him down and proposed to him. She has now applied these tactics in her pursuit of grandchildren.


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