Character Information
Portrayed by Karen Gillan
Name: Sirawen Lovegood
Aliases: Sira
Birthday: Jan 11
Position: Midewife/Infant Care
Lineage: Pure-blood


Fiery ember tresses spill down around the woman's shoulders in long spiral curls. The lass's face is a beautiful heart shaped the long red locks of her hair framing the alabaster of her face. Bright emerald eyes peer out, as if she were keeping an eye on all that were around her. Pale pink lips lay under a pert nose that graces the young woman's face. It seems as though she cannot be more then twenty years of age.


Born January 11th of 1915, Sirawen Laryan Lovegood was the first and only daughter of Liana MacDougal Lovegood, a skilled witch in the art of transfiguration and Nathan Lovegood. When Sira was born her mother died from complications of childbirth, there was no way to get a midwife to her in time due to the weather and the premature birth, Sirawen was almost lost as well. But the tiny baby girl pulled through. Her father loved her with all that he was, he was the last part of his beloved Liana. Sirawen was always a happy girl, creative and sweet. Her father worked for the Ministry of Magic, which caused their tiny family to be comfortable.

When Sirawen was eleven years old, she got her letter from Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry! Her first day, before the sorting ceremony, of which she was placed in Ravenclaw, Sirawen was getting off the train and sprained her ankle, which set her along on her path. She took all the regular classes, along with Care of Magical Creatures & Ancient Runes, and excelled in charms, herbology and potions. Seeing that she did well in these classes one of the teachers suggested she learn healing, but her heart was somewhere else, with her mother, she didn't want anymore women to die during birth and she always had a soft spot in her heart for children. So while she could have left after her O.W.Ls Sira stayed on to go onto take the NEWTS working mostly in the classes she'd need for healing, and in 1933 she graduated, most people didn't believe it as Sirawen is quite flighty and often absent minded that she would be able to make it.

Sira went on to get a job at St Mungo's as a midwife, and an infant care specialist. Since she still lives with her father in London, she has started a little nest egg collecting up. She hasn't found "The One" yet but she is sure that he's out there, and he'll be a special man who will love her for her warm heart, and her views on half-bloods, and the like. Not long ago Sirawen has taken up the study of Latin as that is what most medical books have leanings to, that is when she can focus her attention long enough away from.. OH look squirrel!

RP Hooks

Midwife — Sirawen works as a Midwife at St. Mungos
Single — Not looking for love but she may find it somewhere!


10 inches, Birch, fairly bendy, with a dragon heartstring core.



A tiny grey saw-whet owl.



  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Idealist
  • Absentminded
  • Hoity-toity


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Nathan Lovegood
Father: Sira, is and always will be a daddy's girl.


Liana MacDougal Lovegood
Mother: She never knew her mother, as the woman died at birth.


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