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Character Information
Portrayed by Sterling Beaumon
Name: Silas Adrian Meliflua
Aliases: Silas, Sy
Birthday: Sept 1, 1921
Position: Student: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Silas is a lean, thin young man, with a body built through hard work. Nearly gone are the fading vestiges of boyhood, almost completely replaced with a slick, polished exterior of the adult he is becoming. Dark brown hair cut short, nearly shorn completely, needs no styling. Blue eyes so pale they are nearly grey peer out at the world, the early spectres of crow's feet already playing at the edges. There is a contrasting, contradicting air of both hardness and compassion to them, lighting up toward the latter whenever he smiles.

He carries a few scars now, which he makes no attempt to hide. The first is on the cleft of his chin, a ragged pair of slash-marks that nearly frame the subtle cleft in his chin, opening wider near the base. On his right hand, across the length of his knuckles, faded scars where the skin of each of the four main knuckles were torn can be seen.

He wears rings on each of the four main fingers of each hand, all very basic gold or platinum bands without ornament, with the exception of the ring finger on his right hand, on which he wears a clearly hand-carved, ornamental wooden ring.

His robes vary from day to day, but you can be assured that they are always immaculate, appropriate for the weather, differing to late-1800's and early 1900's Wizarding fashion trends, and matching his shoes (and potentially gloves). He is also very rarely seen outside of the farm without an ornate, carved wooden cane with a viper's head at its top.


Silas was raised a pureblood, born on September 1, 1922 in the son of ardent well-to-do Purists Aldias Meliflua (a barrister focusing on magical contract law) and Adrianna Yaxley (a housewife with a penchant for gossip and manipulation) with nearly four additional generations he can quote by memory. Clearly, the purity of his lineage has been important to his family for some time, and will remain so if his forebears have anything to say about it. Father, mother, and grandparents on both sides, all strong, all purists, all aloof and into their own needs and thoughts.

The only child of the two, he was raised by a younger witch he only ever know of as "Nanny", a soft Hufflepuff graduate of Hogwarts who passed to him her love of art and animals. He barely knew his parents growing up, as they had little time for them, and in the end came to despise them from a young age, although a struggle with his mother during his sixth year at Hogwarts cemented a bond between he and his father. He takes far more after his father than his mother.

His Parents

His father, one Aldias Adrian Meliflua, was the son of Cadras Michel Meliflua and Elvia Madran Meliflua nee Rosier. He currently works as part of the Wizarding Work Force, a Junior Partner as part of a legal firm that focuses on legally and magically binding contracts. His parents were French wizards, although they immigrated to Great Britain shortly after marriage, and raised their son there. Their holdings in Auvergne, France (near the Dordogne) have passed along to their son. Aldias always claimed to be French, leading Silas to believe that he, himself, was an immigrant, although recently the boy learned this was not true.

He and Silas had a cold relationship, as he frankly never had time for the boy. Indeed, the man often had little time to give to anyone in the family. There have been rumors of mistresses in his past, so it's possible Silas could have other siblings… although none have come forward or been discovered.

His mother, one Adrianna Idris Meliflua nee Yaxley, was the daughter of Kellin Tildris Yaxley and Kaela Fallyn Yaxley nee Blishwick. She is primarily a society witch, doing everything she can to improve the family's social station.

This obsession has bled into her relationship with her son. Indeed, the only times they have interacted, has been with her teaching her son the finer points of manipulation and control of others, as well as deception. Indeed, deception seems to be one of her main focuses.

The joining of his parents was one of design, not love. The two have never cared for each other, and aside from what was necessary to have Silas and continue the family line, they've little to no interaction with each other.

Life Before Hogwarts

Neither of his parents truly had the time or inkling to raise a child that neither wanted to have in the first place, and so Silas was shuffled off to another to care for. He only ever knew her as Nanny, a young Hufflepuff woman from his mother's graduating class at Hogwarts who had initially gone on to join the Ministry in the RCMC. She had been forced to retire after an accident with a hippogriff with no ready access to help from a healer left her left arm maimed and useless, and her face scarred.

Nanny saw the sad, frightened, lonely boy that Silas was becoming, and effectively became a second mother to him. It is her example, and her care, that are responsible for many of the odd inconsistencies many see between his actions and his Slytherin sorting. She lived with his family 24/7 until he went to Hogwarts.

