Character Information
Portrayed by Ilona Bachelier
Name: Sierra Ileana Higgins
Aliases: -
Birthday: July 22nd, 1925
Position: Irish Traveller
Lineage: Half-blood


Sierra is a teenage girl with a bright, friendly and open face and dark eyes. Her hair is a dark and unruly mess of waves and curls she often keeps it tied out of her face with a simple ribbon. Years of playing rough with her brothers has left her with a frame both lean and strong, and far from helpless.


Born of the Higgins line, Sierra is a Traveller and fiercely proud of her family's heritage and traditions. As with most of her family members, Sierra was born at the castle of Quinn and some of her earliest memories involve exploring the ruins with her brothers and cousins, and engaging in mock-battles with wooden swords over and around the stones. Also an avid storyteller, Sierra has absorbed every folktale and superstition the family has ever whispered around their campfire. Despite having the usual rivalry and personality conflicts that families always run into, Sierra would do anything for her blood, and will defend them against any outside attack. She also prides herself on contributing as much as she can to her family's survival - be that through minding the younger children and the family's animals, helping produce saleable and tradeable goods, or going out to help with the haggling.

Used to being near to her large and rather close-knit family, starting school was a frightening challenge for young Sierra. If not for her brother Colton's support, she's not sure how she would have managed her first year, and knowing he managed on his own without the support from any siblings only raises her opinion of him. Used to scorn, fear, and hatred from settled folk, she was wary of most of her classmates, defensive, and slow to make friends. By the time Finley joined them, she felt confident enough to begin showing him the ropes of navigating the school - though she's always been a little jealous of her two brothers sharing a house.

While not the best of students, Sierra is interested in the practical applications of magic. Spells that make life on the road easier and help the family to survive and maintain a comfortable life are of value to her. Sierra is also interested in any magic that will help keep her family safe from harm. She does well in herbology, and in potions as well, classes she works hard in as she knows the value of having a few burn salves or healing creams for scraped knees on hand. She also jumped at the opportunity to learn divination, as she knows how useful doing a little palm-reading or tarot for the buffers can be when it comes to bringing in a little extra coin. Still, Sierra has no plans for school beyond passing her OWLs.

RP Hooks

Superstitious: Maybe you've seen Sierra indulging in some odd behavior, like leaving an acorn on the windowsill during bad storms, or rubbing both of her ears at once, or burying her fingernail clippings.
Irish Traveller: Sierra is an Irish Traveller, and proud of her family and traditions. She still finds it odd sleeping in a bed by herself in the castle, and is rarely found inside if she can avoid it.


  • Outcast: Irish Traveler
  • Wealth: Poor
  • Loyalty: Higgins
  • Practical
  • Superstitious


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If you're looking for someone to run out into the rain with, when no one else will, Amber's a good bet. She's also a good bet if you're looking for someone to get up to a bit of mischief with you.


Partner in crime, brother, friend and role model - Colton qualifies as a lot of things in Sierra's life. She's sure glad he's been there since day one for her, but she's not looking forward to the next year at school, when he'll be gone.


Yes, he's a bit of a bother, but he's my bit of a bother.


No matter what he claims - he's a gentleman. And rather fun.


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