Kitten with Claws
Portrayed by Kayla Maisonet
Name: Samira Prince
Aliases: Sami
Birthday: February 19th, 1924
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Pureblood


Wild curls tumble down this girl's back. Though dark, the sun’s kiss has brought out hints of auburn in them. Standing a bit over five feet in height, she carries herself with a lithe dancer's grace. The coffee of her eyes glints with hints of gold. Though she comes from far-off desert lands, the cold and rain of Britain has lightened her complexion.

Having grown up in the Egyptian heat, Samira seems particularly sensitive to the cold of Hogwarts. Even as spring warms into summer, she wears cashmere leggings. And over the standard white blouse and grey pleated skirt of the Hogwarts uniform, she wears a cashmere jumper and school cloak.


Eleven inches, sycamore, very flexible, with a dragon heartstring core.



This giant fluffy cat belongs to Samira. She brought him from Egypt



In Egypt

Samira Prince was born on February 19, 1924, in Cairo, Egypt. Her father, Sorrelus Prince, was a curse-breaker and treasure hunter for Gringotts in Egypt. He had many adventures with his close comrade, Arcadius Lestrange. Unlike his friend, Sorrelus had more interest in fortune than fame. Only those who mattered knew his reputation as a cunning, but dangerous man. He married Amina Azam, a young, local witch who was as beautiful as her pureblood family was powerful. Although it was the custom among the wealthy, pureblood families for families to arrange matches, Sorrelus was both cunning and persistent. Although Amina was already promised to another, she fell deeply in love with the charming foreigner, and helped him to orchestrate the new match with her parents. However, once married, their love did not last.

The moment Samira was born, his wife and her family insisted on educating Samira according to their family's traditions. He had known this would happen, just as it had with their first child, Amir. But he didn't realize this time it meant sending her to live with nomads until she was six. He argued against it at first, but in the end, he was too absorbed in his work to be effective against it. Though he sent agents of his own to check on his daughter, he left her be until she returned home. From then, he made sure to hire tutors of his own, in addition to those his wife insisted on. Thus, Samira led an early life of constant supervision and instruction.

At Heka

At age 11, she attended the Heka School of Ancient Magic. Although the houses were separated according to blood status, she freely associated with muggleborn and pureblood alike. Samira had many friends, but none of them close. Most of the other children disregarded her strangeness as a result of her foreign blood. However, the teachers were far less dismissive. Samira spent more time in trouble than out of it. Her greatest delight was sneaking out to savor the cool desert nights. At age 13, she discovered her passion for dancing. Finding that it channeled some of her fire, her teacher arranged for private practice sessions that kept her busy for hours each day.

Life was tumultuous at best, until it just stopped. In the penultimate month of her fourth year, her mother died of a mysterious fever. The news came without the slightest warning and changed everything. Samira knew neither of her parents well, but she still grieved over her mother's death. However, when her father sent her across the seas to the cold and dark island of the United Kingdom to live with relatives, she found herself yearning for the desert, even more than she longed for her mother. Now, she is to attend Hogwarts where she will learn "proper magic," as her father had always wished.

At Hogwarts

During her first year at Hogwarts, Samira took no active part in the conflict between the muggleborn students and the purebloods. Despite being sorted into Slytherin, her loyalties were never fully clear. She neither taunted or defended the muggleborn students. She spoke to whoever piqued her interest. Somehow, she managed to escape social punishment.

Halfway through her first year, Samira became an aid to Madam Spleen in the infirmary. Though she has talent for healing spells, she lacks the kind bedside manner that some of the other student aids exhibit. The pain of others seems to have little effect. Wounds seem to fascinate rather than sicken her. Or rather- watching Madam Spleen heal them fascinates her. But it’s an easy mistake for an injured student to make.


Cat Person Samira can speak Hisskratch. Cats seem particularly drawn to her and occasionally even listen to what Samira has to say.
Dancer's Grace Her training in all forms of dance, but traditional belly-dancing in particular, has infused her every day movements with a smooth, almost sensual grace.
Aloof There are few rules, social or otherwise, that Samira lets apply to her. There are few conflicts she takes a side in. And fewer still that can tell for certain whether Samira is their friend. And she likes to keep her fellow students guessing.
Wealth: Rich The Prince family is well known for its riches, but her father has amassed a fortune of his own through working for Gringotts in Egypt. Her mother's family holds considerable wealth as well.

RP Hooks

  • Dark Rumors There are rumors that Samira studied dark magic at the Heka School of Ancient Magic. Some claim she has even performed it on those who crossed her. Your character may keep their distance or seek her out. This has lead many to keep their distance, while others have sought her out through curiosity.
  • Lady of Walpurgis A close friend of Tom Riddle, with her knowledge of forbidden magics, Samira has a special place among the Knights of Walpurgis. She has been teaching them what she knows since she joined.
  • Secret Dancing Though few have ever caught her, there is a rumor that Samira knows a form of dancing too sensual to show off at the Arts Club. She often sneaks off in search of quiet, secret places to practice.
  • Traitorous Cats Cats can be jerks and your secrets might not be safe. Make sure you're nice to your pets or they might just have a chat with Samira.
  • A Pureblood Both the British and Egyptian sides of her family are ancient, pureblood lines. The Princes are a wealthy and influential British pureblood family. The Azam family of Egypt has a dark yet prestigious reputation, much like that of the Black family in the UK. Perhaps you have ties to one of the families, or strong opinions on blood status.
  • Student Aid If a student gets hurt, they go to the Infirmary, and might just find Samira there working as a Student Aid to Madam Spleen.


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Great Uncle:More than her great uncle, Penzington became Samira’s guardian when his brother sent her over to attend Hogwarts. Though he has many other demands on his time as the Chief of the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes and Head of the Prince Family, he has never failed to see to Samira’s best interests. He arranged a suitable betrothal to the Carrow Family Heir when Samira’s family in Egypt plotted to force her back home with an arranged marriage there. He also stood by her choice when Samira ended the engagement.


Sorrelus Prince
Father: Throughout Samira’s childhood, Sorrelus was most often away on one adventure or another. But he always kept informed of her activities and saw that she received every advantage through his hired tutors. Unfortunately, he couldn’t prevent his wife’s family from hiring their own tutors to influence his daughter. When his wife died, he was able to send Samira away to Hogwarts at last where he felt she would receive a real education.


Amina Prince (née Azam)
Mother (deceased): High fashion, luxurious parties, and discreet love-affairs always occupied Amina’s attention far more than her children. She consigned her daughter to the care of nomads and then governesses and tutors until Samira was old enough to attend the Heka Institute of Ancient Magic. Only as she succumbed to illness did she spare any thought for her daughter, uttering hoarse hopes for Samira’s future.


Brother: At the bidding of both their father and mother’s family, Amir has come to London as the Egyptian Ambassador. On his part, this position of power is tolerated at best. Instead, his main focus is his sister. Having deemed Penzington’s supervision insufficient or ineffectual, the families asked her brother to step in. Hopefully, a firmer hand will help keep Samira out of trouble and under control.


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