Fall and winter, the family would stay in their house on Guernsey Isle, while Spring and Summer were spent in his Grandparent's holdings in France. That became the routine, until he got his invitation letter.

First Through Fifth Years

Silas rather… faded into the background once he started attending Hogwarts. Never stepping forward, never standing, out, always quick with a smile and encouragement, but frankly not being noticed. He was biding his time, truly, following the instructions his mother gave him, to the letter. Watching. Cataloging. Getting a feel for who people were. However, having never truly been socialized, other than the time spent with Nanny, he never followed through with his mother's insistence. He just watched.

Oddly enough, during his first year, he asked his parents for permission to stay at school over the Holidays, and every year since. He didn't want to spend the time with them, and they effectively felt the same. And so, until the winter of his sixth year, he spent every Christmas morning alone… not joining any festivities that weren't required of him.

At the end of his third year, he came home to find Nanny gone. Asking over his mother where she had gone, if she had been sacked or if she had quit, he was told, quite simply, that Nanny was gone. That she would not return. When asked if she had died, his mother simply nodded her head.

With that, the last vestiges of his quiet kindness began to die.

Sixth Year

Something changed, in the 1938-1939 school year. Not even Silas can point it out, but sitting on the sidelines simply didn't work for him anymore. He needed more. Loneliness, perhaps. And so he reached out. First, to a Gryffindor boy, then Medusa the self-proclaimed Queen of Slytherin. Then Morgana, the head girl. Finally, Genevieve Solomon.

Each helped him find a piece of himself, to open up and let others in. He started working with First-Years, started making casual alliances. Friendships, then. He was romantically linked to Genevieve Solomon off and on throughout that year. Counted the Head Girl as one of his closest friends as well. Each expression outward led to the creation of more friendships, and the blossoming of his own personality.

The big thing? He starting to open up to people.

This led him to an altercation with his own mother, who, after learning that Silas had defied her over the Winter Holiday by taking Genevieve to their French holdings, without permission, began an attack in earnest against him. This began first with the 'reminder' that she had already betrothed him to someone, Rowena Urquart, during his childhood — a younger student he had no interest in. Then, when that didn't work, she threatened his inheritance — he was to bend to her will, or she would see to it he would be cast out of the family line entirely, burned from the family tree, and left destitute. The altercation, oddly enough, ended in Silas and his father coming to an understanding, and his mother's hold on him being shattered. Silas came out stronger, more confidant, and more self-assured.

However, this confidence came at a cost. At one time, he had been led to believe that the current "Queen" of House Slytherin was considering him as an heir. Her actions, her alliances, and the way they painted what he saw as the public view of the House led him to take a stand against her instead. This led to other altercations that eventually resulted in his choosing not to return to Hogwarts the next year.

He had broken from several key allies in that move, and somehow in the midst of all of it lost the young woman he'd loved and fought for as well. A rash choice led to him breaking off all contact. A few received the occasional owl from him, but often with little more than a quick "I'm alive. You've not been forgotten. I will come home some day."

Returning to England

Since leaving Hogwarts, Silas has travelled much of Europe, working with animal trainers, farmers, and the like within the Wizarding World (and even a few Squibs), to make contacts, network, and create a name for himself. His natural talent and clear love for animals often shocked and charmed those he came across, as his attire and demeanor, classic for a Slytherin, often belied the more gentle aspects of his nature.

He has a passion: to raise and sell mundane animals that are more than mere 'pets'. Fascinated with the Muggle misconception of the "familiar," he seeks to pair Wizards and Witches with companions… pets that will live longer, be happier, and be beneficial to owners that are perfectly matched with them. His ultimate dream is to save up to have his own farm, where he can raise pets both magical and mundane, to raise and train, and then find proper owners for, so that they can each benefit from each other.

With help (and a mildly generous stipend from his father), Silas still lives a comfortable lifestyle, although since returning to London (or more specifically Hogsmeade), he has taken up in an old, modest hut at the edge of the Orpington Farm, where he is allowed to raise animals of his own to train, breed, and sell, in exchange for helping them with their own animals.


  • Silas has a rather dedicated penchant for the truth — he'll wield it as a weapon if need be, and he'll manipulate, but the boy seems to despise actual deception.
  • Silas is firmly fence-ridden on the subject of total blood purity. While he holds his own to be important, as well as those with whom he would consider spending his life, Silas has always openly befriended, and even given affection to, people with mixed blood.
  • Silas never openly stated his opposition to either Grindelwald or the Unity Party, nor his support. Indeed, when asked, he honestly has always seemed to prefer the status quo.
  • Adelaide, his ferret, was not his first pet. Apparently there was a cat, with whom he never bonded. Adelaide, on the other hand, he raised from birth, and brought to school his fourth year.



