Selwyn Family

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The Selwyn Family
Family Head: Boscom Selwyn
Home: <Primary location>
Wealth: Wealth: Rich
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
This represents what is typical for the Selwyn family. It does not necessarily apply to every branch.

Family History

The Selwyn's are a British Pure-blood Wizarding family that has some of its roots based in early Southern France. They main branch of the family moved to Britain in the fourteenth century, bringing along their beautiful artwork and seers in an attempt to flee ahead of what was the beginning of religious inquisitions against supposed witchcraft. They populated the northern part of England near the current locale of Prince's Risborough and lived during the reign of the Black Prince, which meant they were persecuted for their lineage and in great question, many Selwyns were ousted out of their homes until they finally adjusted to blend in more easily. With Edward of Woodstock campaigning against the French, the Selwyn's lost a few members and in the end cursed him during one of his last campaigns. Edward grew ill to the point that his remainder years would be long and painful and many of his men did not return.

The Selwyns grew to prominence and took over the manor house in the fifteenth century before the building fell into disrepair. They took their wealth from lands and managed to gain lordship over the lands in the late fifteenth century.

Many smaller branches of Selwyn's have moved North to Aylesbury or to London. They became leading artists and patrons, a few serving the court itself. It is said the most brilliant of their seers was born in the eighteenth century and was a well known Madam. Lady Serena Selwyn and some of her descendants still live in her well appointed home in the heart of London. She disappeared yet there are rumors she was killed by a rival or worse yet by the crown itself.

The ruling patriarch in the nineteenth century collected the branching members of his family and took what land they did not sell off to build their currently existing manor. It overlooks the small town from along one of the old Roman foot paths. Most of the family remains in the countryside or further north in the lands of Lacey Green in smaller houses, well appointed but all gather at key points of the year at the Grisaille Manor.

Family Identity


In current politics the Selwyn's are believers of the Preservation Society and though are purist in mind do not look away from the muggles treatment. Great artists were born muggles and they can respect that and see the strength in differences. Selwyns are prideful of their history and even with the early questionable use with their magic tend to produce witches and wizards that are more peaceful and open minded. They tend to favour Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff though it is not unheard of for a few more bold types to crop up due to the artistic passion the Selwyn's exude. They are a cultured family that does not shy from new experiences or knowledge.

Family Members

Family members bearing the Selwyn name:

Adorabella Ajax Boscom Ilsa Morrow Ulysses

Blood relatives without the Selwyn name:

Adrienne Aphrodilia Archie Garrett Hephaesta Jocunda Kaiden Pomona Ria Sybil Tarquin Xavier

Connections and Relationships

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Family Statistics

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Wealth: #
Founding: ####
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