Walking Wounded
Portrayed by Cassidy Freeman
Name: Shelley Prewett
Aliases: Shel
Birthday: 10 February, 1911
Position: M.L.E.: Auror Consultant
Lineage: Pure-blood


Shelley is a woman of about 30, with blue green eyes and auburn hair with some curl to it. She is often serious-faced, though she will smile out of politeness, or for those few she considers to be friends. She works hard, plays hard, and seems happiest when she's putting herself at some sort of risk. She dresses in usual wizard attire - though without the flash and color that some seem to favor.


Shelley was born just outside of Cardiff, the youngest of three daughters - Glenda, Morgan, and Shelley Prewett. Her parents were Morwenna (nee Urquart) and Owen Prewett; both parents had been hoping for a boy, and when one was not born to them gave their daughter a boyish name. Her two elder sisters were several years Shelley's senior and never grew quite as close to the youngest girl as sister's often do. They were away at school for most of Shelley's young life, leaving her to be raised almost as an only child. As a result, she had no close acquaintences, but she was a happy and adventurous child, whose needs were always met - though not all of her heart's desires.

She began her formal wizarding training in 1922, and was sorted into Gryffindor house, just as her sisters and father had been. Unaccustomed to being around so many children her own age, she was overwhelmed at first, and struggled to make friends. In the end, she formed a close friendship with another social misfit in her dorm - a girl named Alis Whittle. The two girls dreamed of becoming aurors one day - together - and dedicated themselves to that goal. Eventually they grew so close they would jokingly refer to each other as 'sisters.'

Both girls were accepted as Aurors where they trained together, and often sought advice from each other while working their jobs. So close and exclusive was their friendship that many rumors (ultimately unfounded) about the relationship being more than 'sisterly' circulated. Unfortunately, in 1937 while Shelley was working a case with Alis' help, the two girls found themselves ambushed. Alis was killed, while Shelley barely managed to apparate away after being struck by a curse which affected her memory. It's taken more than a year for the Healers at St. Mungo's to help Shelley recover. She still has no memory of the attack itself - though she's aware of it, and the death of her close friend - but remembers most of her life and training up until that time. Unfortunately, in moments of stress, the curse is known to reassert itself, leaving Shelley unsuited to return to active duty as an Auror. She consults instead - helping other Aurors with their training, introducing them to her own contacts, and offering suggestions on their cases.

Note: In this time period, Shelley is more common as a last name than a first. And when it is used as a first name, it's almost always for a boy.



11 inches, Blackthorn, Solid, with a Dragon Heartstring core.



Vee was a temporary name for Shelley's owl. "Just until we come up with something better." They never did, it seems. Vee is a Crested Owl - a medium sized bird, as far as owls go. Vee is also rather chatty - letting out quiet 'gurrrs' every few seconds when he's at rest.

  • Cursed
  • Hard
  • Proud
  • Sarcastic
  • Wealth: Well-to-Do

RP Hooks

  • Cursed: Shelley spent a year in St. Mungo's recovering from the attack - the first few months of which she has no memory of. Perhaps your character helped her during her recovery? She may or may not remember you.
  • Racing: Shelley's favorite hobby is broomstick racing. Perhaps have you seen her race? Or raced against her?
  • Gambling: Who doesn't love a friendly game of cards (with galleons on the line)?
  • Auror Consultant: Perhaps you worked with Shelley back when she was an Auror, before her injury. Perhaps you've worked with her since - receiving dueling training, or being introduced to some of her former contacts. Perhaps you are one of her contacts.


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