Character Information
Portrayed by Mark Rylance
Name: Severian Bulstrode
Aliases: Sev
Birthday: January 18th, 1862
Position: Director of the International Magical Trading Standards Body
Lineage: Pure-Blood


The mournful, hangdog set of this man's features might initially present a facade of miserable disinterest. His eyes, however, are far from distracted, assessing and cold beneath straight dark brows. Despite his considerable years, it's likely this grim mask of impassivity that has prevented the worst of telltale aging; his brow relatively unfurrowed, even if his cheeks are a touch sunken and creepy. Curling dark hair dangles to his nape, only adding to his appearance of stern severity.

Donning a traditional black hat and matching robes with a meagre fur collar that has seen better days, Severian doesn't exactly cut a dashing or appealing figure. That's plainly not worth concerning himself over, however, judging by his brisk mannerisms and incessant almost-sneer.



  • Severe
  • Calculating
  • Wealth: Level

RP Hooks

  • Patriarch - Severian is the head of the Bulstrode Family.
  • Ministry - Severian is the Director of the International Magical Trading Standards Body, a division of the (I.M.C.) Department of International Magical Cooperation. Which is responsible for overseeing and assessing trading practices within the wizarding world, as well as establishing international policies regarding trading standards.


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Merlyn Bulstrode
Father: (1842 - 1938)


Cornelia Bulstrode nee Longbottom
Mother: (1844 - 1934)


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