10" inches, Larch, unyielding, with a Dragon Heartstring core.



Raised by Silas since she was weaned, Adelaide is as close to the boy as almost any other living being on the planet. Precocious to a fault, she's a troublemaker. She's also fiercely protective, playful, and… ooooh… shiny!

  • Artist's Distraction: For those whom the Muse has touched, no matter the form of art, there is the possibility that one can follow a train of thought until it completely removes them from their current location. Silas can be one of those. While not flighty, once the inspiration of thought has him, it can be a struggle to bring him back to ground.
  • Bibliophile: Throughout his life Silas' one constant companion has been books. He reads voraciously, preferring the escape of fiction over much else. Sadly, he may never know the potential of Muggle fiction…
  • Fond of Rodents: No one knows where the fascination began, but Silas has always had a soft spot for members of the rodent and weasel families. Rats, mice, ferrets and the like, all have been his chosen focus in animals, and even in the eventual choice of his best-known pet.
  • Moderate Purist: In a world where opinion is often shown as polarized, being on the fence when it comes to blood purity, especially when you come from a family whose opinions have always been quite clear, can be tricky. In truth, his opinions typically put him at odds with both camps, but he sticks to his logical guns with an almost rigorous clarity.
  • Wealth: Comfortable: While his family itself is Well-To-Do, as an (almost) adult, Silas has had to start fending for himself. His parents have not left him bereft, and he does receive a stipend from the family coffers every month, it is expected that he, too, will one day begin putting his own excess in there.

RP Hooks

  • Sketch Artist: It's no secret that Silas typically has parchment and something to draw on it with him at all time. He's known for being utterly realistic, however, not one to gloss over flaws.
  • Singer: Silas is a pretty damned good singer, although apparently he prefers to sing in French.
  • Intolerant of Fools: If there's one buttonothers have learned they can push with Silas, it is with obstinate foolishness. He tends to not react well when others push an illogical fallacy (logical's fine… he can handle people being wrong, but not when it's simply for the sake of being wrong).
  • "The Nice One": It's a title, of all things, that has seemed to stick to him during his days at Hogwarts, in part due to his help with First Years. Despite being a known schemer, and a Slytherin to boot, unless one is openly, logically obtuse with him, Silas tends to be nice to everyone.
  • Animals: He loves them. Currently, he's raising a few cats, owls, and fancy rats. Students looking for an appropriate pet (or adults for that matter), may want to seek him out, although he's known for being picky about whom he sells to.
  • Clothes-Horse: Let's face it, Silas has a weakness, and it comes in cloth, leather, lace, and scales. Although eschewing modern trends in Wizarding Fashion, Silas loves taking older styles, and making them his own. He is not one to wear the same outfit twice in a month if he can help it, and often over-dresses. Merlin forbid his shoes, robes, and gloves don't match! He is thankful, however, that with the end of his Hogwarts days he's no longer required to wear those disgusting Muggle trousers.

School Performance

Classes Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Astronomy A A E A P
Charms A E E A E
Defence Against the Dark Arts A A E A A
Herbology P A P A A
History of Magic P P A E E
Potions O O E E O O
Transfiguration E E A E E O
Flying A
Care of Magical Creatures E E O O
Arithmancy P P


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Aldius Meliflua
Father Pure-blood Surprised And Wary Trust
Fearless. Manipulating. Pointed in every endeavor, no conversation is without its twist, turns, and hidden agendas. Once I feared I was far too like you than I was willing to admit, and that it may ruin me. Then… you stood up to mother. In my defense. Eventually, you gave me my freedom to be who I am, to follow the path I have chosen no matter how it differs from yours.


Adrianna Yaxley
Mother Pure-blood Reviled
Mothers are, by nature, supposed to be caring, nurturing, and loving. This is, at least what I've read and been told. Mother never really had much use for me, aside from telling me why my blood was important, and what my role was in continuing it. Otherwise, she left the soft stuff to Nanny. In my school years, she made a huge gambit to control me, sundering me from what I loved with the threat of taking everything from me. Father stood against her in my stead, and with the help of others has destroyed much of her power… and all of it over me.



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