Portrayed by Tait Hughes Geijer
Name: Seamus Liam Cavanaugh
Aliases: Blanc
Birthday: Aug 02, 1922
Position: Cook
Lineage: Muggle-born


Pale almost white blonde hair tucked neatly behind small almost elfin ears, only the occasional hair escapes to fall alongside his smooth face. Long dark blonde lashes frame large deep royal blue eyes that rest beneath carefully maintained white blonde brows. Smooth pale skin covers his high cheek bones that give his face an almost feminine cast. A short lad for his age, Seamus stands perhaps 5'2 in shoes. His frame and build light and slim, almost to the point of being incredibly skinny.

At the moment Seamus is wearing a Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry uniform. Rather notable by the yellow and black colouring he must have sorted into House Hufflepuff. A grey vest edged in yellow and black covers a crisp white Oxford shirt, buttoned from the belt-line to the collar and accented with a yellow tie with narrow black stripes. The shirt is tucked neatly into matching grey trousers that fall to the tops of black shoes. Over all of this flows a voluminous black robe lined in soft Hufflepuff Yellow fabric, unadorned except for a black badger standing rampant over a yellow background with black 'ermine tufts' sewn over the heart.


A late in life child, Seamus was born to Timothy and Mary Cavanaugh, but only lived with them until he was about six. Because Timothy and Mary had a son and a daughter when they were young, who were twenty and seventeen when Seamus was born, actually he has a nephew born a year before him, Timothy and Mary were not exceptionally pleased by the addition to their family. They neglected him mostly, and had high expectations of him. Everything he did was scrutinized by his parents who would find fault in him from a very early age.

When he was six, he had his first magical accident, and by chance Timothy's sister Maureen was visiting from her home in County Galway. It was Maureen that saw what really happened. Since Maureen had gone to Hogwarts herself, a former Ravenclaw, she recognized the signs immediately and told his parents to brace themselves for their son being a Wizard. This of course did NOT go over well with Mary, who had a bit of a fit over the idea of raising him to be a Wizard. So it was decided that Seamus would go back to Galway with his aunt and while she would be given Muggle money as a compensation for raising him, there would be no other form of recompense.

Life with his aunt wasn't much different than life with his mother. The only difference was that his Aunt had a friend that was a chef and taught Seamus quite a lot about cooking from the minute he arrived, teaching him about pastries and biscuits and various French and Italian styles of entrees. His aunt was formal and demanding. She criticized everything Seamus did and would come down hard on him for the slightest infraction of her copious rules. If he did well he would be permitted a boon, but those were rare and she instilled a sense that he should be neither seen nor heard unless it was specifically desired that he do so.

When his Hogwarts letter finally arrived, it was dealt with quickly. Seamus was taken to diagon alley, his shopping taking the minimal amount of time with admonishments from his Aunt if he took even a moment longer than she wished, even though it was his first time. Once all his supplies were purchased, she took them home and he was expected to start studying immediately.

The trip on the Hogwarts Express was excruciating for Seamus the first time. He had never really associated with people his age and had no idea how to really socialize at all. The moment that they arrived at Hogwarts proved to be an amazing moment for him. While there had been a certain amount of awe at Diagon Alley, it was nothing compared to his first glimpse of the castle. His already nervous state was increased when they talked about the Sorting.

His fear and sense of inadequacy were strong when the hat was placed upon his head. It took a little while for the Hat to decide where to place him but in the end it announced Hufflepuff for the whole school to hear. Once it was announced he bolted as fast as his legs could take him to his House's table.

The first year of Hogwarts was pretty much Seamus doing his classwork and making few friends but he did excel, especially in Potions and Transfigurations. Mostly he kept to himself and would occasionally find the time to sneak to the Kitchens in order to practice his cooking skills, which he kept mostly to himself.

The Second year though, some of the older students began trying to coax Seamus out of his shell. Something that was a slow progress but by the end of the term, he'd begun associating with people and working on his ability to interact, a certain amount of shyness evident in all of his interactions with the other students, although he began trusting people a little bit more.

By his third year, Seamus had begun showing his true colours to the other members of his house. This included sharing his cooking skills and his ability to sketch people. He began coming ever steadily out of his shell, taking Ancient Runes and Divinations. The thought of doing Care of Magical creatures had crossed his mind but after talking some of the older students the idea filled him with a certain amount of dread.

His fourth year was filled with preparing for his OWLS, and generally working with his other classmates. He also began tutoring younger students, especially in Transfiguration and Charms. While to those outside of his House, Seamus was still a shy quiet young man, those in his House knew him to be a caring selfcontained but fairly open person.

During his fifth year, Seamus became prefect for Hufflepuff. He balanced his duties as such with his OWLs. He took place in two different Tournaments and proved himself to be quite good in dueling. During the furor of the term, he was among those selected to accompany the Hogwarts Champion when the TriWizard tournament occurred. This meant that he was among those to witness the death of Leander Fox. Something that would engrave in him a slight change.

The summer saw him retreat a little bit. While outwardly he remained much the same, the thought of being killed because he was not a pureblood weighed quite heavily on him. When they returned to school, he was confronted with a situation that grew more and more troubling. However, he was distracted by his duties as Prefect and also more dueling tournaments as well as his NEWTS. Having gotten good enough grades in Charms, Potions, Defense and transfiguration to continue, Seamus applied himself most dilligently.

His Seventh Year almost came to an end before the end of term. The corrupt Marcus Flint began causing the situation to be untenable. His status as a NEWT student was revoked and he was forced to attend a class that did nothing for his education. Even for someone such as himself the situation was dire. He was seeing his beloved Hogwarts becoming more and more like Durmstang and students praised for being bullies and, in his opinion, idiots.

He was among those who enforced the rules of the school and made sure all Muggleborn students stat where they were supposed to sit and attended the SCUM classes. He was also part of the underground group that was showing younger students what magic was supposed to be when the eyes of the Flint weren't looking. When the Ministry invaded Hogwarts, he broke his rule about drawing his wand and pulled it on Angelus Eibon with the intent to get the boy to do what was proper.

The end of SCUM brought a need to redouble his efforts for his NEWTS. He managed to get good marks in the end but when it came time to leave for the Wizarding World, he had a bad taste in his mouth. He decided to start working as a cook, even though he'd be training as a chef. When not working, he would bake and cook sending treats back to his former house when he had a chance.

He's been living and working in London, his Aunt disapproving of him living in what was basically a war zone. However, he's beginning to look to resuming a path as something more than a linecook, but also returning more fully to the Wizarding World and everything he can offer people there.

RP Hooks

- Food. Seamus loves making it and always carries some biscuits with him wherever he goes.
- Seamus was a member of the dueling club at Hogwarts and finished twice in second place in the Paladin's Challenge.
- Quidditch, while he never made a big deal of it, Seamus was a good member of the House Team and still enjoys playing it from time to time
- Seamus has a fair tenor voice and does like singing from time to time.
- Dogs, Keep them away. Seamus has a rather deep abiding fear of the creatures.


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  • Talented Cook
  • Fear of Dogs
  • Fast Learner
  • Sensitive



A decent duelist, however, I don't think she gave Eamon a fair shake of things.


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