Golden Canary
Portrayed by Carole Lombard
Name: Signe Myrna Crabbe
Aliases: Sydney Cole (stage name), Siggy (only by Beryl), Sinny, Sins, Sin
Birthday: Mar 26, 1917
Position: Singer
Lineage: Squib - Pureblood


Signe is a slight figure, with short blonde hair she keeps pinned perfectly into place. Her clothes are always neat and well fitted - dresses of the latest Muggle fashions, with matching heels to make up for her lack of height. Her blue eyes are friendly and warm, but often lowered away from strangers when she isn't performing. She smiles gently, speaks softly - and changes completely into a far more confident and direct woman when she performs.


Born seven years after Beryl, Signe grew up in the shadow of her tomboy-ish big sister and felt the repercussions of the example she set. Her mother sternly restricted her to proper past-times such as music, needlepoint and dance - and it was music that really sparked her interest, keeping her indoors and out of trouble. She was happily provided with tutors by a mother delighted to see that one of her daughters would turn out to be a proper lady.

Though as she grew older, a new worry grew - there were no magical outbursts, not a sign of magical talent. A sinking and worrying thought that was confirmed when her invitation to Hogwarts failed to arrive - Signe was a squib. She was bundled off to a Muggle school which focused on music and the arts. While she was delighted to study something she was passionate about, it was a difficult transition for a young girl who had few friends, and no exposure to the Muggle world. She always traveled home for the holidays, hoping to delight her family with new songs she had learned, and to erase any lingering disappointment they may feel.

It was at school that Signe was exposed to the Muggle radio, and first heard jazz music. It enthralled the young student who listened to endless hours of the new music, and practiced it on her own. Once finished with school, rather than seeking work at an opera house or in an orchestra, she focused on finding gigs at jazz halls, while occasionally accepting work as a classical musician if that's what would pay the bills that month.

RP Hooks

  • Musician: Signe loves to sing, listen to, and perform music. She's performed at numerous small clubs, the Natrix, and even the Royal Albert Hall - once.
  • In her sister's shadow: Beryl was a Cursebreaker and Treasure Hunter and - oh yeah. A witch. Do you know Signe's big sister?
  • Squib: Nothing scares Signe more than the wrong wizards finding out what she is. She doesn't trust strange wizards - particularly not Pure-blooded ones.


  • Perfectionist
  • Timid
  • Soft-Hearted
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Honest


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