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Portrayed by Michael Fassbender
Name: Major Simon Archibald Moore
Aliases: Major Romeo
Birthday: Jun 06, 1902
Position: Soldier
Lineage: Muggle


A grown man with a well-trimmed moustache and short, messy hair. Simon has pale skin, blue eyes, stands about 6'2 tall and is approximately 195 pounds. The man before you is what most would call 'devilishly handsome'. He's tall and lean with sharp features and piercing blue eyes. He's clad in a standard military uniform; olive-drab green shirt and trousers with a brown jacket and a dark green beret. Upon the beret is a single red crown, indicating his status as a Major


Simon was raised for the first few years of his life by his loving mother and father, Samuel and Theresa Moore. They brought their boy up with modest resources, but taught him to appreciate everything he had. Devout Christians, they also laid down his very strict moral code. Samuel enlisted to fight in World War 1, and lost his life fighting the good fight. This hurt young Simon deeply, but his mother was the worst off. Samuel had always provided for them, and now she was having to do all that she could to scrape by. Simon, at his young age, couldn't stand to see her like this, so he would do odd jobs in factories and stores around London. When he reached the age of enlistment, he did just that. He picked up a rifle for the King and never looked back.

Simon worked his way up the chain of command through the help of friends of his father still in the military. He and Field Commander Montgomery, one of his father's old friends became very close through a series of meetings and conversations, and this led to Simon's rocket-like ascension through the ranks. With his training complete, he's been stationed in London, simply biding his time until he's called upon. His quick rise in the military and the mentioning of his name in many of the dispatches has led Simon to garnering a sort of fame among those who pay attention to military news.

RP Hooks

Army Boy - Looking for more Army buddies and people who might have known him as a child in London.

Can Get You Things - Major Moore is the head of requisitions on the base, so if you need anything (within reason), he can probably get it for you.

Well-Known - Want your picture taken with a real-life hero? Well, Simon's not exactly that, but his cool head and diplomatic airs have done wonders for military PR in the past.


Logs featuring Simon Logs that refer to Simon


  • Idealist - Simon believes that with just the right amount of hard work, that everything will come out alright.
  • Flirt - Lock up your daughters, lock up your wives.
  • Chivalrous - Always willing to hold your umbrella and open your doors, ladies.
  • Famous - A good friend of Commander Bernard Montgomery. The two are often seen together mingling at military balls and other happenings around town.
  • Wealth: Well-to-do



Ever since a bar brawl where it was Simon and Gavin versus a squad of Fly Boys, Gavin and Simon have become very good friends despite differences in social standing.


George is very close friends with father. Simon knows that George keeps an eye on him and does a bit of reporting back. But Simon's proven himself and George often comes to him when in need of special things or if there's a snafu in supplies and inventory.


Poor girl. I'd do anything to make it up to her. Despite her learning that Simon was lying to her about being with other women Elly continued a civil friendship. Mostly it was to keep in touch so she could get a weekly care package to the base. Even with rationing going on, she still seems to manage quite a feast of treats for Simon and the other men. She's married and has a child now. Simon's always going to wonder about what ifs when it comes to Elly.


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