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Character Information
Portrayed by Lance Reddick
Name: Solomon Shacklebolt
Aliases: Sol
Birthday: Undetermined
Position: Magical Law Enforcement
Auror Office
Lineage: Pure-Blood


A tall, narrow man, with sharp shoulders and a posture that conveys strength, both physical and in character. His head is bald, devoid of a single hair. His large, penetrating eyes stand out sharply against his dark skin. His lips are perpetually pursed, as if in consideration.


The Shacklebolts have a long history of being involved in the law, and Solomon was no exception. His father was a Hit Wizard, and it's all young Sol ever wanted to be. From his first day on the job as a Constable, he demonstrated an unwavering dedication to justice. He moved steadily through the ranks, never in a hurry, but confident that he would rise high. He wasn't wrong. He proved himself well as an Inspector — a good detective, but more importantly, a strong leader and an irreproachable man of honour. In time, that strength of character would lead him to the Deputy Commissioner seat, where he now leads the Magical Law Enforcement Squad.


  • Relentless
  • Strong Moral Compass
  • Hidden Temper
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • Commander in the M.L.E.


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