Character Information
Portrayed by Eleanor Tomlinson
Name: Solstice Nimue Merrythought
Aliases: -
Birthday: October 27th, 1921
Position: R.C.M.C.
Lineage: Pure-blood


The young woman is made of a willowy height, slender and just above average. Pale skin dappled with freckles pairs with the red of her long curly hair often drawn back in a braid wrapped around the back of her head. Warm pale green eyes are set on either side of a small long nose. Pronounced cheekbones give her a pixie like appearance that affords itself to her thin form. The oval of her face gives her an ethereal appearance and her demeanor is one of quiet observation.

She wears a linen blouse, gathered at the upper arm to puff out and then fall down to her wrists. Hand done ribbon embroidery rounds the neck and wrists as well as the gathered upper arm. She wears a tied scarf of brilliant colors about her neck, letting it hang down half her front. A pair of earthy green pants are tucked into ankle high brown boots.


Solstice was born in Tralee, Ireland and was the only child of Diedre and Conleth Merrythought. She grew up with a Lovegood mother who was just as the rest of her family was, strange and somewhat distant. At times her mother would welcome her presence and show her a world she would otherwise would not have seen herself. Her Lovegood mother was a woman of insightful talents and had an affinity for Diviniation and Runes; considered quite the diviner.

Conleth was a Merrythought through and through, proud of his family passing on the rich history to his only child. They spent many hours walking the family lands and him telling the stories of relatives passed on. He was a man of tradition and has never wavered in respecting his past.

Growing up in a world of to be's and has beens, Solstice's present was never always fully defined. Nor was it ever truly accepted as the present. Things move too fluidly once the future now the past.

In school she was a withdrawn observer though regularly spoke up in favor of the meek when needed. Like many of her family and her great aunt Galatea she was a master of the Defense of the Dark Arts, finding the teachings to come rather readily. She excelled in Ancient Runes and for some reason chose to stay away from Divination.

Those seven years were spent moving back and forth from Tralee to the school when called for the holidays and break. Though as she grew older she grew bolder and had a relationship with Colton Higgins. The two of them were close for over a year until he broke her heart, something she never thought quite possible and she withdrew once more.

With the advent of graduation she flourished under new tutelage and has thusly excelled in her apprenticeship thus far with the Werewolf Hunters in the R.C.M.C. of the Ministry of Magic. A seemingly unlikely candidate for such a rough and demanding position her abilities seem to suit her well in her new position.

RP Hooks

  • Gryffindor Graduate: Class of 1940 graduate, she was the quiet withdrawn Gryffindor.
  • New Werewolf Hunter: With school out of the way she is now taking on her apprenticeship. As one of the newer Werewolf Hunters she may be still learning the ins and outs.
  • Infamous Great Aunt: Her Great Aunt Galatea Merrythought was relieved of her position as the Defense Against Dark Arts teacher while she herself was still attending school. See if you can get her to talk about it.
  • Lovegood Mother: Dierdre Mab Merrythought, once a Lovegood has imparted her particular uniqueness upon her daughter. Are you related to Solstice? Do you have something in common?
  • Merrythought: She will never show it but she may be just as proud of her surname as her father is. Perhaps that is why she has not entertained a match. The Merrythought blood runs thick.
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts: Like many Merrythoughts she as a naturally affinity to turn her magic against that which is dark. Are you up to no good? Or are you an ally?
  • Creatures: Solstice loved the Care of Magical Creatures course probably best of all, her intent to find some work after Hogwarts involving them. Who would have ever thought it would be to such a degree?


  • Acute Hearing
  • Observant
  • Introverted
  • Wealth: Comfortable


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Father: (B. 1898) Pure-Blood Conleth Eamon Merrythought. My father always was a supporter of his family and he was the one that gave me a footing in the ways of our family. Know them is what has driven me in a different direction than my mother's own guidance would have taken me. He is a good man and warm demeanor helps to ground my mother. ((Open for Creation.)) - contact Solstice first. Suggest PB Toby Stephens.


Dierdre Mab Merrythought nee Lovegood
Mother: (B. 1900) Pure-Blood My mother is as quick as the wind and as timeless as the sea. Her mind is always adrift and her imagination has been a place of security for not only herself but for me as well. I am my mother's daughter.(Open for Creation - Contact Solstice) Suggest PB Uma Thurman


Ex-Half (B. 1922) Of what I should I do not know. You are far more fluid than most and for you it was likely within your grasp to let me go. I trust that you are well for you have galvanized in me a different person.



Belvina Ellery Oriana Pomona Thyri
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