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Fighting Irish
Portrayed by Richard Armitage
Name: Sloan MacDubsithe
Aliases: -
Birthday: Jan 08, 1902
Position: Magical Law Enforcement
Lineage: Half-blood


6'0" with dark hair and Bright blue eyes set in a clean shaven face, The man is usually in one stage of frown or another. a Long Crescent moon shaped scar along his neck, the Athletically built man is wearing a Simple white T-shirt, black cotton slacks, held up with a thick leather belt and matching suspenders. topped off with a pair of beat up old work boots the scars on the toes matching the scars on the man's knuckles.


Family History

The MacDubsithe clan have always been known as fighters. In times past the clan were either warriors in Service to the McDougals, or they were travelling smiths and tinkerers. Over the years and through the generations, the Blood hasn't cooled much. When Liza Goyle Started stepping out with that Callum MacDubsithe boy from near Coleraine, her family was worried because he was a right Proper villain when riled, and with the blood running hot in him, he was riled often. Through the County Coleraine, a body would be hard pressed to find a better brawler than Callun. But Liza it seems had the calming effect on him. She could soothe his blood and calm his Furies. It would become a common sight to see the Boy in a Tavern brawl, usually outnumbered and fighting like a man posessed by Old Nick his own self, only to calm right down and become docile as a lamb when Liza Goyle come down the street singin' a song just for him. Word got around that she had a spell on the boy, and for truth it weren't far wrong. Callum never had a chance once Liza set her cap for him you see. While he may have been the wildest Bully-boy many had seen in the county in generations, Liza were a witch. A right proper one too. Went to school for it, and learned proper witchin'.

Weren't long 'fore Liza an Callum was married. They moved out to Callum's small cottage and 'fore too long, they had a youngin' on the way. Young Master Sloan. Black Irish like all MacDubsithe's 'fore him with his father's temper and penchant fer crackin' skulls when the rage were on him, and his mother's general sweet disposition to balance him out. The boy lived a charmed life up to the time he was 5. It was 2 weeks after the lad's birthday when they brung his father Low. A night of drinkin' at the pub in town turned into an out and out brawl with the O'Leary Brothers, all 6 of them. In the end, while Callum fit his hardest, an' scarred more then one of them O'Leary boys for life, 5 of them held him down while the oldest, Seamus, stove his head in with a rock.

Now, the O'Leary Brothers were all working plots of Land for the same Landlord as Callum, and being the Landlord's main bully boys themselves, they was nearly untouchable in the county. Or at least in this corner of it. Weren't 6 months later that Liza and Sloan were cast into the Hedgerow, having been unable to pay the rent. Liza being true to her man, refused the advances of any of the O'Leary's for her hand "To ease her way" They became squatters in the forest. Sloan, having no friends now, was surrounded by yet More O'Leary boys, sons to them what killed his father. Sloan knew what it was from a young age to have the MacDubsithe's Natural hate for all things boiling under his skin and pecking at his brain.

Following his mother's advice, Sloan kept the anger bottled. When the boys threw rocks and hit him with sticks, he hunched his shoulders and kept walking. But no man, especially an Irishman, born of the green earth, descendant of the north men, and scion of a long line of warriors, his own name literally translating as "Man at Arms", can take that for too long. It's amazing really and a testament to Sloan's good mother that he lasted another 6 months before he fought back. Bursting into a rage one afternoon after one insult too many about his father, Sloan drubbed 5 of those O'Leary boys, and he Drubbed them sound. With fists and feet and teeth and the knob of his head he sent them away numbering amongst them 3 broken noses, one broken arm, and 8 black eyes. From that point on, all in the county knew Sloan as "Callum's Son."

The fighting would continue for years from that point on. Every time Sloan crossed the path of an O'Leary, blood would be drawn. sometimes his if they outnumbered him by too many, often theirs and he always gave as good as he got. Finally the day Came when Liza woke sloan early in the morning and told him they were taking a trip. Packing a change of clothes. All they had really, They set out for London. This was to be The Boy's first introduction to the world of Wizards and the first time he would visit Diagon alley.

For Sloan this was an amazing new world. Free of O'Leary's and their ilk and full of new Wonders. They went to a small Resturaunt and Liza told Sloan about her heritage, about being a Witch, and about his own dormant abilities. She pointed out that it was his 11th birthday and handed him an envelope. Liza explained to him that he was invited to a special school for people like him, other young witches and Wizards. If he wished to attend, she had saved up enough over the years through taking in Washing and cleaning others' houses to cover his first year of tuition and all the things he would need for his first year of school. Sloan accepted right away. The RSVP was sent, and rather than make the trip back to Coleraine county so far away, they found lodging in town. Liza working as a maid for a well to do family in the city, Sloan going to school part time and working in a factory until that fall, when it was time to go off to school.


1913- First year at Hogwarts, Sorted House Gryffindor. Becomes friends with another Irish boy named Keenan. The Phrase "Oi! Leave off or you'll get a face full o' Hair!" is heard in the halls on a Regular basis. After the school year is done, Sloan returns to London to spend the summer break with his mother and goes back to work in the iron foundry until school resumes.

1914- Second year at Hogwarts. Happy to see Keenan again and meets Keenan's younger sister. While assumed part of the Young Lions group, Sloan keeps his distance from most aside from the brother and sister. Often takes quiet offense to people referring to the pair as "Irish Twins" and more than one boy around the school sports a black eye of mysterious origin. An average student for the most part, Sloan shows an aptitude for Defense against the Dark Arts and Care of Magical Creatures. Sloan once again returns home at end of year and goes back to work in the iron foundry.

1915-Shortly after the Beginning of the third school year, Sloan's mother dies of unknown disease. Not saying anything of this to his school mates, he carries on like nothing has happened. Being rather stoic around other people anyways, very few notice anything amiss. Having taken up Quidditch, he shows promise as a beater. End of the year, Sloan is sent to live with another Wizarding Family. While they're kind enough and try to include him in their Lives, Sloan resists. Once again he takes work in the iron foundry.

1916- Year 4. Sloan is becoming quite adept at Defence Against the Dark arts. Spending most of his free time alone in study of the subject, some of his other courses lack, though he stays an average student in most respects. The idea of becoming an auror begins to form in his mind. When not studying, Sloan can usually be seen sitting near Keenan in silence. Some students believe the words uttered by Sloan outside of class in his 4th year are less then 15. Another summer finds him once again at work in the foundry.

1917- Year 5. Still withdrawn and some might even say terse with most of the student body, Sloan keeps his council with Keenan, occasionally Niamh, and his Defense Against the Dark arts Teacher. A bit of the Old MacDubsithe fire returns on the first Hogsmeade day. A wrong word by a Slytherin member sees Sloan beat 3 of the house mates in the middle of the street, one badly enough that he has to be taken to the infirmary. After the fight, some hear him muttering the MacDubsithe Family Motto over the fallen boys in Gaelic. "T Fola agus bs mo Life." Roughly translated as "Blood and Death are my Life" In the end Sloan is allowed to stay, but is banned from Hogsmeade trips and is forced to quit Quidditch. Sloan's OWLS turn out to be average in most respects, though, unsurprisingly, he does well in the Magical Creatures department and scores in the top 3% in the Defense Against the Dark Arts section. Based on this, Sloan is offered a summer internship at the Ministry of Magic.

1918-1919 Through graduation Sloan carries on in school. Quiet for the most part, he earns the nickname "Biotille" Gaelic for "Spirit" His NEWTs Come out pretty much the same as his OWLS showing an aptitude for Defence Against the Dark Arts and a strong knowledge of magical creatures. After Graduation, Sloan basically fades from public knowledge for awhile.

Recent History

Never having had a girlfriend, Sloan loses touch with Keenan for awhile. Joining the Ministry and undergoing training as an Auror, Sloan throws himself into the hunting and persecution of Dark Wizards. Fitting in well amongst the lower and working classes of both the Wizard and Muggle worlds, Sloan begins building a reputation as a head breaker and brawler, and is suspected by a few to be a dark wizard himself. The Ministry keep tabs on him enough to reassure themselves that this is not the case, but generally tend to leave him be. Sloan has a known associate that goes by the name of "Knocker Harry" A brutish sour Scotsman with near the same reputation as Sloan himself. In truth Harry is another auror, they watch each other's backs.

Things go horribly wrong one night though. Harry and Sloan are ratted out to a coven of Dark Wizards they have been searching for and a trap is laid. They fight hard and between the pair, most of the Dark ones are wiped out, though not before Harry is stabbed in the side with a poisoned blade. Not having anywhere else to go, Sloan carries Harry to MacDiarmada Apothecary where Keenan now lives, the man's sister owning the place. When Keenan opens the door, the only thing Sloan can say is "He's dying. He's my friend." Since that Night, Sloan has been coming around more. While there is little humour in him, Keenan and Niamh can usually draw at least the ghost of a smile out of him.


  • Ambidextrous
  • Keen Sense of Hearing
  • Blunt
  • Moxy
  • Wealth: Poor

RP Hooks

  • Only one other knows his mother's maiden name is Goyle.
  • Knows the underbelly of the underbelly of London… are you among the dregs of society that are familiar to him?
  • Hard Drinking Black Irish - nuff said


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The Brother he never had. Quite possibly to the chagrin of Keenan himself. They've been friends since day one at Hogwarts, though After graduation, They grew distant for awhile. They're back together, thick as thieves. Keenan being the lighter counterfoil to Sloan's dark moods and ill temper. They get each other in trouble, though mostly they keep each other out of the bad kind of trouble. Best friends and Confidants.


Keenan's Little sister and by association, adoptive little sister of Sloan. there's not much Sloan wouldn't do fer her, and while some may mistake his overprotective attitude towards her as romantic inclination. They couldn't be farther from the truth. Sure she's a beautiful woman, but Sloan would have to see her as something than an 11 year old girl to realize that.


Edwarlinda is the closest thing Sloan has had to a girlfriend….ever. They're not sure what they're doing at the moment, but it's something. they spend time together, they find comfort in each other. She makes him drink a little less and find meals that don't come in a bottle. He…Is likely to get her disowned by her family if they ever find out about him. Nothing he wouldn't do for the woman, and they both know it.


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